We are only 3 episodes away from the finale and I couldn't be more excited. Let's put a fork in this season and call it finished! It's pretty much the toolbag alliance vs. Ada at this point. Elizabeth will float her way to the finale by falling below the yellow line and getting saved every single week. These people drive me insane.

Ali announces that it's everyone's last week on campus. She also drops the bomb that it's going to be another double elimination week. *insert fake scripted contestant surprise looks here* There will be two lines. The usual yellow line and the scary red line. Whoever has the lowest percentage of weight loss this week will fall below the red line and automatically be eliminated. You know the drill, we do this every season.

Frado, Brendan, and Patrick go off by themselves to grunt, fart, burp, and pat themselves on the back. If their heads get any bigger, they could be in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. Honestly.

The contestants meet up with Ali, but she isn't alone. With her is 2008 Olympic Gold Medalist in gymnastics, Nastia Liukin. Nastia offers up a little encouragement and talks about reaching her goals, etc. Ali says it's time for a Pop Challenge and the winner will get $10,000 from Subway. Not too shabby, unless of course it has to be spent on $5 footlongs. *insert Nastia's Subway pimping here*

The Pop Challenge is going to be physical, so I already know Elizabeth doesn't have a shot at it. She will probably whine and cry and be eliminated first. There will be five different heats in the challenge. All six players will start by doing 1.0 mile on the Streetstrider machine. The last person to finish will be eliminated. Five players will move on to the .5 mile run, four players to a 1000m row on the rowing machine, three players to jump rope 100 times, and the final two players will have to climb 500ft on Jacob's Ladder.

Streetstrider: Elizabeth eliminated (shocking, I know)
Run: Mark eliminated
Rowing: Ada eliminated
Jump roping: Frado eliminated
Last round: Patrick eliminated
Brendan wins the $10,000. He plans to give $1,000 to the Warriors in Pink foundation.

Dr. H meets with Frado and wants to give him some good news about his Diabetes. At the start of the show, Frado was on 12 different pills and shots to manage his disease. Now, his Diabetes is gone. All of his pills are gone. That's great. Good for Frado.

Bob and Jillian gather everyone to have a chat about how the contestants are going to continue their successes when they head home. They have seen people leave the ranch and lose their motivation since they are no longer in the fantasy land of the show. Mark worries that his lifestyle is going to get in the way of his diet and motivation. Ada shares the pain of not having the approval or love of her family. Patrick isn't sure he is going to have time to look for a job, take care of his family, and hit the gym. Blah blah blah. Moving on.

Classic Biggest Loser Challenge Alert!! In this week's challenge, the players will be putting on all of their old weight and doing some physical activity that they had to do at the beginning of the season. I guess it's going to be a good way of showing each person how far they've come. Each player will do 500 step ups. After 100 step ups, they will drop the same amount of weight that they lost in the first week. They will do another 100, drop the weight they lost in week 2, etc. After 500 step ups, each person will run a mile, stopping at checkpoints to drop off weight. The winner of the challenge gets a 1lb advantage and a home gym valued at $25,000. Jeez. That gym better be lined with gold and come with Bob Harper on the side. Hey, who wants to bet that Elizabeth is going to lose?

The challenge footage takes way too long because NBC has to insert flashbacks, quotes, dramatic moments, and inspirational music during the whole thing. Ada of course kicks ass and wins the challenge. You go girl! Put those tool boys back in the shed! Oh and by the way, Elizabeth was indeed the last person to finish. Ada wins the 1lb advantage and the costs more than a car gym!

The contestants head to the gym to find Bob and Jillian waiting to kick some major ass. This is the last last chance workout, so I bet it's going to be a fun time. By fun time, I mean I'd probably rather get my fingernails ripped off, one by one.

It's time for the weigh-in, and Ali is sporting a horrid black/lace dress. An 80's prom queen called, she wants her dress back. Don't forget, there are two lines this week!

Ada: Previous 185/Current 179 (-6) 3.78% (with the 1lb advantage)

Elizabeth: Previous 196/Current 192 (-4) 2.04%

Mark: Previous 299/Current 292 (-7) 2.34%

Patrick: Previous 291/Current 279 (-12) 4.12%

Frado: Previous 263/Current 248 (-15) 5.70%

Brendan: Previous 265/Current 260 (-5) 1.89%

Brendan has the lowest percentage of weight loss and has fallen below the red line. I can't say I'm sorry to see him go. I guess you didn't have this one in the toolbag, gamer. See ya! Patrick, Mark, and Frado are crying like children who just got their toys taken away. I suppose this would be a touching moment if I didn't dislike Brendan so much.

Mark and Elizabeth are below the yellow line. Hmmm, this one isn't hard to figure out. Of course Patrick and Frado will keep Elizabeth because they always do and they know they can beat her. Elizabeth sucks, end of story. She shouldn't still be at that ranch.

Mark cries and says everyone is like family. He wants to keep fighting and he wants to be with everyone at the end. Elizabeth cries and says she worked so hard, blah blah. Get this girl off the show, she didn't even want to be there a few weeks ago. She wants people to vote with their hearts.

Ada votes for Mark
Patrick votes for Mark.

Mark says he understands, but he looks pretty pissed. He says he is a little surprised about Patrick's vote. Patrick says he had to do what is best for him. Once again, Elizabeth slides by. Grrr. She loses every challenge and has been below the yellow line 8 times. It's not right. I can't say I blame people for wanting to go against a weak player, but it doesn't seem fair.

Mark goes home and is very excited to see his father. Brendan is excited to see his friends and family. Brendan's mom hasn't “sawr” that smile on Brendan in “yea-ahs”.

When Brendan started the show, he weighed 362lbs. Now he weighs 237lbs. That's a total weight loss of 125lbs. He is going to run the Boston Marathon again and hopes to beat his previous time of 4 hours and 58 minutes.

When Mark started the show, he weighed 421lbs. Now he weighs 248lbs. He's lost 173lbs. He moved in with his cousin near Phoenix and they are finishing their journey together. His cousin has lost 100lbs. Wow! Mark looks good. I think he's a very handsome guy. He meets up with former contestant Sunshine and they hike together. He wants to travel the country, educating people about fitness.

Next week is the last show before the finale. The Final 4 go home and then come back to the ranch for the final weigh-in. Who will make it to the finale? Come back next week and watch as Elizabeth falls below the yellow line!