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Thread: 4/27 Biggest Loser Recap: The Yellow Roses of Texas

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    4/27 Biggest Loser Recap: The Yellow Roses of Texas

    The other day I got to thinking. Scary, I know. I have decided that this season is probably one of the most boring I've ever watched. I do like that everyone gets along and that there isn't anymore Melissa scheming, but really. Nothing “dramatic” or “controversial” ever happens! It's just like the same old boring routine every single week. I made some suggestions a few weeks ago on how to spice things up. I think I'll add to that this week. Snakes. I don't care how they are incorporated, but let's get some! Who's with me? Woo hoo!

    Anyway, back to reality. Last week, Victoria was sent home. I'm positive this was because Koli/Sam and Sunshine/O'Neal have some secret couples alliance or something. They'll pick the singles off one by one and then go after each other. Boring. Ali announces that the contestants will be heading to Texas to help train some of the most unfit people in America. Apparently Texas is home to 5 out of the 10 fattest cities in America. Bob and Jillian will be going along to help out too. Bob will be training in a gym with some lucky Texans, and Jillian will be joined by a former contestant to help out at a local high school.

    The contestants arrive in Texas and find Ali waiting with them amongst a bunch of cattle statues in Dallas. Interesting. She tells them that they are going to be going to different radio stations and trying to recruit people to run a 5K with them. *insert radio station montage here* The first 35 callers at each radio station get to run with the Losers at the Cotton Bowl stadium.

    The day of the 5k arrives and Ali greets some excited runners inside the Cotton Bowl stadium. The contestants walk into the stadium like they are rock stars and greet their team members. Each group is wearing a colored shirt representing one of the BL contestants. Ali reminds us again that 5 of the 10 fattest cities are in Texas. That's only the 12334234234th time we've heard that. The contestants try to inspire their running teams before the big race. The race begins and everyone goes at their own paces. Some people run and some people walk. The Losers offer encouragement to everybody as they waddle along.

    Daris finishes the 5k in 21:03. He wanted to run to get a personal best and then go back and find his group and get them to the finish line. O'Neal talks with a woman who has a mom and dad with Type 2 Diabetes. Her mom passed away from Diabetes complications. This woman is only 35 and she is afraid she is going to die if she doesn't do something about it. O'Neal really understands where she's coming from, holds her hand, hugs her, and offers her words of encouragement. I feel like this show should be on the Hallmark Channel instead of NBC. This garbage is cheeeeeeeesy. I guess it's feel-good, inspirational, etc., but I'm kind of over it. Sunshine finishes the race and, surprise, goes back to find her dad. It's time to the cut the cord, O'Neal. Really. It's the same ridiculous, over-the-top, kind of weird father/daughter love every week. Koli realizes that one of his team members hasn't finished yet, so he and Sam go back to get her. She looked to be in pain, but she wanted to finish. In 2 hours and 8 minutes, she finishes. Bad knees and all. Now that is real inspiration.

    What are the trainers up to? I'm glad you asked! Bob surprises a bunch of people walking on treadmills at a 24 Hour Fitness in Texas. He gets them off the treadmill and has them jumping and squatting. He crashes an exercise class and takes over. Then he moves on to spinning. He does an awful lot of yelling. I want to see Bob on a bike. Preferably in biker shorts. *fanning myself* Anywho...

    Back at the hotel, Daris, Ashley, and Michael decide to run the stairs in the building. Daris thinks they have to stick together because they don't have partners like yellow and gray do. They climb the whole way up to the 33rd floor. Yowza. I think this might be my new crew to cheer for. I like these 3. Okay, I'm officially on the misfit bandwagon. Go Misfits!

    In true Texas fashion, the contestants meet Ali at the local fair, wearing cowboy hats. It looks like they are going to participate in some kind of rodeo or something. Ali tells them they will be “grabbing the bull by the horns” in this challenge. Out walks a longhorn bull with its handler. They won't actually have to wrangle a longhorn. Each contestant has a pen. To win, they will have to herd more cattle than the other players. The cattle is actually quick little baby cows. The winner gets immunity. Wow, that's huge this late in the game.

    The challenge begins and Daris is the first to get a calf. I must say, this is pretty entertaining. Sam is helping Koli to win the challenge because Koli sacrificed himself for Sam last week. Aren't those two just so noble? O'Neal just like runs and dives at every calf he sees. Sunshine yells at him to stop but he keeps doing it. Hmm.. maybe this is just the entertainment I need. Watching the Losers chase after calves is pretty fun to watch. Daris is in the lead with 4 all by himself, followed by Sam and Koli Koli with 5. Michael decides he is going to help Daris because Daris is his buddy. Sunshine is helping O'Neal and he has 5. This is crazy how they all paired off. O'Neal keeps taking nose dives into the dirt. It comes down to the wire, but Koli wins immunity. Koli is grateful that Sam “sacrificed himself” for Koli.

    It's Jillian's turn to offer some inspiration. Abby from Season 8 called Jillian up and asked if she could come speak at a high school where there is an obesity problem. Hey, did you know that 5 out of the 10 fattest cities are located in Texas? Jillian opens up the floor for questions, and nobody volunteers at first. An obese girl stands up and begins to cry and says that she believes she will never be able to change because her family is all big and doesn't believe in themselves. She really has some courage to get up like that in front of her peers. After the assembly, Jillian takes the girl and has one of her Jillian talks. The girl is so happy that Jillian took the time to listen and talk to her rather than just push her away.

    It's time for a last chance workout, and O'Neal and Sunshine are noticeably absent. They are attending O'Neal's brother's funeral. I'm glad NBC let them go to do that. They will miss the LCW but will be back right before the weigh-in. The last chance workout is in Texas, so I wonder if the weigh-in will be? Hmmm... it might be fun for a change of scene. Jillian and Bob aren't very screamy during this workout. Boo. Koli knows he doesn't have to work very hard because he has immunity. Daris tells Jillian he's really sore, but he's stressed because he and Ashley and Michael are individuals. He doesn't think it's fair. Jillian redirects his mind from game play to the personal benefits he's getting from being on the ranch. She needs to start her own show... Dr. Jill. She could act like she knows what she's talking about when she gives psychological advice and she could scream in people's faces one second and then be their BFF the next. Oh wait, she already has that show. It's called The Biggest Loser.

    It's time for the weigh-in, and it looks like it's going to be in Texas. They are in the American Airlines Center, where all the Dallas sports teams play. There are jumbo tron type screens showing clips from the beginning of the season until now. It's only 34 degrees outside, so Ali wants to move things along as quickly as possible. Yeah right. Hey, did you know that 5 out of the 10 fattest cities are in Texas? If you didn't, Ali just alluded to it yet again. The contestants are all bundled up in hats and scarves and big puffy jackets. They have to strip down to their shorts and tanks for the scale.

    Koli: Previous 260/Current 259 (-1) .38%
    Koli has immunity. He only lost 1lb? Me thinks something is fishy. He admits to taking it easy but he expected a better number.

    Sam: Previous 246/Current 240 (-6) 2.44%

    Sunshine: Previous 191/Current 187 (-4) 2.09%

    O'Neal: Previous 270/Current 265 (-5) 1.85%

    Michael: Previous 358/Current 343 (-15) 4.19%
    Michael's hair looks good pulled back. Although it does appear to be greasy enough to fry some food upon.

    Sunshine begins crying already... again. When is this girl not crying?

    Daris: Previous 219/Current 214 (-5) 2.82%

    Ashley: Previous 254/Current 248 (-6) 2.36%

    The unthinkable has happened. Sunshine and O'Neal have fallen below the yellow line together. You can bet your booty that O'Neal will fall on the sword for Sunshine and everyone will respect his wishes. This group is all about respecting everyone. Sunshine bawls and says she doesn't want her dad to go, but she doesn't want to be selfish...*silence*. O'Neal chimes in and says to keep his precious Sunshine and vote him out, end of discussion.

    Ashley votes for O'Neal
    Sam votes for O'Neal
    Koli votes for O'Neal

    With 3 votes, O'Neal has been eliminated. Guess what Sunshine is doing? Yep, there are the waterworks. Maybe she can really spread her wings now that her overprotective father is gone. He tells her to be strong and she says she is. Daris reminds O'Neal that she still has family left, even if they aren't blood.

    A day after being eliminated, O'Neal heads home to a big, happy reception. When he started the show, he weighed 389. Now, he weighs 250lbs. Before, his wife had to put on his shoes. Now he can do it on his own. He can use the stairs easily and even has extra room in his car. He's also now able to assist people on their routes at the post office. Basically, he can do a bunch of stuff he couldn't before. He hopes to create a foundation to help combat childhood obesity.

    Next week, IT'S MAKEOVER WEEK!!!!! HELLS TO THE YEAHHHHHHH! I luuuuurve makeover week! I can't wait! I am so pumped to see Daris and Michael lose their hair. Come on back next week because I love to snark on the good (and not so good) makeovers!
    Wake up and be awesome

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    Re: 4/27 Biggest Loser Recap: The Yellow Roses of Texas

    I makeover week too! ...

    Love the recap as well! (Sam and Koli are not "Playing games" .. ... yep and I have beach front property here in AZ) - I once believed them .. (about the third episode..) but now the more they "Deny" the more I don't buy what they are selling!

    And Sunshine is actually darn near a good weight .. at least the "avg. woman" weight...
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    Wasting away another summer...

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    Re: 4/27 Biggest Loser Recap: The Yellow Roses of Texas

    Thanks for the always amusing recap!
    Bring on the makeovers...can't wait to see Michael and Daris without those huge fros!!!

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    Re: 4/27 Biggest Loser Recap: The Yellow Roses of Texas

    Ashley, thanks so much for the snark you inserted into a most informative BL! I wanted to thank you for reminding us about the state of Texas and how 5 cities are going to lose in the Census! Oh,....they're just the fattest? That's wonderful to know!

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