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Thread: Rick - Season 10

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    Rick - Season 10

    Hometown:Conway, AR
    Occupation: Pediatric physical therapist

    Fifty-four-year-old Rick primary motivation for losing weight is simply that he wants to live longer and spend more time with his wife, son, four daughters and nine grandchildren. Rick was not overweight growing up with his five siblings in Moraga, California. It wasn't until he was in college and pursuing his degrees in health science and physical therapy from the University of Central Arkansas that he began gaining weight, eventually reaching his current weight of 350 pounds. When he was active and playing sports, it was easy to keep the weight off. After college, he continued to eat the same way but stopped exercising, so the pounds started to add on. He lost 70 pounds in 2001 through gastric bypass surgery, but ultimately realized there was no easy way to lose weight - just hard work. Suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure and sleep apnea, Rick knew it was time to change his life. Now Rick is looking forward to doing the things he used to do with his wife, like playing tennis, hiking, swimming and playing golf, as well as playing with his grandkids without tiring out easily.

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    Re: Rick - Season 10

    Wow, shades of daddy Ron--that gastric bypass does weird things to your body shape, no? Must be hard to be a physical therapist at that weight.

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    Re: Rick - Season 10

    I thought the same thing....I hate to admit that.....
    "Where you are today is where your mind put you. Where you'll be tomorrow is where your mind puts you." Billy Banks

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