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Thread: 5/4 Biggest Loser Recap: Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

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    5/4 Biggest Loser Recap: Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

    I have only two words for you... MAKEOVER WEEK!!! It's the week we've all been waiting for. Well, aside from the finale. That can't come soon enough either. Makeover week is a welcome break from the monotony that is every single episode. I cannot wait to see Daris and Michael after they get haircuts! I want the stylists to do something sexy with Sunshine's hair too. I'm sure I'm setting myself up for disappointment though. Everyone will probably look the same, just with new outfits. Oh well. I still heart makeover week!

    The show begins with Sunshine crying around about her dad going home. She says she is going to stand strong and go on without her dad. My heart will go on! Ali tells the remaining six contestants that they have lost a combined total of 805lbs. *insert Cheerios promo here* She then lets them know that it's makeover week! Yay!! Sam wants to be prettier and Mike is so excited to get his hair chopped. He shakes his head around and I think I see a small child fall out. She has another great announcement. Each contestant will get $1,000 to go shopping. Celebrity stylist Jonathan Antin (He's on Shear Genius on Bravo) will be helping out. After the makeovers, the contestants will get to attend a concert.

    Everyone acts like they are kids in a candy store when they go to the clothing store. Ashley is excited although she knows she still has 100lbs to lose and is only in the middle of her journey. Daris is excited that he doesn't have to buy his clothes at the farm supply store anymore. Hmm. Okay then. Poor Michael. He still has to go to a big and tall store. I feel bad for him. He says he is still shopping alone in the big guys' store even though he has lost 183lbs. He feels frustrated that stuff still doesn't fit him. Oh well, I don't care about his clothes. I just want to see that hair on the floor.

    Everyone heads to Jonathan's salon, and it's finally hair time. Yay! He begins cutting Michael's hair, and mound after mound of yucky black hair falls to the ground. Daris is anxiously awaiting his turn. When it finally comes, his beautiful ringlets fall to the floor. If Daris's hair is long enough when it is straightened out, he can donate it to Locks of Love. Apparently, NBC is being stingy with the makeover footage this year, because it's already time for the reveals! Getting there is half the fun. *pout* Let's see how these Losers look after going from flab to fab!

    Sunshine: Wearing a yellow tunic type top with black tights... not bad. Her hair looks HORRIBLE. I mean honestly. Was she out in a windstorm? Farrah Fawcett called, she wants her hair back. I'm not a fan of the hair, but she looks really great in her outfit. She is surprised by her brothers. They walk into the 360 degree mirror area and she starts to scream.

    Koli: Koli comes out looking total geek chic. He has on a suit jacket with a red pocket scarf, a tie, and black rimmed glasses. He is actually kind of sexy in a geeky way. Me likey. He has that Drew Carey sort of thing rockin'. His parents are there to surprise him. His mom “leis” him (mind out of the gutter people!) because it is a symbol of great accomplishment.

    Ashley: Ashley's hair looks the same to me. She has on an 80s workout type outfit. It's black and spandexy with a big gold belt. She looks good, but I'm not a fan of the outfit. Her waist looks really small. Her friend and sister surprise her. They rub her collar bones because they say they've never seen them before. They also smack her butt. Whatever floats your boat.

    Sam: Sam's look is sort of street chic. He has on a leather jacket with a hoodie type thing underneath. His hair is cut short but he has a beard and thin handlebar-esque mustache. Not a fan of the 'stache unfortunately. He looks suited for some 70s porn. His mom and dad are waiting to greet him. They also lei him.

    Daris: This is the one I'm most excited for. I think he is really handsome already, so I'm sure he'll look good. Ahhhh!! His hair is soooooo short! It makes his ears look really big actually. They have him in a plaid/flannelish shirt and some fashionable jeans. His bod looks nice. Bye bye tractor store clothes! Hmm. I'm not sure what to think. I think I may have liked his hair better all curly. He looks great, but I think he looks a lot younger. Oh well, I give it an A! He still has a really attractive face. *blushing* His sister and father are waiting for him.

    Michael: Michael is dressed sort of like Sam. He has on a jacket with a hoodie underneath. That must be the style. His hair is short!! It's spiked up and looks really cool. He also has a little goatee thing left on his chin. I give Michael the “AshleyPSU Makeover of the Season” award. His is my favorite. I think he looks great! I think I have a little fangirly crush on him now too. His sisters are his special guests. I have no idea what is going on once they come out because they are all just crying and squealing and speaking no decipherable words. His sister wants him to help her lose weight.

    It's concert time and all of the contestants and their surprise guests gather in a room. They all sit on pillows and just lounge around and get comfy. Who is singing? Ashanti! I mean really, I know like one song that she sings. Do you think all of these people and their families know who she is? I know my mom would have no idea. She tells them to always be positive, etc etc. She is sitting down on a stool and her tutu type dress is so short I think I may have seen a glimpse of her hoo hah. No thanks, Ashanti. Did a ballerina throw up on her? That dress is awful.

    After all of the fun makeovers, it's finally time for some work. This week's challenge is going to be held at the pool. Each contestant has a Jacob's Ladder (climbing machine) suspended above the pool. They pretty much have to climb until they can't climb anymore. Once someone falls off, that person is out. If their feet touch the water, they are out. The winner of the challenge will receive a 1lb advantage. The first player to fall into the water will receive a 1lb disadvantage. The challenge begins and 3 and 1/2 minutes into it, Ashley falls. She will get the 1lb disadvantage. Mike falls next. After 40 minutes, everyone else is still at it. At 45 minutes, Sunshine falls. At 55 minutes, Sam falls. It is just Koli and Daris left. Ali's gripping play-by-play is rather annoying. It usually is. Finally, after 2 and ˝ hours, Daris falls off. Koli wins the 1lb advantage.

    We finally get to see Bob and Jillian for the first time this episode, and they are seeing the Final 6 for the first time. They seem genuinely happy at the transformations they see before them. Since there hasn't been much working out this week, I'm sure the Last Chance Workout is going to be brutal. Jillian is worried about Ashley's 1lb disadvantage, so she promises to pound on her. Bob focuses on Daris because Daris admits he just sort of gave up mentally on the challenge. Bob is mad because Daris “broke” at the competition and didn't stay in it to win it. He let his thoughts get the best of him. Bob doesn't want him to go home, so he works Daris extra hard. *insert 10 minutes of Ashley/Jillian and Daris/Bob footage here* Daris actually falls off of the treadmill and then jumps up and gets right back on. That's dedication there. *giggle*

    It's time for the weigh-in and everyone is nervous like usual. Let's check the scale, shall we?

    Koli: Previous 259/Current 244 (-15) 6.18%
    His % includes the 1lb advantage.

    Michael: Previous 343/Current 334 (-9) 2.62%

    Daris: Previous 214/Current 205 (-9) 4.21%

    Sunshine: Previous 187/Current 178 (-9) 4.81%

    Sam: Previous 240/Current 238 (-2) .83%

    Ashley: Previous 248/Current 238 (-10) 3.63%
    She says not to underestimate the Pink Ninja! Ha!
    She has also lost more weight (136lbs) on campus than any other woman in BL history.

    Michael and Sam have fallen below the yellow line. Isn't this the 2324th time Sam has fallen below the yellow line?

    Sam hopes everyone keeps him. He says from a gameplay stance, he isn't trying to win and be the Biggest Loser. Michael cries and says everyone else can look in the mirror and see the finish line but he can't see it. He still has so far to go and needs to be on the ranch. Prior to the weigh-in, he was only 5lbs less than the weight Daris began the show with. Michael says that Sam did it and that he is happy and looks great. Michael wants to be Sam. He wants everyone to help him out and give him mercy. Let's see how everyone voted.

    Koli votes for Michael
    Sunshine votes for Michael
    The Gray and Yellow alliance sticks together...shocking, I know.

    Ashley votes for Sam
    Daris votes for Sam
    *Flashback to 10 minutes prior to elimination when Michael, Ashley, and Daris had a secret meeting and Daris said he'd vote for Michael if Michael wouldn't vote for him ever. I like the Misfits!

    The vote is a tie. In event of a tie, the person with the lowest percentage of weight loss will go home. That person is Sam. Sayonara, Sammy! The might Gray Team is now split. Sam gives Koli a little inspirational pep talk before he leaves. They cry.

    A day later Sam arrives home, looking like a rock star. He gives another little speech about how he loves his family and home is everything to him. He's just a cuddly ball of love, isn't he folks? When Sam started the show, he weighed 372. Now, he weighs 236. He has only lost 2lbs since leaving the show. He is the only contestant in Biggest Loser history to reach their goal weight on the ranch. He has lost 136lbs total. He has moved to Los Angeles and has a new roommate. Who is it? None other than Stephanie! Awww... they are in looooove. They seem happy together. Steph believes she was on the show to save her mom's life, to save her life, and to meet Sam. She says she has a case of the Sams. They both claim to be very happy. Good for them. Since he has reached his goal weight, he is excited about helping Steph reach hers.

    Next week, Michael looks to have reached his breaking point. He is frustrated that he is going to leave the ranch still fat. Also, Erik from Season 3 returns. Yep, he's the one that gained all of his weight back. There is no vote next week. The person with the lowest percentage of weight loss will be automatically eliminated.

    PS- There are only 3 episodes left!! Okay, stop doing your happy dance. I see you!
    Wake up and be awesome

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    Re: 5/4 Biggest Loser Recap: Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

    I totally agree that the best makeover was Michael's....
    "Where you are today is where your mind put you. Where you'll be tomorrow is where your mind puts you." Billy Banks

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    Re: 5/4 Biggest Loser Recap: Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

    I know the show can be repetitive and boring at times but I still enjoy seeing their transformations both inside and out. A lot of reality shows are edited and scripted to create drama but this show is different...It's lose weight or go home....Bang!
    If I get too cranky, would someone wipe the drool off my chin and send me to the home!

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