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Thread: 5/25 Biggest Loser Finale Recap: The Italian Stallion

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    5/25 Biggest Loser Finale Recap: The Italian Stallion

    Say it with me folks... Finale night, Finale night!! I'm so excited for this season to finally end to see who wins! I really like Michael and Ashley, so I'd be happy with either of those two. I hope that Daris makes the finals over Koli, but I don't think he has a great shot at winning. Who knows. I also enjoy seeing all of the contestants this season come back and look fan-freakin-tastic! Let's see who will be spitting confetti out of his/her mouth for weeks to come, shall we?

    The show begins with the usual trip down memory lane. It's the same montage stuff we've been seeing in the past three episodes. Blood, sweat, tears, vomit, more tears, more vomit. Ali doesn't make us wait long to find out who the third finalist is. She calls Daris and Koli out onto the stage. Daris looks great! He's wearing a blazer and jeans. He actually looks like he has aged a little bit. *giggle* Me likey. Ali asks him to spill about the latest development in his love life, and the camera pans to his girlfriend, Heather. She's very pretty. I'm glad Daris had the confidence to talk to a female! Next up: Koli. He busts onto the stage screaming and kicking. He has on hot pink pants with a light colored blazer. Wow, Greg Brady called, he wants his outfit back. Koli looks good, but his screaming and yelling was annoying. Koli tells America not to mistake his swagger and confidence for being cocky. A bit too late for that clarification, my friend. The results are in and America has chosen Daris!! The final three are Michael, Ashley, and Daris. It's a win-win-win for me. I like them all! I can't believe I'm saying that.

    Last season, if you recall, Subway offered up a little challenge for Shay. She will win $1,000 for every pound she has lost since the last finale. At the last finale, she weighed 304lbs. Her current weight is 252lbs. She lost 52lbs and wins $52,000. That's kind of disappointing. I thought she'd lose more. Jared, Subway's whore, pops out with a blank check for Shay. A blank check? Interesting. Subway has another challenge for Shay. Shay and Jared are going to train together. If at the end of this year they can finish a marathon together, Subway will double the check for Shay. She accepts the challenge. She also gets free Subway breakfast and lunch. Since Shay started the BL, she has lost 224lbs.

    The eliminated contestants are back and ready to fight for the $100,000 at home prize. The first group is ready to come out, reveal themselves, and weigh in.

    Cherita: She looks great and very happy.
    Starting 277/Current 186 (-91) 32.85%
    That was entirely on her own, too!

    Victoria: Whoa baby! She looks amazing! Her hair is long and she looks like she lost more weight. She doesn't even look like herself.
    Starting 358/Current 222 (-136) 37.99%

    Sherry: Sherry is ripped! She has two tickets to the gun show for sure! She is a Helen v. 2.0.
    Starting 218/Current 119 (-99) 45.41%

    Maria: Michael's mom looks radiant. She looks healthy and happy.
    Starting 281/Current 167 (-114) 40.57%

    Bob and Jillian grace us with their presence and Jillian doesn't really look as scary as usual. I'm not afraid she will randomly bite my head off. Bob says O'Neal walking up the stairs was the highlight of the season for him. Jillian says getting Maria in the pool was the best moment for her.

    The next batch of contestants are ready to emerge. Right now, Sherry is in the lead for the at home prize.

    Patti: Patti's purple dress isn't the most flattering, but she looks alright.
    Starting 243/Current 170 (-73) 30.04%

    Stephanie: Yowza! Talk about a bombshell! She's a hottie for sure.
    Starting 264/Current 165 (-99) 37.50%
    I would have guessed she lost more.

    James: Doesn't look like he lost a whole lot of weight. Nothing to write home about.
    Starting 485/Current 357 (-128) 26.39%

    John: He appears to have lost more weight than James. Neither brother is particularly amazing.
    Starting 484/Current 335 (-149) 30.79%

    Sherry is still in the lead. The fun doesn't stop... onward with the next batch of Loser hopefuls!

    Melissa: She's wearing a slinky red dress. I hate to admit it, but she looks good.
    Starting 233/Current 143 (-90) 38.63%

    Lance: Lance just looks like a regular old guy you'd run across on the farm.
    Starting 365/Current 237 (-128) 35.07%

    Migdalia: I forgot she existed. She looks okay and she is actually smiling. Hell just froze over.
    Starting 265/Current 213 (-52) 19.62%

    Miggy: She is wearing a sexy dress and sexy hair. The dress is a little short for a woman her age. Her next stop should probably be What Not To Wear.
    Starting 240/Current 149 (-91) 37.92%

    Sherry is still in the lead. Let's keep the cattle comin'.

    O'Neal: I love it! O'Neal comes out with a suit and a fun hat. He is happy and you can tell there is a pep in his step. He practically jumped down the steps. He looks 20 years younger.
    Starting 389/Current 230 (-159) 40.87%

    Sunshine: She looks gorgeous in a sunny yellow dress. What a beautiful woman she has become.
    Starting 275/Current 161 (-114) 41.45%

    Darrell: I don't remember him that well, but he looks like he lost a lot of weight.
    Starting 413/Current 224 (-189) 45.76%
    Darrell takes the lead from Sherry. Talk about a dark horse. Who would have thought?

    Andrea: Her face looks different and her hair looks different, but she doesn't appear to have lost as much weight as some of the girls.
    Starting 298/Current 214 (-84) 28.19%

    There are three more people left to weigh in. They are going to try to take the lead from Darrell.

    Cheryl: Hello sequins! She looks alright, but not winning material. She is proud of her son.
    Starting 227/Current 151 (-76) 33.48%

    Sam: Sam comes out on stage looking really great. He is ripped.
    Starting 372/Current 230 (-142) 38.17%

    Koli: Koli still has the ridiculous pink pants on. Ick. I think he may have lost more weight than Sam just by looking at him.
    Starting 403/Current 188 (-215) 53.35%

    Koli wins the $100,000 at home prize! Wow, with a weight loss like that, he may have won the whole thing if America had voted him in the Final 3.

    Alright, now that we have the at home stuff out of the way, it's on to the big prize. Who will be crowned this year's Biggest Loser? Let's find out!

    Daris is already on stage looking like his handsome ol' self.

    Ashley: Ashley comes out looking great! She has on a gorgeous strapless pink dress and looks like a shadow of her former self. You go girl!

    Michael: Michael busts through the picture of his former self looking awesome! He has on a pair of dark denim jeans with a leather jacket. He looks incredible, absolutely incredible. I don't think there is any denying that he is going to be the winner. Wow, I'm speechless.

    Since Michael was the Biggest Loser at the ranch, he gets to pick the order of the weigh-in. He wants to go from youngest to oldest. Daris, Ashley, Michael. He also comments on how beautiful Ashley is. Awww, I hope they like each other. Here we go!

    Daris: Starting 346/Current 178 (-168) 48.55%

    Ashley: Starting 374/Current 191 (-183) 48.93%
    Ashley takes the lead from Daris, barely.

    Michael: Starting 526/Current 262 (-264) 50.19%
    He has a white rose in his hand, and says it's for his #1 inspiration: his mom. Awwwww. *melting to a puddle on the floor*

    Michael wins!! Michael is this season's Biggest Loser. If Koli would have been in the Final 3, he would have won. Sorry 'bout that, Koli Bear. The confetti falls down and all is well in Loser-ville.

    It has been a great season. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read my recaps and visit our Biggest Loser forum. Here's hoping we get at least 3 months off before the next season!
    Wake up and be awesome

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    Re: 5/25 Biggest Loser Finale Recap: The Italian Stallion

    Great Recap!

    I think most of them, with exception of one or two, need to go on WNTW!!!!
    "Where you are today is where your mind put you. Where you'll be tomorrow is where your mind puts you." Billy Banks

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    Re: 5/25 Biggest Loser Finale Recap: The Italian Stallion

    Whoa... for something that did NOT make the finale, take a look over at the Love TBL Style thread! , did not see that coming!

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