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Thread: 4/13 Biggest Loser Recap: Getting Down and Dirty

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    4/13 Biggest Loser Recap: Getting Down and Dirty

    Hello and welcome back to another week of the Biggest Loser! Last week, we said bye bye to the wicked witch the lady in red, Melissa. Good riddance and don't let the door hit you on the way out! This week is sure to be less drama filled, although it appears that something interesting is going to happen to Jillian involving some mud. On with the show!

    The show begins with Ali dragging the contestants away from their breakfast to rendezvous with her in the gym. They walk in to find colored stands with some sort of tray. It's Pop Challenge time! They will need to balance a bunch of quarters on their tray using only 1 hand. Quarters will be added one at a time with the other hand. The person who holds on to their money the longest wins. If even one quarter falls off, that person is out. The winner will get 10 bucks for every quarter on their tray. Nice. Sunshine only puts 10 quarters on hers because her strategy is to hold a light amount of quarters for awhile and then add some after people start to drop out. After 55 minutes or so, Sunshine drops her tray of 65 quarters. I guess her strategy didn't “pay off”, did it? Michael wins and ends up with $1,000. The Total company is going to double the money for Michael and give him another $1,000. Sunshine is going to end up with her $650 too. Lame. We all can't be winners! That's life folks!

    The contestants head back to the ranch and walk into the living room to find Suze Orman. Oh goody. It's the too-tanned orange lady whose sweater looks like it's eating her. She was on last season and annoyed the heck out of me. Let's see more Curtis Stone instead! I guess the theme of this week is money. Last season, Suze predicted that Danny would win because he had the highest FICO score out of anybody on the season. Cue Danny's entrance. He walks in like some superstar amongst the applause of his fans. I guess he is a Biggest Loser superstar.

    Anyway, Suze has gone through all of the contestants' finances (yikes) and gives them some advice on how to settle a small amount of debt. She asks some of them how much debt they have. I don't think that's any of our business, Ms. Orman. Suze reveals that she really thought Koli was going to win the whole thing based on his financial situation, until he revealed that he doesn't count calories like he's supposed to. Suze guesses that Sunshine is going to win based on her credit scores. Why does Suze even come on the show? That whole scene was ridiculous.

    Danny heads to the gym with the contestants to work out with Bob and Jillian. Jillian and Bob yell at Victoria and tell her to dig deeper because she's falling behind. Jillian does her little monkey hop onto the treadmill and has a little heart to heart with Victoria. Victoria cries and continues working out while Jillian barks in her ear. Ah, I'm having flashbacks of Joelle. I loved that moment when Bob flipped. It is probably my all time favorite Biggest Loser moment.

    On another rainy and gloomy day outside, the contestants file outside to meet Ali for this week's challenge. They find out that 2 people are going to win a brand new 2010 Mazda 3. Wow, they are really freakin' nice cars. On a hill, there are 7 balloons. One for each color left in the game. Each balloon string holds 20 keys for a total of 140 keys. Only 2 will start the cars. They have to find the correct key, one key at a time. If they find the key that works, they win the car. It is a rainy, muddy, windy mess outside. I want to see some people fall down! I don't like the fact that wet and filthy people are getting into the beautiful cars and trying to start them. You'll ruin the leather! Stop!! It's probably not a good idea to turn the ignition that many times with fake keys. Oh well. After many trips up the hill and back, Andrea wins the dark colored Mazda. There are only 25 keys left and nobody has won the second car yet. O'Neal hobbles his way back to the car, turns his key, and wins the red Mazda. He's going to give the car to Sunshine. Surprise. Didn't they have a talk last week about not being so obsessed with each other? Oh well, I suppose it was a nice gesture.

    Bob and Jillian stand in the gym waiting for their victims to arrive. They plan who they are going to work with. Jillian plans to really lay the hammer down on Victoria, while Bob wants to focus on Andrea. Victoria has to sprint 5 times with each contestant. Man, that sucks. Better you than me! Andrea encourages Victoria to keep her head up and finish with pride. Jillian plays psychologist with Victoria and Victoria cries some more. She feels her parents should have a more beautiful child. She feels she isn't good enough, etc. Moving on.

    Bob herds the cattle outside and they are doing exercises in the mud. Jumping jacks, pushups, etc. All kinds of fun mud sloshing activities. They are literally rolling around in the mud. Koli tackles Sunshine and then they all go after Bob. They drag him through the mud in his pretty white hoodie and he yells and laughs. Jillian appears in the gym doorway and Bob leads the charge to get her. She runs but they get her. They carry her outside and throw her into the mud. I've seen more butt cracks in the past 5 minutes than I care to see in my lifetime. Jillian seems a little more pissed than Bob, but still has a lighthearted attitude. They both can't wait to get revenge during the Last Chance Workout.

    Jillian thinks that the LCW is usually a generic butt kicking, but this time, it's personal. She says she beat them until she thought their brains were going to come out of their ears and noses. She feels a little better about the mud thing since she has kicked some major Loser ass this week during LCW. Go Jillian! Bob has Michael running on the treadmill. He actually runs a 5k and then Bob makes him keep going and get to 5 miles! Woo go Michael! Who-da-thunk a 375ish pound man would be running that much?

    It's time for the weigh-in and Andrea is pretty confident she'll have a high number. Uh oh, that seems like some unfortunate foreshadowing to me. Naughty NBC. Let's check the scale!

    Sunshine: Previous 195/Current 192 (-3) 1.54%

    Koli: Previous 276/Current 270 (-6) 2.17%

    Daris: Previous 233/Current 226 (-7) 3.00%

    Michael: Previous 372/Current 363 (-9) 2.42%

    Ashley: Previous 264/Current 258 (-6) 2.27%

    Victoria: Previous 272/Current 267 (-5) 1.84%

    O'Neal: Previous 283/Current 278 (-5) 1.77%

    Andrea: Previous 225/Current 222 (-3) 1.33%

    Sam: Previous 252/Current 252 (0)

    Sam and Andrea have fallen below the yellow line. They both plead their cases to the house. They both want to stay and they can't say anything negative about the other person, etc. I really have no idea how this vote will go, so let's find out!

    Sunshine votes for Andrea
    Ashley votes for Sam
    Victoria votes for Andrea
    Koli votes for Andrea
    Michael votes for Andrea

    With 4 votes, Andrea is eliminated. They all cry as she talks about how far she's come. She hugs her friends while some overly dramatic music plays. Aww, I like Drea. 24 hours after leaving the ranch, Andrea gets to go home to her family. They are all excited at how great she looks. She lost 76lbs on the ranch.

    At home, Andrea now can run with her dog and enjoy her life more. Bob sent her a DVD message containing the message she taped for herself on Day 1. Wow, she really has changed. She exercises everyday and is now teaching a spinning class. Drea hopes to become a certified personal trainer focusing on special needs children. Aww, good for her.

    Next week, a temptation will decide who goes home. Whoever eats the most calories will get to cast the only vote. Also, O'Neal finds out that his brother passed away. It also appears he falls down and hits his head while competing in some kind of competition. Poor O'Neal. It might not be the happiest episode next week, but come on back for all of the snarky details!
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    Re: 4/13 Biggest Loser Recap: Getting Down and Dirty

    Very enjoyable to read!

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