Hello and welcome back, Loser fans! I apologize for the lateness of my recap this week. I had a nightmare about Jillian and I've been afraid to watch the show until now. Okay, I'm kidding. This week you are getting the super low fat diet version of the show. Bon Appetit!

The Pop Challenge this week is a food quiz based on the newest Biggest Loser book. The winning team receives a day and night of pampering at the Four Seasons Hotel. The losing team gets to clean the kitchen and gym. Cleaning up other people's sweat? NO thanks! O'Neal claims he has left about 80lbs of sweat in the gym. Nice. The Blue Team wins the challenge. They are going to get pampered while Sam and the girls get to clean up the kitchen and gym.

Michael leaves the ranch for the week because his Grandmother is very, very sick. She has been like a mother to him, so he feels it necessary to go home and be with her.

Curtis Stone is back again this season to host this week's Challenge. Mmmm... I like me some Curtis! This season just got a little bit better! Ashley about falls over like a fangirl that just saw the Jonas Brothers for the first time. There is a table full of different ingredients. The teams can use only 12 ingredients and have only 30 minutes to make a healthy and delicious meal. Once a team chooses an ingredient, it's off the table. They must make an appetizer, entree, and dessert. I'll take some Curtis Stone for dessert! Curtis will judge each course. The winner will get a 5lb advantage at this week's weigh-in. Wow! That's huge!

Appetizer: Black-shrimp, Blue-salad
Winner: Black

Entree: Black-salmon, Blue-pork
Winner: Blue

Dessert: Black-caramelized pears with strawberry drizzle, Blue- raspberries with dark chocolate drizzle
Winner: Black

The Black Team wins the 5lb advantage.

After the Last Chance Workout, Michael returns. His Grandmother can't breathe on her own. She's on a ventilator and doesn't look good. One of the last things she said to Michael was “kick some ass”. That's a Granny I could probably get along with! Michael says while he was with his Grandmother, he made time to workout twice a day.

Who is going home tonight? Let's find out!

Black Team:

5lb advantage (-5) -.42%

Andrea: Previous 243/Current 238 (-5)
Black Total: (-10) -.83%

Sam: Previous 286/Current 278 (-8)
Black Total: (-18) -1.50%

Ashley: Previous 293/Current 286 (-7)
Black Total: (-25) -2.09%

Sherry: Previous 166/Current 163 (-3)
Black Total: (-28) -2.34%

Stephanie: Previous 210/Current 208 (-2)
Black Total: (-30) -2.50%

Blue Team:

Lance: Previous 290/Current 282 (-8)
Blue Total: (-8) -.44%

Daris: Previous 258/Current 248 (-10)
Blue Total: (-18) -1.00%

Koli: Previous 306/Current 297 (-9)
Blue Total: (-27) -1.50%
Sam runs up to hug Koli. They cry together.

O'Neal: Previous 311/Current 302 (-9)
Blue Total: (-36) -2.00%

Sunshine: Previous 225/Current 216 (-9)
Blue Total: (-45) -2.50%

Michael: Previous 408/Current 397(-11)
Blue Total: (-56) -3.11%

Blue Team wins. Surprise.

The Black Team cries when they try to decide who they are going to vote off. Ashley feels horrible that she is going to have to vote off one of her best friends because she certainly isn't going to vote for her mother. They all want to be there, etc etc.

Ashley votes for Andrea
Andrea votes for Sherry
Sam votes for Sherry
Sherry votes for Andrea
Stephanie votes for Sherry

With 3 votes, Sherry is eliminated.

When Sherry started the show, she weighed 218lbs. Now she weighs 138lbs. She has lost 80lbs. Wow, she looks great!! She is going to kayak because she was never able to before. Sherry visits her husbands burial site. By the finale, she hopes to weigh what she did on her wedding day.

Next week, everyone is going home for a whole week. That's pretty much all we get. I wonder who will keep up the weight loss and who will fall off the wagon? Until then!