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Thread: 4/6 Biggest Loser Recap: Listen to the Sounds of Sirens

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    4/6 Biggest Loser Recap: Listen to the Sounds of Sirens

    Welcome back, the five people who aren't watching American Idol on Tuesday nights, faithful Loser fans! Last week, we said hello to the very bad Melissa and goodbye to the very good Stephanie. Not exactly a fair tradeoff in my opinion. Oh yeah, and that girl we met twice from the Blue Team came back. Back to Melissa... ugh! I cannot stand that woman. I don't mind her game player mentality, because essentially this show is a game to be won. I do mind that she is so smug and heinous. Blah. Okay, rant over.

    The show begins with the usual “thanks for keeping me” speech from the non-eliminated contestant. In this case, Sam. Victoria didn't realize eliminations would be this hard. Melissa whines that people aren't thinking about what is best for themselves in the game.

    Ali is waiting for everyone in the gym, which either means there is some kind of special twist to this week. There is a podium type thing with a red button on it. Ali pushes it, a siren goes off, and the wall opens up to reveal the weigh-in area. Each person will get a card which will give them access anytime to the scale in the gym. The card has the number of pounds needed for each person to lose 2% of their body weight. The first player to lose more than 2% of their body weight this week wins immunity. But, there's a catch of course! You only get one chance at this. If you get on the scale and did indeed lose 2%, you win immunity. If you get on that scale and haven't lost 2%, you are out. This is interesting. Essentially, someone is almost winning immunity for 2 weeks. They will really have a week and a half to work out and lose weight before the next weigh-in that counts for that person. Here is how much each person much lose to get immunity:

    Ashley: 6lbs
    Michael: 8lbs
    Koli: 6lbs
    Sam: 6lbs
    Sunshine: 5lbs
    Andrea: 5lbs
    Melissa: 4lbs
    Daris: 5lbs
    Victoria: 6lbs
    O'Neal: 6lbs

    Jillian is going to work especially with Sunshine this week. I hope that isn't the kiss of death, because it often is. Going with that same thought, hey Jillian, go work with Melissa!! Bob talks with Melissa and he recognizes that she is a game player, but he tells her that she also has to work her butt off. He reminds her not to lose sight of the fact that she needs to change her life so that if she wins she won't gain it all back.

    Dr. H visits the contestants at the ranch to vouch for the safety of losing 2% body weight in such a short amount of time. He says as long as it's fat, it's perfectly safe. If it's muscle, bone, electrolytes; then it is dangerous. He reminds them to eat the right amount of calories and lose the weight the right way.

    It's Day 2 of the 2% week and nobody has tried to hit the button yet. Everyone is working out as hard as they can all of the time. Sam caresses the button, but decides not to push it. Melissa is going around asking everyone when they are going to weigh in. She's a sly one. Nobody really knows when they want to try.

    The evening of Day 2, someone pushes the button. Sirens wail and everyone rushes to the gym to find Victoria standing there. She inserts her card into the machine to unlock the scale. She needs to lose 6lbs. She has actually only lost 3lbs so far. Nice try, newbie.

    It's Day 3 and time for this week's challenge. It's a swimming pool challenge! Yay! I love the water challenges. It's fun to throw 'em in and watch 'em flop around. There are 1,000 one pound weights at the bottom of the pool. The weights are colored. Each person must gather their color, no more than 2 at a time, and swim across the pool to put the weights on their scale. The first person to gather all 100 of their weights will win. The winner will get a 2 week all expenses paid vacation for two to The Biggest Loser Resort at Fitness Ridge. The person who finishes last will receive a 1lb disadvantage. When a person is done putting all of their weight on the scale, they can choose to help a friend.

    The competition begins and Sunshine and Sam take the lead. There are a few underwater cameras and let me just say, they are capturing some not-so-flattering angles. There is a lot of belly jiggling and shirts riding up under that water. That poor underwater camera. It didn't ask for that kind of torture. Anyway, Sam and Sunshine are still in the lead, but Sunshine pulls away. She wins the competition, but doesn't even stop to breathe. She wants to help her dad who is currently in last place. Sam finishes in a close second and asks Koli if he needs help. Koli tells Sam to help “Unc” aka O'Neal. O'Neal is like an uncle to them and Sam wants to help. Victoria finishes 3rd, Koli 4th , Andrea 5th, Ashley 6th, Daris 7th. Michael falls into last place because of the help O'Neal is getting, so some people help him. Poor Melissa. Nobody is helping her so she falls into last place and stays there. Melissa loses the challenge and receives the 1lb disadvantage.

    Everyone heads back to the ranch and they are all still scheming about the red buzzer. Sam and Koli decide they are going to hit the buzzer first thing in the morning (Day 4). They wait until everyone goes to bed on Day 3 and put in a midnight workout. Melissa plans to workout around 3am and then again at 6am and then hit the buzzer. Day 4 begins with the sound of sirens. Everyone (well, mostly) is in the kitchen eating breakfast when the siren goes off. Who hit the button? None other than Sam. Melissa is a little pissed that he beat her to it. He inserts his card to unlock the scale. He needs to lose 6lbs. He does it.. and more! Sam has lost 10lbs or 3.82%. Wow! Go Sam! Sam wins immunity this week after being below the yellow line last week.

    At the Last Chance Workout, Bob beats up on Koli. He has him lift 165lbs while standing on a little platform step thing. Jillian focuses on kicking Daris's butt, just so he knows she still loves him. Bob loves when he gets to work with Jillian because they get to tag team people. I think I'd be a little scared with both Bob and Jillian up in my face. Jillian takes Melissa with her to do some boxing type kicks. Then she screams at Ashley. Yep, Jillian is just being Jillian.

    After the Last Chance Workout, Jillian takes Sunshine aside to talk to her about her relationship with O'Neal. Jillian thinks Sunshine is holding back so that she still has something in common and will be close with her dad. Jillian thinks Sunshine's relationship with O'Neal isn't healthy because they are too fused and Sunshine needs to live a more parallel life. Back at the ranch, Sunshine talks with O'Neal about her new self confidence. She believes she is beautiful and she believes in herself. She tells him that she has to do it for herself and she has to be independent, and it makes their bond stronger because she can stand next to him instead of under him. They cry together. Normally I'd make fun of this kind of exchange, but I really like the Yellow Team. This is a little ridiculous, but it's kind of endearing. I don't really understand how their relationship has changed or will change after this talk, but whatever.

    It's time for the weigh-in... and it's finally tank top week!! Woot! The girls are now in tank tops instead of sports bras, and the guys get to leave their sleeveless shirts on. Thank you, NBC! I won't have to close my eyes this week! Plus, I have already seen enough from those underwater cameras earlier!

    Sam has immunity this week.

    Koli: Previous 281/Current 276 (-5) 1.78%

    Daris: Previous 237/Current 233 (-4) 1.69%

    Michael: Previous 381/Current 372 (-9) 2.36%

    Ashley: Previous 271/Current 264 (-7) 2.58%

    Sunshine: Previous 202/Current 195 (-7) 3.47%

    O'Neal: Previous 291/Current 283 (-8) 2.75%

    Victoria: Previous 283/Current 272 (-11) 3.89%

    Andrea: Previous 227/Current 225 (-2) .88%

    Melissa: Previous 178/Current 175 (-3) 1.12%
    Melissa has the 1lb disadvantage also.
    Ali throws it in there that the 1lb disadvantage didn't matter.

    Andrea and Melissa have fallen below the yellow line. I know what you should do: SEND MELISSA HOME!! Can you hear me people?

    Andrea asks to talk to the house alone and asks Melissa to leave the room. Andrea cries and says she deserves to be in the final four and she is finishing things she has started. She says it is important as a woman to figure out who she is and what she deserves.

    Andrea leaves and Melissa comes in. Melissa is a lawyer? Really? That explains a lot. Ha ha (no offense lawyers.. just joking!). Melissa asks everyone if they want to be in the final four. Of course they all say yes. Melissa asks them who they should keep to guarantee them getting to the final four. She says she is their fairy godmother because she is always going to be in the bottom two. They can pick off the other people week by week. She says the only argument she has to save herself is that she can't beat anyone there. She does have a good point. It would be in everyone's best game play interest to keep her, but she's sneaky. She could somehow come back and win it all. I don't trust her. These people are all about being lovey dovey rainbows and kittens instead of playing the game, so I bet they keep Drea.

    Koli votes for Melissa

    O'Neal votes for Melissa
    Melissa pipes in and says that people are making bad choices.

    Daris votes for Melissa

    Michael votes for Melissa
    Michael gives a speech about not wanting to vote based on game play. He's the biggest game player in the house besides Melissa!!

    Victoria votes for Melissa

    With 5 votes, Melissa is eliminated. She says she will be okay going home this time because she has Lance and her trainers. Well, obviously she did pretty well the first time she went home. Look at her! Nobody gets up to see her off. Bye bye, Melissa! Don't let the door hit you on the way out... AGAIN!

    A day later, Melissa arrives home. Cowboy Lance and their little buckaroos are waiting for her, cowboy hats and all. Yee haw! Melissa comments that when she and Lance began the show, their marriage was falling apart. Now, they are closer than ever. Lance holds her hand while driving and stares at her a lot. Hmm.. maybe you should be watching the road a little there, partner.

    Six weeks after leaving the ranch, Melissa is in New Orleans running a half marathon for her 40th birthday. Lance runs it with her. They finish together. Melissa plans on running a full marathon this summer.

    Next week, Danny returns to offer some motivation to the contestants. Wow, I didn't even recognize him!! Jillian is also streaking across the gym like a crazy person, peeling her clothes off. The contestants pick her up and put her in the mud and then proceed to cover her in mud. Hmm. Maybe they are adding mud wrestling to the Last Chance Workout? I guess we'll just have to wait and find out!
    Wake up and be awesome

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    Re: 4/6 Biggest Loser Recap: Listen to the Sounds of Sirens

    Great recap! I can't believe that Melissa was truly surprised that she got picked off again. I don't really care what that does to game play because she's gone....the wicked witch is gone!

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