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Thread: Allie - Season 10

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    Allie - Season 10

    Hometown:Moore, OK

    Allie grew up in Moore, Oklahoma, and began putting on weight at the age of five after her brother died. From that point on, she didn't feel like she had the structure in her life to keep her weight in check. At 14, she had vertical banded gastroplasty to try to combat her weight issues, but it wasn't the quick fix she'd hoped for. Now at age 22, Allie weighs 322 pounds. After her overweight mother had a stroke at 48, Allie knew she had to break the cycle and change her life. Having always been overweight, Allie is looking forward to the experience of living a healthier life and seeing how strong she really is. Once the weight is off, she hopes to have more self-confidence, and looks forward to shopping and rock climbing.

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    Re: Allie - Season 10

    She is the youngest this season at agee 22 but she looks older than 22.
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