Drop and give me 20 bucks! This week on The Biggest Loser, the contestants will be training with America's finest military men and women. This should be entertaining. I hope the contestants cry and/or vomit and/or wet themselves after having a Drill Sergeant screaming in their faces.

As everyone is still sitting in the elimination room after Adam's departure, Ali announces that they have some special guests. Enter two very stern looking military men from the Marine Corps. I like me a man in uniform. This show just got a whole lot better! The contestants find out they will be heading to Camp Pendleton to train and live like Marines for the week. The Marines immediately begin yelling at the contestants to hurry up and get moving. Woo hoo!

The cadets arrive at Camp Pendleton and meet all of their instructors for the week. They have three minutes to get dressed and be ready. The Blue Team is in blue fatigues, the Black Team in black. Helicopters arrive to take everyone to their first “mission”. Ali is waiting for them, dressed in her Marine-ish theme outfit. Each contestant has to put on a heavy backpack and begin a long walk up a road toward the barracks. Since the military is all about teamwork, as Anna falls further and further behind during the walk, her team goes back to get her and give her a little pep talk.

The teams arrive at the barracks and it's off to dreamland they go. The next morning, at 0500 hours, they are awakened by yelling Marines. Bob and Jillian need to take some tips from these dudes. I love it. A little yelling and screaming never hurt anyone! The contestants are given rifles and participate in some PT. The mess hall isn't exactly up to the standard of the Biggest Loser kitchen. There are some delicious and greasy options such as sausage and French toast. Coming next fall: Curtis Stone's Military Mess Hall Makeover!

This week's challenge is an obstacle course. Gee, I didn't see that one coming. Each team will have to make it 3 miles to the finish line at the water. The first team to have everyone's boots in the water will win. Each player has a backpack containing three 10lb weights. The weight can be redistributed amongst the team however the team wants. The reward for winning the challenge is phone calls home, right there on the beach.

The Blue Team “carries their own weight” per say. They leave the backpacks alone and take responsibility for their three 10lbs weights. The Black Team takes a 10lb weight from each girl and gives it to each guy. The obstacle course contains a low crawl, vehicle evac, many screaming military men, and casualty evac. As the Black Team is trying to catch up to the Blue Team, Elizabeth has trouble running and falls to the ground. She isn't breathing correctly and her eyes roll into the back of her head. A short while later, the medics clear her, and she is determined to finish the race. Blue Team is way ahead by this time, and easily wins the challenge. They all get cell phones to receive calls from home. The Black Team finishes, holding hands. Everyone cheers. Blah Blah. Where are the “come on Elizabeth, you suck!!” comments?

Bob and Jillian arrive at the Marine gym for some last change workout ass kickings. Brendan has decided to shave his head to engulf himself in the military lifestyle. Jillian yells at Patrick and hangs on Patrick and tells him he's going to be praying for the Marines when she's done with him.

This week, the weigh-in is going to be held at the Marine hangar. The contestants file in and then the combat instructors file in. Ali thanks them, they talk a bit, and then they march out. This weigh-in will function like a normal weigh-in. The team with the lowest percentage of weight loss will go to the elimination room.

Blue Team

Mark: Previous 336/Current 329 (-7)
Total: (-7) (.46%)

Jessica: Previous 244/Current 240 (-4)
Total: (-11) (.72%)

Lisa: Previous 244/Current 242 (-2)
Total: (-13) (.86%)

Jesse: Previous 296/Current 297 (+1)
Total: (-12) (.79%)

Aaron: Previous 398/Current 384 (-14)
Total: (-26) (1.71%)

Black Team

Ada: Previous 211/Current 204 (-7)
Total: (-7) (.43%)

Patrick: Previous 337/Current 330 (-7)
Total: (-14) (.85%)

Brendan: Previous 302/Current 298 (-4)
Total: (-18) (1.10%)

Anna: Previous 283/Current 281 (-2)
Total: (-20) (1.22%)

Elizabeth: Previous 213/Current 214 (+1)
Total: (-19) (1.16%)

Frado: Previous 294/Current 298 (+4)
Total: (-15) (.91%)

Black Team loses the weigh-in. Ada has the highest percentage of weight loss on the team, so she can't be voted out.

The votes are in!

Patrick votes for Anna
Ada votes for Anna
Anna votes for Elizabeth
Brendan votes for Anna

With 3 votes, Anna is eliminated.

When Anna started the show, she was 330lbs and couldn't run a mile. Today, a mile is nothing for her. She used to eat fast food, now she prepares her food at home. She has inspired her office to become more active. She currently weighs 250lbs. She hopes to weigh 180 by the finale.

Next week people get yelled at, people cry, and everyone tries to recover from the worst weigh-in in history. Bob will also have a live reveal of the eliminated contestant. Ohhh... that's fun! I believe we are back to a 2 hour format next week, but the 1 hour this week sure was grand!