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Thread: 9/28 Biggest Loser Recap: Sweat, Puke, Pass Out, Repeat

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    9/28 Biggest Loser Recap: Sweat, Puke, Pass Out, Repeat

    Welcome back to another fun and body jigglin' week of The Biggest Loser! Last week we met this season's contestants and saw a whole bunch of people work their plus sized asses off to make it onto the ranch. This week, we are sure to see lots of puking and falling down as Jillian and Bob sink their claws into the newbies. My favorite is when they get pissed off at Bob and Jillian and then they get yelled at. The Joelle freakout is still my favorite Bob moment of all time. Anywho, on with the beatings!

    A Series Of Unfortunate Beatings

    The show begins with a little reminder of the people who made it to the ranch. They find Ali outside waiting for them, reminding them how lucky they are, etc. There were 7 people who didn't make it onto the ranch, but Bob and Jillian each had the chance to save someone. Bob decides to save Aaron, the 29 year old graphic designer from Kent, Ohio. Jillian decides to give Elizabeth, the medical assistant from Lawrence, MA a second chance. They are the new yellow team and join the other teams on the ranch. Sophia from the Orange Team becomes emotional because Aaron tried out in Detroit with her and she's glad he can do this for his son. Ah, tears already. I can't stand the criers.

    Just as I get used to typing this “team” and that “team”, Ali drops another bomb. The players won't be competing as teams. They will be individuals. Tricky, tricky. The contestants run (more like saunter) into the gym to meet Bob and Jillian. They are screeching like a pack of wild cows as they enter the gym. Immediately, Bob and Jillian make them get on the treadmills. They are all happy go luck for the first 3 minutes or so, and then reality sets in. People are puking in buckets and right there on the treadmills. Yuck. Lisa says that the first workout is worse than childbirth. I wouldn't know, but I can't imagine that to be true. On a side note, Bob has some serious facial scruff going on and I'm digging it. *giggle*

    The brutal workout continues, and 58 year old Tina loses her footing and falls off the treadmill while it's still moving. She hits her shoulder and ribs and has a little treadmill rub on her face. She gets up and keeps on going like a trooper. Rick, 54 year old physical therapist, passes out for a bit. I am getting sore just watching these people.

    This Doctor's Visit Is Brought To You By The Letter H

    The contestants visit Dr. H to get their initial “you are 25 but have the heart of a 70 year old” diagnosis. We know, they are all diabetic, they all have high blood pressure, they have the bodies of 90 year olds, etc. Dr. H shows a very unflattering picture of Lisa's stomach and tells her she has high cholesterol and needs to stop smoking. Her biological age is 31 but her inner age is 62. Rick has a 1 out of 3 chance of having a heart emergency. To really drive things home, Dr. H pulls up a video call with Rick's family. They all cry and he vows to get better. Allie, who had gastric bypass surgery at the age of 14 (yes, 14), has the highest percentage of body fat of anyone on the show. She isn't that big, but she lost a lot of her muscle when she had the surgery and anything she's gained back has been fat. Dr. H isn't happy that a doctor performed gastric bypass at that young of an age without exploring other options. The new thing must be video calls because Allie talks with her family as well.

    Back at the ranch, Bob and Jillian sit the contestants down to have a little nutrition lesson. Bob reminds everyone that they have to eat to lose weight, they just have to make healthy choices. They need to be eating Greek yogurt, fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, etc. Bob emphasizes not to drink their calories. What? No blatant Jenny-O advertising here? The BL missed an opportunity to sell out! I'm in shock.

    The contestants work out again and the Day 2 workout is just as bad as the first day's. I'm glad we can't smell what is going on in that gym because I'm sure the combination of puke, sweat, and despair is not pleasant. During the workout, Bob and Jillian discover packages on the steps outside. One for Brendan, one for Mark, and one for Aaron. Oh yeah, I retract my earlier Jenny-O statement. Bob pimps the product as we go to commercial. So predictable. Back to the packages. Aaron receives a “Terminator” sandwich which is a huge sandwich he used to eat at home. Mark receives his favorite sandwich from home. Brendan receives a “Gravedigger” sandwich, his old favorite. Ugh, those sandwiches make me want to vomit. Brendan cries some more. The guys on this show always cry. He tells Bob about how he pushed away the love of his life because he was so uncomfortable with himself and didn't think he deserved to be loved. I know Brendan is a crybaby, but he teaches special education, so he has my respect.

    The Guys Like It On Top

    After the workouts, everyone is hanging around inside the ranch when Ali appears. They all assume it's time for a challenge, but instead, Ali drops the bomb that it's already time for a weigh-in. It has been 2 weeks since they have been weighed in at home, so the numbers could be big. The weigh-in is going to be unlike anything we've ever seen. Instead of 2 people falling below the yellow line, 8 people will go below the line. The players in the top half will be guaranteed safety, and the other half who fall below the line will be in danger of elimination. Here are the results:

    Mark: Starting 421/Current 380 (-41) 9.74%

    Tina: Starting 263/Current 247 (-16) 6.08%

    Patrick: Starting 400/Current 378 (-22) 5.50%

    Rick: Starting 350/Current 314 (-36) 10.29%

    Allie: Starting 322/Current 305 (-17) 5.28%

    Frado: Starting 367/Current 340 (-27) 7.36%

    Sophia: Starting 272/Current 258 (-14) 5.16%

    Ada: Starting 258/Current 240 (-18) 6.98%

    Burgandy: Starting 231/Current 219 (-12) 5.19%

    Jesse: Starting 369/Current 339 (-30) 8.13%

    Jessica: Starting 282/Current 268 (-14) 4.96%

    Adam: Starting 402/Current 368 (-34) 8.46%

    Lisa: Starting 288/Current 272 (-16) 5.56%

    Brendan: Starting 362/Current 331 (-31) 8.56%

    Elizabeth: Starting 244/Current 232 (-12) 4.92%

    Aaron: Starting 468/Current 438 (-30) 6.41%

    Out of the 8 people who fall below the yellow line, 7 of them are female. Ada is the only woman above the yellow line. Hmm... that's interesting. I hope the women of the season aren't going to be picked off week by week because they don't weigh 350lbs. Since Rick has the highest percentage of weight loss this week, he will have the opportunity to save one person who fell below the yellow line. There will also be a challenge for the 8 people below the yellow line.

    Before the elimination challenge, Rick announces that he will be saving Patrick. There's a shocker. Save the only guy and let the girls duke it out. The challenge is sort of a twist on musical chairs. There are 5 flags hanging down. The girls will race to the first flag and the first person to grab the flag will be safe. The remaining 6 girls will race to the 2nd flag. The first person to grab that flag will be safe, and so on. The last 2 women left without a flag will be up for elimination. Only the 8 players above the yellow line this week will get to vote.

    Sophia grabs the first flag, Elizabeth the second (Burgandy yells at Jessica for hitting her with her arms), Burgandy the third, Lisa the fourth, and Jessica the last. Allie and Tina will be up for elimination.

    Young vs. Old

    Allie cries and pleads and says she isn't ready to go home and she doesn't have a support system to go home to and she needs to stay and learn more. Tina says she has mixed feelings. She says that Allie is her child's age and she wants to tell everyone to keep Allie, but she knows she needs to be there herself. It's a battle of the oldest vs. youngest contestant.

    Let's see how the Top 8 voted...

    Aaron votes for Tina because he isn't sure she wants to be there
    Brendan votes for Allie
    Ada votes for Tina
    Rick votes for Allie
    Mark votes for Allie
    Jesse votes for Allie
    Frado votes for Allie

    With 5 votes, Allie is eliminated. Obviously the guys were voting off their competition. Tina will be easier to beat. Urgh, I'm not going to like this season if the Meat Squad is running it.

    When Allie started The Biggest Loser, she weighed 322. Today, she weighs 262lbs for a total loss of 60lbs. Allie called her mother and told her to get rid of the chocolate because she would be coming home from the show. When Allie walked in the house, there was chocolate laying on the counter. Allie is hurt that her family isn't supporting her. She asked Danny from BL8 to help her. Allie is currently a size 18 (at 262lbs.. really?) and hopes to be a size 8 by the finale. She recently started speaking to her mother.

    Next week, it appears the show will follow the same format as this week. The weigh-in will be in the first hour with some sort of elimination challenge to follow. We are also led to believe that the women all fall below the yellow line again. Jillian says she isn't going to allow the house to become a jock fest. This could be a very long and predictable season. Here's hoping for some girl power. Come on back next week, when AJane will have the “skinny” on the chubbies.
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    Re: 9/28 Biggest Loser Recap: Sweat, Puke, Pass Out, Repeat

    Thanks for the recap, AshleyPSU! I thought the special deliveries were pizza. The one part of the show that I didn't like was when snot came out of a contestant's nose. I covered my eyes, and when I looked again, I saw more of the same.

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