Hometown:Kent, OH
Occupation:Graphic designer

Twenty-nine-year-old Aaron has struggled with his weight for his whole life. The youngest of three children, he grew up with an alcoholic father who was not a good role model. He played football in high school and also in college at Edinboro University, and currently attends Kent State University, where he's finishing his degree in visual communications. Aaron says not exercising, a strained relationship with his father, and not knowing how to deal with emotional issues all led to his current weight of 468 pounds. He realized he was turning out to be like his father, but with an addiction to food rather than alcohol. He suffers from sleep apnea. When he woke up one night gasping for air, Aaron knew it was time to change his life. Now father to a three-year-old son, Aaron wants to be a better dad and role model and a better husband to his wife. Aaron looks forward most to taking his son to an amusement park and the beach once he loses weight.