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Thread: Tina - Season 10

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    Tina - Season 10

    Hometown:Boring, OR
    Occupation:Retired homemaker

    Currently Tina is a retired happy homemaker with two daughters and eight grandchildren. The 58-year-old spent most of her working years in retail selling high-end clothes. She was thin and fit growing up, and worked as a swimwear model in her early teens and 20s. Tina really didn't start putting on weight until her early 40s, when a string of emotional events took a toll on her. The end of her marriage, the loss of her beloved father, and her daughter becoming pregnant as a teen all led to emotional eating, bad food choices, and her current unhealthy weight of 263. She's now happily remarried, but with one overweight daughter, and health issues such as high blood pressure and sleep apnea, Tina knows she has to get healthy for herself and her family. She's looking forward to the day when her weight does not determine what she can physically accomplish - and she can't wait to visit her favorite retail-clothing store and have everything fit.

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    Re: Tina - Season 10

    A mere string bean!

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