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Thread: 11/23 Biggest Loser Recap: Pretty In Pink

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    11/23 Biggest Loser Recap: Pretty In Pink

    It's MAKEOVER WEEK!!! Finally, a two hour Biggest Loser show worth watching! I'm usually not impressed by the guy makeovers. They shave their faces and wear a suit. The girls are my favorite. They always get cute new haircuts and wear some kind of flashy dress. There have been some real duds in the past, but I'm usually not disappointed with the makeovers. On with the show!

    The contestants find out they will be visiting celebrity hair stylist Ken Paves. The girls get excited (or at least pretend to know who he is). He is Jessica Simpson's hair stylist. I know who he is from seeing him sell hair extensions on QVC. That's credibility there folks.

    All the happy Losers head to Ken Paves's celebrity salon for haircuts, face shaves, and eyebrow maintenance. Next, they head over to Smashbox studios for a photo shoot for People magazine. They all look great. It's finally time for the big reveals. The contestants will be walking down the runway for a good cause: Warriors in Pink. Warriors in Pink is an organization dedicated to fighting breast cancer 365 days a year. The newly made over contestants will be wearing items of clothing from the Warriors in Pink clothing line, which can be purchased online from NBC if you so desire. I'll take my product pimpin' money now, NBC.

    Elizabeth: She started at 244lbs and has lost 43lbs. She comes out wearing a super cute pink hat, black pants, a semi-ugly sweater, and a gossamer pink tail thing. She has bangs! Much improved, Elizabeth. Last week she looked like a train wreck. She had a broken out face and she looked like she hadn't slept in months. She looks really good now. Thumbs up. Elizabeth gets ready to change into formal wear and finds a surprise... her mom!

    Lisa: She started at 288lbs and has lost 60lbs. She comes out wearing a pink shirt, leather jacket, and some horrid tight stretch pants. Yikes. I love Lisa, but those pants didn't do a thing for her. Goodness, did they paint those things on? Thumbs down. She is surprised by her kids and sister.

    Patrick: He started at 400lbs and has lost 99lbs. He comes out wearing a suit jacket, pink shirt, and jeans. He is very clean shaven and is even sporting some hair gel! He looks wonderful. He kind of reminds me of the lead singer of Rascal Flatts. Thumbs up. He is surprised by his wife and sons.

    Mark: He started at 421lbs and has lost more weight than anyone this season. He comes out wearing black pants, shoes with pink shoelaces, and a black leather jacket. His face is shaven for the most part and his hair is nicely styled. He looks great. Might I say he even looks semi-hot? I find Mark quite attractive all spiffed up. He reminds me of Michael from last season or cutie patootie Mikey of Ron and Mikey fame. He gets an enthusiastic giggly girlie thumbs up. His family is waiting to surprise him. His cousin tells him she has lost 68lbs at home.

    Brendan: He started at 362lbs and has lost over 90lbs. He comes out wearing jeans, a pink shirt, and a suit jacket. Eh, it's an average makeover. He didn't have much to makeover because of his shaved head from Marines week. I give him neither a thumbs up nor a thumbs down. His mom is waiting for him.

    Ada: She started at 258lbs and has lost 68lbs. She comes out wearing a leopard printed hat, cute feathery skirt, and pink cardigan sweater. She looks super cute! Good for Ada! Her hair is a little more curly and bouncy. Thumbs up, Ada! Work it girl! She is surprised by her friend, Jennifer.

    Frado: He started at 367lbs and has lost 100lbs. He comes out wearing jeans, a leather jacket, and a Warriors in Pink t shirt. He was also sporting some shades, Cory Hart style. His face is shaven. Hmm, I will say I like Frado much better with facial hair. His clean shaven skin kind of freaks me out. He has a strange mouth or something. He reminds me of an older man trying to be young or something. I can't place it. Maybe he just looks better with some weight on him. Anyway, I give him a thumbs up. His wife and kids are waiting to surprise him.

    The contestants make another runway round wearing formal wear. I don't like Elizabeth's outfit much, but I will say they all look happy and confident. That's what this show is all about. Well, that and money/backstabbing.

    After all the makeover stuff, it's back to business. Ali is waiting for everyone at Angels Flight, the shortest railway in the world. It's an incline and is just shy of 300ft. For this week's challenge, the contestants have a choice of how to get to the top. They can either walk up the stairs or take the train. They will score 1 point for taking the train and 5 points for taking the stairs. The first player to 100 points will win a brand new 2011 Ford Edge. Not too shabby. The players begin and start off strong. As the challenge continues, the players are quickly getting worn out. This challenge is brutal. After 40 minutes of going up and down stairs, Ada is in first place with 50 points.. only halfway through. After awhile, Ada and Brendan both get to 95 points. They stop together at the top of the stairs. What are they doing? They are waiting for Patrick to catch up to them, because they feel he needs the car more. Wow. I can see Ada doing something like that, but I'm really impressed with Brendan. Tonight is just a mushy ball of kitties and puppies and rainbows all around. Patrick gets to the top and sees Brendan and Ada standing around. They all hug and say they want to finish together but they are going to let Patrick have the car because he needs it for his sons. Everyone finishes, except for Elizabeth. She is only at 70 points. She even started taking the train instead of the stairs. I'm sure she will be below the line again... and saved again. Same ol', same ol'.

    Back at the ranch, Brendan talks to Ada about how she feels that her friend came to the makeover thing instead of her family. She says she asked her family not to come because they didn't even want to send her a video and she didn't want to get into everything. They have a nice talk. He says she is a good role model and she needs to believe that.

    The last chance workout begins and Elizabeth expresses her frustration with not being able to finish the stair challenge. Bob puts her on the stepper and tells her she will do 1,800 steps which would be equivalent to her finishing the challenge. Jillian focuses on Frado. Elizabeth finishes the steps and feels proud. Yay! Elizabeth did something! Someone give her an award. Maybe she will actually be above the yellow line this week.

    Before the weigh-in, Patrick, Brendan, and Frado have a meeting of the Tools. Brendan talks about keeping the Toolbag alliance strong. They grunt, burp, fart, and hug. Ugh. I actually like Patrick so it's a shame he's involved in Brendan's shenanigans.

    Scale time!!

    Patrick: Previous 301/Current 291 (-10) 3.32%

    Elizabeth: Previous 201/Current 196 (-5) 2.49%

    Brendan: Previous 272/Current 265 (-7) 2.57%

    Ada: Previous 190/Current 185 (-5) 2.63%

    Mark: Previous 309/Current 299 (-10) 3.24%

    Lisa: Previous 228/Current 228 (0) 0.00%

    Frado: Previous 267/Current 263 (-4) 1.50%

    Lisa and Frado have fallen below the yellow line. Hmmm... I wonder who will stay? Hello Captain Obvious!

    Frado tells everyone that the show is one of the best things to ever happen to him and he wants to finish the journey with everyone. Lisa wants to finish too and she has made friends she will keep forever. She cries. Ah yes, that Lisa is an emotional one. Let's check the votes.

    Brendan votes for Lisa
    Elizabeth votes for Lisa
    Mark votes for Lisa

    We don't need to see the other votes because with 3 votes, Lisa is eliminated.

    Lisa returns home to a party thrown by her friends and family. Her mother thinks Lisa looks like she did in high school. Lisa tells everyone she still has about 50-60 pounds to lose and she will need everyone's help. She is more active and is able to do more things with her daughter. Lisa is working with a young woman named Blythe and helping her to lose weight.

    Lisa has lost a total of 89lbs and plans to begin her personal training certification soon.

    Next week, the show moves to 9pm. There are only 2 more episodes left before the live finale. Ahh, that's music to my ears. Will the Tool alliance make it to the Final Four or will one of them be forced to leave the Tool Shed? Come on back next week to find out!
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    Re: 11/23 Biggest Loser Recap: Pretty In Pink

    I was wondering if Frado's facial skin is just loose. He does have an odd jaw thing happening when he talks-maybe that's why he wears a beard usually.
    That was a great message! And I've had a terrible day, so thank you.I love random acts of kindness.Really, realy appreciated.Scott- RIP SDL<3

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