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Thread: 4/20 Biggest Loser Recap: Sam and Koli Sitting In A Tree

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    4/20 Biggest Loser Recap: Sam and Koli Sitting In A Tree

    Welcome back Biggest Loser fans! If you are anything like me, you are definitely ready for makeover week. Well, guess what? It's not makeover week! I feel like this season has been going on forever. Shouldn't we have had makeover week already? Sheesh. If Daris's hair gets any larger, Jillian may be able to hide in there. Michael's isn't much better. I may have seen a bird fly out of it last week. I like my Losers nicely groomed, thanks. Anyway, another person is going to get sent home to eat their troubles away. Who will it be? Let's find out!

    The show begins with everyone sitting around in the house, obviously waiting around for something. Cue Ali. She walks in and tells them they are going to be competing in a temptation. There is a room upstairs filled with a bunch of food. Some is healthy, some isn't healthy. They will be eating their meals for one day from that room because the kitchen is closed. The person who eats the most calories in one day from the room will get to cast the only vote this week. If the person with the power falls below the yellow line, the elimination will just go back to normal. I wonder if O'Neal will stuff his face this week for his precious Sunshine? The contestants go in the room one by one for breakfast and check out all of the selections. Sunshine decides she is going to eat what she normally eats. O'Neal makes a healthy choice. Sam tells Koli he needs to go for it in case Sam falls below the yellow line again. Koli decides he is going to “go for it” because he doesn't want to lose by 100 or 200 calories if he's going to eat a lot. He eats sausage, bacon, hash browns, and all kinds of greasy stuff. Ugh, I think I can see grease dripping out of his pores. He eats 1,545 calories just for breakfast.

    It's lunchtime, and Michael reveals to us that he doesn't really care to have the power to vote someone off, so he isn't going to play. Vicki wants to have a regular day as well. Koli heads back in for lunch and eats some wings with ranch dressing, hot dogs, and cookies. He eats 2,064 calories just for lunch. He is insane. I can hear his arteries clogging and screaming for help. What happens to all of these mounds of food that people don't eat? Hopefully they go to a food bank or to a shelter or something because that's a giant waste and completely hypocritical to what the Biggest Loser promotes. Moving on.

    Does anyone else think Sam and Koli are a little obsessed with each other? I mean I understand they are cousins, but me thinks they may be a little tooooo close. Koli heads in to eat dinner, not wanting to eat. His body is fighting against him, but he knows he has to eat for Sam. He eats a total of 4,164 calories for the day. What a nice bromance those two have going on.

    Everyone is gathered in the house again when Ali appears, ready with the results. Daris ate 1,556 calories, which got him 2nd place. Koli more than won this temptation. Ali lists all the things Koli ate and asks why he did it. He did it for Sam of course!

    Sam and Koli head to the gym 20 minutes later to work off all of that food Koli ate. 3,000 calories = 1lb. Koli has to stop during his workout to burp and possibly throw up. What an attractive male species and positive role model he is!

    The Losers are in the gym working out when Bob and Jillian finally make an appearance. They aren't happy about Koli's pig out. Jillian is a little perturbed by Sam and Koli's weird dependence on each other. I must say it gets a little creepier each week. Bob beats on Koli, but meanwhile Victoria is just kind of lounging around. She stops running on the treadmill and whines around a bit. O'Neal wants to be like the younger studs around, so he starts to do some crazy pushups and everyone stops to stare at him. Ashley is feeling sad because her friend Andrea got the boot last week and she is now alone. Bob takes her outside and gives a little of his Bob wisdom. They hug it out. Ugh, I'm so over this show. It is the same old crap every week.

    Dr. H visits the ranch for some health updates. Michael's actual age is 31 but his body age was 54. Now, his body age is 42 and his risk for heart disease has gone way down. Ashley started the show with diabetes, but now she has a normal blood sugar and insulin level. Her diabetes is gone. She is looking better, but I still think she looks like Miss Piggy.

    It's challenge time, and the contestants meet Alison outside on what appears to be a very cold day. There are some large structures with banners hanging at the top. The goal of this week's challenge is for each contestant to stack enough blocks so they can climb up the block tower to a ladder and grab their own banner. Those banners are really, really high. The first person to finish the challenge wins a 1lb advantage. If you come in last, you get a 1lb disadvantage. Michael has a background in construction, so he coaches Ashley in how to build her block tower. What exactly can a 500+lb man do in the world of construction? Bulldoze buildings with his body? Anyway, Michael's design isn't exactly the best or fastest, so he decides to scrap his idea and start building like the other guys are. Koli, Sam, and Daris seem to be in the lead by building a step like structure. Daris beats the kissing cousins to the punch and wins the competition. He gets the 1lb advantage. O'Neal is climbing down his tower to get another block when he falls onto the ground and appears to hit his head pretty hard. Sunshine is screaming and crying like a lunatic from atop her tower and scrambles to get down to go check on her dad. The medics come with a stretcher and O'Neal complains of knee pain. Sunshine refuses to continue with the competition because she wants to be by her dad's side. I've always been a fan of these two, but they are really starting to annoy me. O'Neal will have the 1lb disadvantage. Koli says that if O'Neal goes below the yellow line, he'll be safe.

    Later, Sunshine and O'Neal come back to the house and O'Neal reveals that his knee isn't fractured or torn. He had bone rub against bone and he had some nerves stuck in there because of a chip. Something like that. I'm not a doctor. Anyway, he has a big walking cast type thing on his leg.

    Bob and Jillian come in and tell everyone to get ready because they are going to the beach. Bob and Jillian aren't going, but there will be a special guest waiting for the contestants to arrive. They walk up toward the water to find the one and only Gabrielle Reece, volleyball goddess. She has them work out, running through the sand. That's tough. I get tired just walking from my beach chair to my cooler! When they are finished, they take the time to jump in the water and have some fun. *insert beached whale joke here*

    Back at the ranch, O'Neal receives some awful news. His oldest brother, Arthur, has passed away after a fight with cancer. He was an athlete and meant the world to O'Neal. O'Neal didn't even get to say goodbye to him, but he knows Arthur is in a better place. Awww. RIP Arthur.

    Instead of eating away his pain as he may have done in the past, O'Neal takes out his frustration by boxing. He pounds away at Jillian's gloves. Sunshine doesn't seem all that shaken up about the news, or at least we weren't shown a reaction. It would be her uncle, right? Bob and Jillian don't seem to be too scary during this week's Last Chance Workout. Make someone cry or puke something, sheesh. *yawn* Jillian yells at O'Neal to keep going and he finally loses it and pounds on the machine and breaks down. He can barely breathe. She takes him outside and they walk and talk and cry together. That has to be tough. They let Michael go home to see his grandma, I wonder why O'Neal didn't get to go see his brother if they knew the cancer was finally getting the best of him?

    It's time for the weigh-in and we are going to find out if Koli will stay above the yellow line and be able to cast the only vote this week.

    Koli: Previous 270/Current 260 (-10) 3.70%
    Wow, not bad for eating a ton of food during the temptation. I'm guessing he's pretty safe this week... and so is Sam.

    Daris: Previous 226/Current 219 (-7) 3.54%
    His total percentage reflects a 1lb advantage.

    Michael: Previous 363/Current 358 (-5) 1.38%
    That puts Koli safely above the yellow line. He will have the only vote at the elimination.

    Ashley: Previous 258/Current 254 (-4) 1.55%

    Sam: Previous 252/Current 246 (-6) 2.38%
    Sam is safe this week.

    Victoria: Previous 267/Current 266 (-1) .37%

    O'Neal: Previous 278/Current 270 (-8) 2.52%
    His percentage includes a 1lb disadvantage.

    Sunshine: Previous 192/Current 191 (-1) .52%
    Sunshine cries... again.

    Victoria and Sunshine have fallen below the yellow line. Koli will choose who is going home. He says he is going to do what is best for him. Shyeah right. He should vote off Sunshine, but he won't kick his gal pal to the curb.

    Koli votes for Victoria and says he isn't trying to be mean but she needs to pick it up. He says her weight loss has slowed down. She says she is shocked to hear these things coming from him and that she is going to work hard at home.

    Victoria arrives home for the third time. Her mom, Cherita, looks great! She is still shocked at Koli saying she doesn't work hard and she can't wait to prove him wrong. When Victoria started the show, she weighed 358lbs. Today, she weighs 240lbs. She has lost a total of 118lbs. She looks pretty good. Victoria and her mom get on some exercise bikes and bike that marathon they weren't able to do at the beginning of the season.

    Victoria started at a size 26 and is currently a size 12. Cherita has lost 77lbs at home.

    Next week, the contestants go out and inspire some people in Texas. Abby from last season asks Jillian to come talk to some kids at a school and Jillian helps an overweight girl. Ahhhh! It's still not makeover week next week?! Come on NBC!! Daris's hair isn't going to fit in the screen shot soon! Oh well. Until next time...
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    Re: 4/20 Biggest Loser Recap: Sam and Koli Sitting In A Tree

    Great re-cap! Just watched my tape - Really... wouldn't you think that for the challenge they would have been holding the ropes with just a little slack? O'Neil fell pretty far - what would have happened if someone fell from a higher position?

    Oh and Koli eating all that food .. the one day of pig out probably helped him .. (now I forgot what it's called - but if you cheat one day it boosts the fat burning chemical back up)
    Wasting away another summer...

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    Re: 4/20 Biggest Loser Recap: Sam and Koli Sitting In A Tree

    Great recap! Thought Koli's after-glutton work out was the grossest-I kept waiting to see him spew!

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