After Rick's elimination last week, I can honestly say I really have no idea what's going on this season. I knew that the Black Team was going to throw the weigh-in even though they said they weren't. I didn't expect Rick to be eliminated, but I also didn't expect Jillian NOT to flip out. I love Jillian, but I think the Jillian I love is the Jillian circa 5 seasons ago. She acts like everything that everyone does is A-OK. I tune into this show to see some ass kicking and screaming, not hugging and crying. *sigh*

Anywho, if you are like me, you have a short attention span. These two hour episodes are killer! I'm here to give you an easy to digest rundown of what went down.

At this week's weigh-in, only one person will count for each team. The opposite team gets to decide who will count. The person chosen won't be revealed until the weigh-in.

In the gym, Frado falls off the treadmill and then walks out on Jillian. She thinks he is on an alpha male power trip that would never have happened if he were on Bob's team. He comes back and apologizes and says that he didn't mean to be disrespectful. He starts about his daddy issues and Jillian plays unqualified psychologist. What else is new?

Chefs Curtis Stone and Lorena Garcia show up to help out with a cooking competition. The team who wins the cooking competition will win a 10 second advantage at the challenge. Aaron, Jessica, and Lisa will be cooking for the Blue Team and Elizabeth, Patrick, and Anna will be cooking for the Black Team. Everyone else will act as judges to see which team prepared the best food. The teams have to cook an appetizer, entree, and dessert. The professional chefs aren't allowed to touch the food, only offer verbal pointers. At the end of the judging, the score is tied 3-3. The team members who judged the dishes will have to guess how many calories are in their team's dessert. The closest answer wins. The Frado and Ada fight with each other over the calorie amount while the Blue Team is all peace and harmony. Black guesses 185, Blue guesses 109. The winner is the Blue Team. Their dessert had 100 calories. Black's had 140.

This week's challenge is going to be a dragon boat race. It's a Chinese tradition and considered the ultimate team sport. The winner of the challenge will get the option to block the other team's first choice of person to weigh in. Oooo... sneaky. I like it. The race is 1000m. The first team to get out to the buoy and back will win. Blue Team has a 10 second advantage. One person will steer and the others will paddle. Jessica will steer the Blue Team and Anna will steer the Black Team. During the whole rowing thing, we see shots of the Black Team that one's eyes should probably never see. I'll be happy to never see Patrick's butt crack again. Blue Team finishes the challenge first, so they win the right to veto the Black Team's pick for their team weigh-in.

At the beginning of the weigh-in, Ali reminds everyone that Adam still has his weight advantage. It's worth 3lbs this week. He chooses not to use it. The Blue Team chooses Elizabeth to count for the Black Team. The Black Team chooses Jessica to count for the Blue Team. The Blue Team chooses to accept the decision. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

Here we go!

Black Team:

Anna: Previous 286/Current 283 (-3) -1.05%

Ada: Previous 215/Current 211 (-4) -1.86%

Brendan: Previous 313/Current 302 (-11) -3.51%

Patrick: Previous 346/Current 337 (-9) -2.60%

Frado: Previous 308/Current 294 (-14) -4.55%

Elizabeth: Previous 218/Current 213 (-5) -2.29%

Blue Team:

Jesse: Previous 305/Current 296 (-9) -2.95%

Mark: Previous 352/Current 336 (-16) -4.55%

Adam: Previous 335/Current 322 (-13) -3.88%

Lisa: Previous 252/Current 244 (-8) -3.18%

Aaron: Previous 407/Current 398 (-9) -2.21%

Jessica: Previous 248/Current 244 (-4) -1.61%

Elizabeth lost a higher percentage than Jessica, so the Black Team wins the weigh-in. Mark lost the highest percentage on his team, so he is safe.

The Blue Team's votes are in!

Mark votes for Adam
Adam votes for Jessica
Lisa votes for Jessica
Jessica votes for Adam
Jesse votes for Adam
Aaron votes for Jessica

Jessica and Adam are tied 3-3. The Black Team gets to decide who goes home. They can vote for anyone but Mark. Hmm, that doesn't seem fair. They should only get to pick between the two people who are tied, but they get to pick anyone. Lisa begs the Black Team to send her home instead of Adam. The Black Team wants to respect the original vote of the Blue Team, so they are only deciding between Adam and Jessica. Because Adam is the bigger threat (and also has the sweet advantage), he is chosen to go home.

When Adam started on the ranch, he weighed 402lbs. Now, he weighs 264lbs. Wow, he looks great! Adam moved with his brother in Kansas and found out that 68% of the community is obese. He went to the local YMCA and decided to start a Biggest Loser contest. He is happy to be “paying it forward”. He hopes to return to school and pursue a degree in Social Work. He plans to weigh 220 by the finale.

Next week, the contestants train with United States Marines. Apparently, something shocking happens at the weigh-in. Isn't this the same preview we see every week? See you next week!