Hometown:Santa Ana, CA
Occupation:Non-profit manager

Adam's motivation to lose weight stemmed from a devastating personal loss - losing his best friend and mother Nancy at 51, due to massive heart failure brought on by complications of diabetes and obesity. At that point, he knew he had to honor his mother by changing his life and getting healthy. Adam was always overweight, a combination of poor diet, lack of exercise, and over-eating. He grew up with his younger brother in Santa Ana, California, and attended Orange Coast College and Cal State Fullerton. Now 402 pounds at age 26, Adam wants to finally lose weight and help motivate others, including family members struggling with obesity. He wants to feel good about himself inside and out, and looks forward to traveling with his brother and enjoying an active, healthy lifestyle.

Adam's mother worked as an administrator for a medical center, where she helped with an annual Christmas toy and food drive for local, low-income families. Adam and his family are continuing the successful, 15-year program, which the medical center renamed Nancy's Miracle Toy Drive to honor his mother.