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Thread: 3/9 Biggest Loser Recap: Please Don't Take My Sunshine Away

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    3/9 Biggest Loser Recap: Please Don't Take My Sunshine Away

    As I sit here ready to watch this week's episode of The Biggest Loser, I realize that I am not really cheering anyone on this season. Yeah, I like a few people. Yeah, I dislike a few people. But I really don't have a clear cut favorite. At this point, they could all grow 4 arms and I probably wouldn't notice. I thought Melissa was a crazy, lying, bitch; but at least she was entertaining. Let's watch paint dry see what kind of non-trouble and ordinary situations the contestants can get into this week!

    The show begins with O'Neal anxiously awaiting his daughter's return to the house from the elimination room. He is worried she was the one eliminated because the blue shirts keep coming in one by one, but there's no Sunshine. Finally, in true dramatic fashion, Sunshine comes in last and is carrying her dad's new Blue Team shirt.

    O'Neal quickly takes the leader/motivator role and explains that they are all individual fingers but when they come together they are like a fist. I suppose that means they are going to punch out the Black Team? Who knows.

    It's time for a Challenge and the contestants head to Agua Dulce Airpark Ranch. Ali informs them that it's “Work Week” and all week the contestants are going to be working a full time job in addition to working out. They will have an 8 hour shift with a commute by bus every single day. If they want a healthy lunch, they have to take it with them. They will have to manage their time so they can fit in workouts. The gym isn't going to be open all day, either. The hours will be 6am-7:30pm. What will they be doing? They are going to be working alongside the volunteers of Feeding America.

    Ali wants the contestants to get this week's challenge out of the way so they can focus on their jobs. It will be Blue vs. Black again. Each team will pull a Semitruck. Each weighs 33,000lbs. Daris is super excited and says he's always wanted to do this. Sam is worried that his team full of ladies just isn't going to be able to match the big bad Blue Team. Each team has to pull their Semi down the runway, stopping to pick up puzzle pieces along the way. Puzzle pieces are located at 3 separate locations down the runway. When they get the Semi the whole way down the runway, they must unload the puzzle pieces and use them to spell out their reward: Groceries for one year. Sweet, I wouldn't mind that as a prize.

    Lance is pretty confident that his team isn't going to have any trouble getting their truck rolling. He also has a dead animal hanging off of his chin. Yuck. Is it makeover week yet? Between his beard and Daris's hair, I really feel like I'm lost in a sea of yucky hair. The Blue Team takes an early lead, but Black catches up because O'Neal is pretty slow at jogging behind to grab the puzzle pieces. Sherri grabs puzzle pieces for the Black Team, helping to make up some time. O'Neal has a burst of energy at the end and gets ahead of his team. Sunshine screeches at her team to keep going. Blue gets to the finish line first, but now it's time to put their puzzle pieces together. Both teams are pretty close, but Blue Team gets their puzzle built first and wins. They celebrate pretty loudly. They must feel proud to beat a group of girls (and Sam).

    In the gym, Bob and Jillian beat up on the contestants before they begin Work Week. Sam calls a team meeting for the Black Team and tells everyone they are athletes. They must train like athletes. *cue Rocky music* He says they have to beat Blue Team again and the Black Team must play all four quarters, yada yada yada.

    The “Work Week” schedule finally begins and the contestants have to get up at the crack of dawn. It's not really even the crack of dawn considering it's still dark outside when they wake up. They are getting up around 5:30am, hitting the gym at 6am, working out for an hour, and then getting ready to go to work. That sounds horrible. I'm a zombie in the morning.

    The newly employed Losers arrive at the Food Bank and begin working at various jobs. Andrea and O'Neal work at the call center, calling people to thank them for supporting the food bank. Koli, Sunshine, Ashley, Stephanie, Sam, and Lance work at the distribution center. Sherry and Cheryl are going to be working at the Warehouse doing inventory. Aww they are friends. Michael and Daris are working at inventory also. During their break, some of the contestants have a heart-to-heart talk with one of the overweight food bank employees. They tell him he can change his life. At the end of the work day, everyone is completely exhausted. Many of them sleep on the bus ride home. They only get a short time until the gym closes, so they try to make every minute count. All of a sudden, time is up and all of the gym lights instantly go off. I can't imagine they really cut power just like that. People would fall off of their equipment and that's just a lawsuit waiting to happen.

    Day 2 of Work Week begins and today the contestants are bagging fresh fruits and vegetables at one of the food bank's distribution sites. The weather is junky and it's cold and rainy. Day 3 rolls around and at lunchtime, Sam admits that he forgot his lunch. He heads out to the vending machine and realizes he can't choose anything healthy from the machine. Stephanie says she saw a Subway on the corner. How lucky! Stephanie and Sam head to Subway where Sam orders a Veggie Delite. Stephanie eats with him... didn't she just eat? It's like they are on a little date. Loser Love is in the air!

    Back at the ranch, Cheryl and Sherry bond some more. Cheryl thinks that if the Black Team loses the weigh-in, she will be the one sent home. Sherry cries because they are BFFs and she doesn't want Cheryl to leave. They talk about how much they've both changed and how nobody is too old to get started.

    The actual working part of Work Week is over, but the contestants still have a Last Chance Workout to deal with. The gym is still only open until 7:30pm, which I'm sure will fuel Bob and Jillian to kick some serious ass in a shorter amount of time. Sunshine really steps up her routine and outruns Daris and Lance on the treadmill. Sam boxes with Jillian and call her his prey. Lance compares 300lbs to an electric fence that traps animals. He can't get past it. He is such a hick. I'm allowed to call him a hick because I'm partly a hick and come from Hicktown, USA. It takes one to know one. Yes, I just made fun of myself.

    Back at the ranch, we get more touching moments between O'Neal and Sunshine. Yes, we know you love each other. Yes, we know you support each other no matter what. Yes, we know you are proud of each other. We get to see a little montage of photos from O'Neal's early service days. I must say, he looked quite handsome in a uniform. NBC must really need some filler this week. I mean come on, t his has been like 5 minutes of how much O'Neal loves Sunshine and how he wouldn't know what to do without her in the house, blah blah blah. Moving on.

    The Black Team's motto is “Little ax, big tree”. People see them as a little ax, but they can take down the big blue tree. Cute. Or not.

    It's time for the weigh-in and O'Neal gets to go first. He hasn't been weighed for 3 weeks due to having immunity.


    O'Neal: Previous 316/Current 311 (-5)
    Blue Total: (-5) -.27%

    Sunshine: Previous 232/Current 225 (-7)
    Blue Total: (-12) -.65%

    Michael: Previous 417/Current 408 (-9)
    Blue Total: (-21) -1.14%
    Michael's hair is crazy too! Makeover week, please come soon!!

    Koli: Previous 316/Current 306 (-10)
    Blue Total: (-31) -1.68%

    Daris: Previous 267/Current 258 (-9)
    Blue Total: (-40) -2.16%

    Lance: Previous 300/Current 290 (-10)
    Blue Total: (-50) -2.71%

    The Black Team has to lose more than 38lbs to beat the Blue Team.


    Andrea: Previous 250/Current 243 (-7)
    Black Total: (-7) -.50%

    Ashley: Previous 301/Current 293 (-8)
    Black Total: (-15) -1.06%

    Cheryl: Previous 187/Current 182 (-5)
    Black Total: (-20) -1.42%

    Sherry: Previous 171/Current 166 (-5)
    Black Total: (-25) -1.77%

    Stephanie: Previous 213/Current 210 (-3)
    Black Total: (-28) -1.98%

    Sam: Previous 290/Current 286 (-4)
    Black Total: (-32) -2.27%

    Blue Team wins the weigh-in. O'Neal is excited about... yep, you're right. He gets to be with his daughter again another week. Sherry had the highest percentage of weight loss so she is safe. Daris and Koli get the chance to say goodbye to their partners on the Black Team in case they would be the person voted off. Daris tells his mom he loves her. All Koli says is “he knows” as he tears up. Those tough guy Tongans aren't so tough.

    Andrea wants to have a serious conversation with the Black Team so they can honestly talk about who should go home. She asks how many pounds each person has to make it to their goal weight. Sam has the shortest way to go, but he says he needs to be at the ranch. Ashley, Andrea, and Cheryl also all express they want to say. Sherry is worried that the younger crowd is going to vote her buddy Cheryl off. Sam says he started the Biggest Loser as a boy and has now transformed into a man. Koli weeps in his private interview. Softies.

    It's time for the elimination and I'm pretty sure it's either going to Cheryl or Sam. They will probably decide they need Sam for the good of the team and keep him, but who knows.

    Sam votes for Cheryl
    Stephanie votes for Cheryl
    Cheryl votes for Stephanie
    Sherry votes for Sam
    Ashley votes for Cheryl

    With 3 votes, Cheryl has been eliminated.

    When Cheryl started the show, she weighed 227lbs. Now, she weighs 164lbs. One of the first things she did when she got home was go through her closet and take out her old clothes. She donated them all to a local church. She says she found her voice at the ranch and now she likes to speak out (as evidenced by several clips of her screaming and moaning while working out). Cheryl plans to run a 5k in late March and hopes to weigh 135lbs at the finale.

    Next week, the Black Team feels defeated because they are on a losing streak. Michael is shown wheeling a suitcase and leaving in a van. He says it's the one thing he didn't want to go through while he was there. Hmm. Sam is crying at the next weigh-in saying that it isn't about Black and Blue and he is proud of someone. I'm guessing Koli lost a lot of weight? Who knows. Basically, next week looks like everyone cries the entire time. Fun, fun. Grab your tissues (or your barf bucket) and meet me back here next week!
    Wake up and be awesome

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    Re: 3/9 Biggest Loser Recap: Please Don't Take My Sunshine Away

    Great recap--I missed the first hour plus, and now don't feel I need to look at the tape!

    I'm totally with you on the need for a major hair, facial and otherwise, destruction--I think the producers must be forcing them to grow it so long...or else the weight they've lost on their faces is making it look longer than it was.

    My guess on Michael and the suitcase... spoiled because it's based on another spoiler...
    Click to see Spoiler:
    it was said elsewhere that someone's brother died...he's off to the funeral
    Why else would he be leaving? They certainly wouldn't show that if he was voted out.

    And yay for TBL love!!!

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    Re: 3/9 Biggest Loser Recap: Please Don't Take My Sunshine Away

    Wonderful recap!

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