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Thread: 11/9 Biggest Loser Recap: Nice Guys Finish Last

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    11/9 Biggest Loser Recap: Nice Guys Finish Last

    Hello and welcome back, Loser fans! Last week on the Marine base, Anna was sent packing, the weight loss totals were less than stellar, and we barely saw Bob and Jillian. This week, the contestants return to the ranch to get back into their normal ass kickings routines. I present to you the low-fat, watered down, napkin patted, grilled not fried version of all of this week's important events!

    This week's episode has a live post-elimination reveal. The two, yes two, eliminated contestants' current looks will be revealed toward the end of the episode.

    The contestants are going back to their original shirt colors instead of Blue vs. Black. Hmm... seems kind of soon for that. But, this week they will be competing in pairs. That means two people will be eliminated instead of one. Only one person will pick the teams.

    Alison tells everyone they will be having dinner with her, and when they arrive, she has them seated from highest % lost to date, to lowest % lost to date. Mark has the highest, Elizabeth the lowest. The person who eats the most calories at “dinner” aka “the temptation” this week, will get to pick the teams. Each person will secretly order an appetizer from the menu and that appetizer will be revealed when it is brought out for them to eat. The same thing will happen with the main course and then the dessert. Brendan eats the most calories (3,500) so he will get to choose the teams.

    The teams are:

    Aaron and Jesse
    Mark and Frado
    Lisa and Elizabeth
    Jessica and Ada
    Brendan and Patrick

    This week's challenge is very “sweet”. Ha ha, I'm so punny! The duos will have to pile sugar cubes 5 feet high, one cube at a time. They must run back and forth from getting the sugar cube to stacking it. This should take quite awhile. The winning teammates will each receive a week's vacation for them and three guests to the Biggest Loser Resort. Each team has a different building strategy. Some make one stack, some a wider bottom and narrowing toward the top. After many, many minutes of stacking cubes, Jessica and Ada win the challenge.

    After the usual grueling last chance workout, it's time for the weigh-in. Remember, pairs will be weighing in. Alison asks Jesse if he needed to encourage his partner Aaron a lot, and Jesse said he didn't and he trusts Aaron to take care of himself. He makes a comment about Lisa being Elizabeth's personal chef. Bob and Jillian flip their lids. They go on about how Elizabeth gets everyone to do everything for her and how she can't stand on her own two feet yet, etc etc.

    The two teams with the lowest percentage of weight loss will fall below the yellow line. The three teams above the line will vote out one of the teams below.

    Mark and Frado:
    Mark: Previous 329/Current 317 (-12)
    Frado: Previous 294/Current 276 (-18)
    Total: (-30) 4.82%

    Jesse and Aaron:
    Aaron: Previous 384/Current 380 (-4)
    Jesse: Previous 296/Current 280 (-16)
    Total: (-20) 2.94%

    Lisa and Elizabeth
    Lisa: Previous 242/Current 234 (-8)
    Elizabeth: Previous 213/Current 205 (-8)
    Total: (-16) 3.52%

    Lisa and Elizabeth don't really celebrate their great weight loss. Jillian starts ranting about how they don't even want to be there, yet they lose the weight. Someone like Aaron who does want to be there only loses 4 pounds. She says Ada cried to her about how much she wants to be there. Jillian tells Bob that he should feel insulted because she sure feels sick. Jillian tells Lisa to walk out the door if she doesn't want to be there because Aaron does and he'd gladly take Lisa's spot. Lisa says she has tried to leave but people won't let her. Jillian tells Lisa to throw the weigh-in if she wants to go home so badly. Lisa says that even if she falls below the yellow line, she won't go home because Elizabeth and Lisa are “place holders” for Frado and Brendan. They are people the boys can beat. Frado starts yelling and then Aaron jumps in. Aaron tells Frado not to get involved, and then Frado starts yelling at Aaron. Jesse starts dropping f bombs to get everyone to shut up.

    Patrick and Brendan
    Patrick: Previous 330/Current 311 (-19)
    Brendan: Previous 298/Current 280 (-18)
    Total: (-37) 5.89%

    Jessica and Ada
    Jessica: Previous 240/Current 228 (-12)
    Ada: Previous 204/Current 198 (-6)
    Total: (-18) 4.05%

    Lisa/Elizabeth and Jesse/Aaron have fallen below the yellow line. The other three teams will decide who goes home.

    The mood is somber in the elimination room. Will people vote for who deserves to leave or who will get them further in the game? With this group, I'm guessing they will keep the weaker players around.

    Mark/Frado vote for Aaron and Jesse
    Jessica/Ada vote for Lisa and Elizabeth
    Brendan/Patrick vote for Aaron and Jesse

    Aaron and Jesse have been eliminated. Wow, that sucks so much. Those girls don't even want to be in the house, yet everyone keeps them because they are weak. Aaron and Jesse should stay. Grrrr. Isn't there a save option or something?! Come on, BL!! I can't wait until Bob and Jillian find out. They are going to flip their lids. It's going to be crazy! They will make Lisa and Elizabeth cry some more and I will love it!

    We are back live with Bob, who we finally find out is at Aaron's house. He walks inside to find Aaron holding a huge pair of jeans. The jeans drop and Aaron's son pops out. Aaron looks unbelievable. I mean he looks incredible! Bob announces he has a surprise annnd... out pops Jesse! He looks great too! Good for them. I heart them.

    Next week, the contestants get videos from home. Tears ensue. Ada is the only person who doesn't get a video, so the rest of the contestants make one for her. Aww, that's actually really nice. That might make me dislike them less for awhile. Key word: might.
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    Re: 11/9 Biggest Loser Recap: Nice Guys Finish Last

    I have got to find time to watch this week's episode before Tuesday...not sure when though....sounds like I missed out on some interesting things...
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