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Thread: Sandy - Sesson 10

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    Sandy - Sesson 10

    **no good quality pic available yet**

    Hometown:Fort Worth, TX
    Occupation:Stay-at-home mom and student

    Sandy's primary motivation for getting healthy was the loss of her brother, who died suddenly of obesity-related heart failure just five days after auditioning in Dallas for Season 10 of The Biggest Loser. That was her wake-up call to finish what her brother Mike started and lose weight. She was born in Dallas and raised in Quinlan, Texas, the youngest of four children. A student and stay-at-home mom to four children, she's currently pursuing a degree in elementary education at Brookhaven College in Dallas. Now 259 pounds at age 30, she attributes her weight gain to poor eating habits, no exercise and living in a fast-food society. Sandy says she was inspired by Season 8 contestant Abby Rike, and hopes to honor her brother by getting healthy. She looks forward to being able to keep up with her kids, taking more active vacations like hiking and skiing trips, shopping, and being able to wear whatever she wants.

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    Re: Sandy - Sesson 10

    Wow, losing her brother five days after auditioning? That's rough.
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