Welcome back Loser fans! It has been a few weeks since we've been subjected to blessed with our favorite overweight couples. After being glued to the Olympics for two weeks, I have high expectations for what the contestants should be able to do. If I don't see a 300lb man jump on a snowboard and tackle the half pipe, I'm going to be greatly disappointed. I guess it's back to the days of “hey look I can swim 3 laps in this pool without getting winded”. *sigh* Let's see what those lovable Losers are up to this week!

Two weeks ago, Melissa fell below the special red line and got the boot. I'm still sad about that. Not. Darrell and Cheryl fell below the yellow line and began the fight to keep their flame lit and stay in the game. They had to balance a torch on their heads. Cheryl better be careful because with one wrong move that puffy hair of hers will go up in flames. After 9 minutes or so, Darrell's torch drops. His daughter begins to cry. Darrell has been eliminated. I love the Black Team! Waaah.

The contestants gather to find Alison waiting for them with a big announcement. Starting with this episode, the teams are going to be split Blue vs. Black. Grr... I'm sick of that. One person will win the right to pick the teams. That never turns out well. One team is always stacked. Anyway, that person will also get to choose a person from their team to have immunity. All they have to do is win this week's temptation. Before the temptation starts, the contestants have to say whether or not they are going to play. Ali counts to 3, and the players who are going to play in the temptation raise their hands. There are only 2 people playing... Andrea and Michael. They will be playing the classic game of Memory. They are trying to find the matching Golden Tickets. There are some snack items on the board as well. If one person matches the snack items, the other person has to eat that snack item. If one person doesn't match the snacks, that person has to eat a cookie. Michael and Andrea haven't found the Tickets yet, so they are wolfing down cookies like a girl who just got dumped on her wedding day. Andrea finally gets a match and Michael has to eat a chocolate peanut butter cup. She gets another match and he has to eat a blueberry muffin. After several turns from each person and a disgusting amount of food shoveled down, Michael finds both Golden Tickets. He ended up eating 2,310 calories and Andrea ate 1,320 calories. Michael gets to choose the teams.

There are 13 players but there are only going to be 6 people on each team. The person who Michael picks to have immunity will not be on a team this week. Whichever team loses the weigh-in and has to eliminate a player will get that extra person next week. Here are your new teams:

Black (Jillian)

Blue (Bob)

Michael has decided to give O'Neal immunity. Whaaaaaaaa? That boy is a game player. He wants to be on Blue Team so badly that he will sacrifice himself because he's so sure Blue is stacked enough to win the weigh-in. That would be funny if Blue lost and sent Michael home. O'Neal will join whatever team loses a player this week. Bold move, Mikey. We'll see what happens.

Jillian and Bob meet the teams in the gym and they are both pretty pissed. Jillian thinks it's fu*#%^ up. She says it's unfair and impossible and he didn't even give the Black Team a chance. He is mad that Jillian thinks what he did is wrong and he says he needs to look out for himself. She says the underdog thing brings back the loser fat kid in her from junior high. Go Sam and the ladies!

Everyone is pretty missed at Michael. Nobody really wants to eat with him in the kitchen and people are talking about him and making faces behind his back. Stephanie doesn't think they are the weaker team. She wants to make an alliance with Ashley and Ashley wants to make an alliance too. Steph wants to bring Sam into the alliance but Ashley says she's friends with Andrea. So much scheming.

The contestants head to a hotel of some sort to find Alison waiting. It's time for this week's challenge. Each team will lift their team colored banner to the top of a very tall building. They are doing it from the roof of that very tall building. The team that wins will get letters from home. Since O'Neal isn't participating, he has to pick a team to cheer for. If his team wins, he also gets letters from home. He picks Blue since Sunshine is on that team. Let's see here... the Blue Team has a bunch of strong guys and the Black Team has some little girls. I wonder who is going to win this strength challenge? The Blue Team wins by a landslide.

*insert crying/emotional moments as contestants read letters from home*

Ashley goes back to visit Dr. H and she is happy that her health is improving. Her inner age is now 49 instead of 57. Sam's inner age is now 46 instead of 51. That's still not great, but it's a step in the right direction.

In the gym, the contestants are working hard because it's last chance workout time! I missed this weekly ass kicking. Jillian is going to kill her team because she knows the odds are stacked against them. On a side note, is it just me or is Jillian wearing makeup in most of her little private interview segments? What's up with that? Bob hopes his team isn't going to slack off because they think they are safe.

It's time for the very first Blue vs. Black weigh-in. I'm hoping the underdogs can pull this one out and send Michael packing. That would be poetic justice for sure.

O'Neal: Previous 325/Current 316 (-9) -2.77%
That guy doesn't slack off! He has immunity.

Michael: Previous 432/Current 417 (-15) -.85%
Michael has set a new record by losing 109lbs in 7 weeks.
Blue Total: (-15) -.85%

Sunshine: Previous 239/Current 232 (-7)
Blue Total: (-22) -1.24%

Lance: Previous 305/Current 300 (-5)
Blue Total: (-27) -1.52%

Miggy: Previous 199/Current 195 (-4)
Miggy is upset and thinks she failed herself and her team.
Blue Total: (-31) -1.75%

Daris: Previous 274/Current 267 (-7)
Blue Total: (-38) -2.14%

Koli: Previous 326/Current 316 (-10)
Blue Total: (-48) -2.70%

Andrea: Previous 255/Current 250 (-5)
Black Total: (-5) -.34%

Cheryl: Previous 191/Current 187 (-4)
Black Total: (-9) -.62%

Sherry: Previous 177/Current 171 (-6)
Black Total: (-15) -1.03%

Sam: Previous 298/Current 290 (-8)
Black Total: (-23) -1.58%
The girls gave him a manicure this week! Hahaha! That's sweet!

Stephanie: Previous 221/Current 213 (-8)
Black Total: (-31) -2.13%

Ashley: Previous 311/Current 301 (-10)
Black Total: (-41) -2.82%

The Black Team wins the weigh-in! Blue will have to send somebody home. Michael has immunity because he had the highest percentage of weight loss on the Blue Team.

Koli thinks the overconfidence got the best of them this week. Koli thinks Lance or Miggy should leave because they were the two lowest. Miggy doesn't want to go home, but neither does Lance. Koli (who is apparently 2nd in command behind Godfather Michael) tells the team they have to do what is best for the team so they don't end up losing again.

I have no idea who will be going home, so let's find out!

Lance votes for Miggy
Daris votes for Miggy
Miggy votes for Lance
Michael votes for Lance
Sunshine votes for Miggy
Koli votes for Miggy

With 4 votes, Miggy is eliminated.

When she started the show, Miggy weighed 240lbs. Today, she weighs 179lbs. She looks pretty good but the shirt she's wearing doesn't do much for her. She is into meditating and says she has released a lot of negative energy that way. Nicole from Season 7 is going to Miggy's house to offer support. Nicole tells Miggy she should be proud. They workout together. Miggy is going to continue to train with Nicole in hopes of going from a size 14 to a size 5 by finale night.

Earlier in the show, Darrell was eliminated. When he started on the Biggest Loser campus, he weighed 413lbs. Today, he weighs 293lbs. He has lost 120lbs. He looks really good. His face is definitely a lot slimmer and he looks younger. He can now fit back into the jacket he wore when he met his wife 27 years ago. He hopes to reach his goal weight of 200lbs by the finale.

Next week, O'Neal joins the Blue Team. Jillian compares the two teams to David and Goliath. That's pretty much all we get. Stingy, stingy. I think I saw Shaun White in the preview though. Oh wait, never mind. I'm still having Olympic sized dreams. See you next week!