Welcome back, Loser lovers! Last week, Tina was eliminated and was ďpaying it forwardĒ to her daughter who didnít make it onto the show. I know we are only 4 episodes in, but I have yet to really feel a connection to any of the contestants. I really feel indifferent to all of them. The previews last week showed not only the yellow line, but also a scary red line. It appears that the person who loses the lowest percentage of weight is going to be beaten by Jillian be automatically eliminated. The people who fall below the yellow line will get their elimination challenge. Double elimination, woot woot!

A Sweet Reward

The show begins with the contestants walking into the courtyard to find a delectable display of cupcakes. Mmmmmm those cupcakes look pretty damn good. Iím no genius, but Iím guessing itís time for the first temptation of the season! Alison explains the double elimination to everyone. She also reveals the temptation prize. There is a Biggest Loser symbol hidden under one of the cupcakes. It gives the winner a 1lb advantage. Thereís a catch. If the winner hangs on to the symbol, it is worth an additional pound each week. So for example, if someone wins but doesnít use it for 3 weeks, it will be worth 3lbs. Wow, thatís a sweet reward! Players will have to eat cupcakes until the reward is found. If the symbol isnít under their cupcake, they will find a clue to the cupcakeís location. Adam, Elizabeth, Rick, and Jesse are playing. Everyone else makes the decision not to play.

Watching these people stuff cupcakes into their mouths isnít exactly my idea of fun, but I do what I have to do. Rick and Adam are ahead of everyone and it comes down to the wire. They both grab for the same cupcake, but Adam gets it first. He wins the 1lb advantage. Adam has consumed a whopping 1,350 cupcake calories. Thatís not as bad as I had expected. He claims he is going to burn an extra 1,350 calories in the gym that night, simple. Brendan canít believe Adam is so cocky and says that Adam now has a target on his back. Elizabeth cries because she is upset with herself for eating a cupcake. Oh cry me a river. You made the choice. She cries that sheís scared sheís going home and she isnít ready and she isnít feeling any changes, blah blah.

Ali announces there is a special guest coming to the ranch to help the contestants figure out how to make some healthy choices when it comes to sweets. HmmmÖ is it the week Curtis Stone makes his seasonal appearance? Yep, much like an annoying (but sexy) rash, Curtis just keeps coming back. Lisa practically melts right on the spot. Curtis reveals that some of the cupcakes in the challenge had as much as 700 calories, but the ones he made only had 100. To make a 100 calorie cupcake, use egg whites instead of whole eggs, honey instead of sugar, and wheat flour instead of white flour. Curtis uses raspberry puree to make the frosting. Curtis the Cupcake Crusader in da house!

Adam and Aaron talk, and Adam is a little scared that he now has a target on his back. The rest of the house thinks he is feeling a little scared too. Frado rambles about something, but I canít really understand what he is saying. Brendan is trying to rally the troops against Adam. This show is like high school.
Bob and Jillian enter the house and find out about the cupcake challenge and the double elimination. Iím expecting some major Bob and Jillian flip out action directed at Adam for eating the cupcakes, but Iím disappointed. They just sit there like ďwhateverĒ. They donít hate the player, they hate the game, yada yada. Jeez, itís like they donít even care about anything anymore. Where is the Jillian of yesteryear, screaming at people for eating empty calories and caring more about the game than their health? Even the contestants are a bit surprised at the trainersí reactions.

Workout time is grueling like usual, and Lisa canít handle the pressure. She walks out of the gym to throw up and cry. Bob follows her and she says to just give her a minute. She heads back inside to get beaten up some more. Jillian makes Elizabeth her pet project for the week. Jillian pushes Elizabeth and knows that Elizabeth is using her asthma as a scapegoat. Itís psychologist time with Jillian. Elizabeth is afraid sheís going to die like her father did. Jillian speaks softly and sings kumbaya. Puppies and kitties and clouds and rainbows pour into the gym.

See Ya, Sophia

Mark, who I donít recall ever seeing before, is working out on the rowing machine, when he drops his handle and yells an obscenity. He says his back hurts and he hasnít had pain like that in a long time. He gets up and can barely walk around. Aaron keeps grabbing the treadmill rails when Jillian doesnít want him to. Instead of yelling, she calmly explains that he has 1 more sprint left and he has the opportunity to change his whole dynamic. Umm, who is this person and what has she done with Jillian? He thinks of his son and conquers the treadmill.

Keeping in trend with this season, the weigh-in happens midway through the week instead of at the end. Adam decides not to use his 1lb advantage.

Mark: Previous 369/Current 361 (-8) 2.17%

Elizabeth: Previous 229/Current 223 (-6) 2.62%

Patrick: Previous 366/Current 356 (-10) 2.73%

Lisa: Previous 267/Current 260 (-7) 2.63%
Bob rolls his eyes and says nothing is ever good enough for Lisa. Ooo I hope this turns into drama this season!

Aaron: Previous 431/Current 419 (-12) 2.78%

Rick: Previous 306/Current 297 (-9) 2.94%

Jesse: Previous 329/Current 321 (-8) 2.43%

Burgandy: Previous 218/Current 213 (-5) 2.29%

Ada: Previous 234/Current 224 (-10) 4.27%

Jessica: Previous 261/Current 254 (-7) 2.68%

Brendan: Previous 326/Current 315 (-11) 3.37%

Frado: Previous 337/Current 317 (-20) 5.93%

Adam: Previous 356/Current 346 (-10) 2.81%

Sophia: Previous 252/Current 250 (-2) .79%

Sophia has fallen below the RED line and is automatically eliminated.

The 6 people below the yellow line this week are: Jessica, Lisa, Elizabeth, Jesse, Burgandy, and Mark. Frado will have the chance to save someone before the elimination challenge. Mark asks Frado not to save him because he thinks he will be able to save himself during the challenge. He hurt his back earlier but now he's been medically cleared to participate again.

Dinner At Bob's

Apparently, the weigh-in we see in 15 minutes actually takes hours to film. During the filming of this episode's weigh-in, Ada commented to Jillian that she hadn't had an emotional breakthrough yet. Jillian instantly turns into the Jillian we all know and love, and she declares that she is going to make Ada cry blood in the gym. Woo hoo! In the gym, Jillian follows Ada around, yelling at her. Ada wants to quit but Jillian keeps pushing her. Ada says she still feels like a failure and Jillian says she will always be a failure if she thinks she is. Ada leaves the gym and of course psychologist Jillian follows. Ada says she feels like nothing she does is ever good enough for her parents. When she was 2 or 3, her brother drowned and her parents blamed her. Her parents would tell her she was too fat to do anything right. Awww, that's horrible.

Bob tries to motivate Elizabeth by telling her she has been below the yellow line every week and she needs to step it up. Duh, Bob. I think she knows that. How can a girl like Elizabeth compete with some of those boys? Bob takes the six people below the yellow line outside the gym. He invites them to his house. Okay, Bob's gone crazy. He's now inviting people over for slumber parties and manicures. He wants everyone to eat a meal with him to see how he eats.

Mark asks what Bob keeps in his fridge, and Bob opens it to reveal his secret stash of Snickers bars and his hidden collection of Backstreet Boys dolls. Okay, not really. He doesn't have a whole lot in there because he believes everything you buy should have a shelf life of no longer than 2 weeks because that means it isn't processed and it's healthier. He informs them that they are all going to have a completely Vegan meal, which means no milk, butter, eggs, etc. Bob's friend actually made the meal, not him. What's on the menu besides cardboard and despair? Roasted wild mushroom, leek, and fennel salad; tomato and basil leaf salad; broccolini with pine nuts; roasted sweet corn; and roasted cauliflower. Hmm... I'd probably eat the corn and then hit up Wendy's on the way home. I digress.

Burgandy visits Dr. H because she's been having some pain in her shins, which she thought was shin splints. It turns out she has severe tendinitis. She has to wear a boot and Dr. H disallows her to compete in the next challenge. She asks him about the yellow line, but he doesn't care. He is a doctor and cares about her long term health.

Roll Out

It's time for the elimination challenge, and Burgandy can't compete so she is automatically up for eviction unless Frado saves her. Frado decides to save... Jessica. Ooooo, sorry Burgandy. That's rough. Jessica was barely below the yellow line so Frado felt it was fair to save her. With Jessica being saved and Burgandy being hurt, there are only 4 people competing in the challenge. Ali reveals a roll of carpet. It's 300 feet long and weighs over 900lbs. It's the length of a football field. Each person has to unroll their carpet and then run back to the start. Mark has no trouble and immediately takes the lead. Elizabeth can't get her carpet to roll at first, but she slowly gets going. Mark finishes first, Jesse next, and then Lisa. Elizabeth is still working, so the others go to encourage her. This crap makes me sick. Everyone is always BFFs. Elizabeth finishes last, so she will be up against Burgandy for elimination.

Burgandy feels she deserves to stay because she couldn't compete in the challenge because she was injured. She is injured because she worked so hard not to be below the yellow line. Elizabeth wants to stay because she has passion and confidence. The votes are in! Let's see who isn't going to be The Biggest Loser!

Frado votes for Burgandy
Ada votes for Elizabeth
Rick votes for Burgandy
Adam votes for Burgandy
Brendan votes for Burgandy

Burgandy has been eliminated. She gives a little feel good speech, hugs everyone while sad music plays, and then she leaves.

Ali congratulates the remaining players on having one less person to compete against... for now. The competition is about to get a little bigger. Duh duh duh! The players left behind at the cities in the beginning are going to face off against the current contestants. Oooo! That might be fun. I could use a little excitement this season.

Let's check in with the two eliminated players from tonight's show. When Sophia started the ranch, she weighed 272lbs. Now, she weighs 225lbs. She is a cheerleading coach and she is trying to get her squad to eat healthier. Sophia feels she is a better spin instructor now also. Sophia wants to complete a 17.5 mile obstacle race and hopes to lose 100lbs by the finale.

When Burgandy started the ranch, she weighed 231lbs. Now, she weighs 180lbs. She is trying to involve her family, friends, and community in her healthy lifestyle. She wants to inspire people. She says it isn't about the hours spent in a gym, it's about believing in yourself and she does now more than ever. Burgandy hopes to double her 51lb weight loss by the finale. She looks pretty good already. Good for her.

These girls just keep getting booted, one by one. Pretty soon it's going to be the bro show or the tool show or some other macho man party. Yuck.

Next week, it looks like one of the people who originally didn't make it to the show will make it back onto the ranch. Also, the weigh-in is back at the end of the show. The previews also hint that the person who has immunity next week is going to throw the weigh-in, big time. Maybe this time we'll actually get a Bob and Jillian freak out! Yay! There's nothing like watching that vein in Bob's forehead bulge. Come on back next week when AJane dishes all the details!