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Thread: 2/2 Biggest Loser Recap: Walking on Sunshine

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    2/2 Biggest Loser Recap: Walking on Sunshine

    It's the episode all 5 of us we've all been waiting for! It's been a month since the first two eliminated teams were sent home, and this week one of them is going to earn a spot back at the ranch! Will it be the Yellow Team or the Blue Team? Which team will be “lucky” enough to return to the daily beatings? Let's find out!

    The episode begins with Miggy expressing how she felt about last week's elimination. Yes folks, you read that right. EXPRESSING HOW SHE FELT? What the hell? I think I even see a tear or two in those stone cold eyes of her. The Grinch's heart grew three sizes that day... anywho. She says she really thought she was going to be the one going home and in her head she was already home. It's going to be hard to be away from her daughter. She goes back to her room and none of Migdalia's things are there. She is so upset that she starts to get abdominal pains in the middle of the night. The medical staff calls 911 because around 2:50am, Miggy gets lower abdominal pains and has to be taken by ambulance. Her body doesn't know how to handle these “feelings” she is having. It's rebelling!

    All the contestants meet in the living room, and Alison tells them that Miggy is at the hospital getting some tests run but she is okay. The contestants head outside to see two limos pulling up in the backyard. I bet you can't guess who is inside! That's right... the Yellow Team and the Blue Team! Mouths drop but everyone manages to clap and act happy. In other news, what the heck is Ali wearing? She has on a horrid green skirt that makes her look like a school marm that had a frog throw up on her. Ick.

    The teams walk to the gym, expecting to weigh in. Guess again, suckers! Bob and Jillian are standing there, ready to give them a killer Last Chance Workout. The teams don't do too horribly, all things considered. Next, it's time to weigh in. The team that makes it back onto the ranch will have a guaranteed two week stay on the ranch because they will have immunity this week. Also, the returning team will have the only vote at this week's elimination. Interesting. I hope it's the Yellow Team. I like them. Let's see who is coming back!

    Cherita: Starting 277/Current 253 (-24)
    Victoria: Starting 358/Current 319 (-39)
    Total: (-63) -9.92%

    Wow! That's amazing! The average weight loss in the house is -45lbs right now. Victoria isn't far off and she wasn't even at the ranch! Jillian is even blown away.

    Sunshine: Starting 275/Current 250 (-25)
    O'Neal: Starting 389/Current 338 (-51)
    Total: (-76) -11.45%

    Sheesh! They did even better than the Blue Team. Jillian appears truly shocked and is almost brought to tears. The Yellow Team earns their spot back on campus. They have a week of immunity and the only vote in this week's elimination. Let the ass kissing begin!

    The teams head to the gym and Jillian seems to be picking on Daris today. She screams at him a whole bunch. O'Neal thinks everyone in the house is super competitive and he's going to have to step it up. Bob works out with Melissa and even calls her baby. Ew. She's repulsive. *insert flashbacks of the trainers calling Melissa a liar* She cries, as in literally sulks, in the middle of the gym. Bob acts all sweetie pie to her and gives her a little pep talk. She lays on the workout bench doing some kind of leg exercise but screams like she's popping out a baby or something. She's scary. Bob says she has earned his respect back and he's going to push her. She cries uncontrollably again while Jillian is picking on Daris again. She thinks he has self-esteem issues and that he isn't really pushing himself because he's not losing big numbers.

    Daris says he isn't hitting his burn and he thinks it might be because he isn't doing as much. Here comes therapist Jillian! He says he's always been heavy and after awhile you just give up. He's always been the fat, funny guy who went home alone everyday. Awww. I love the fat, funny guy. Daris is going to be a hottie. I think he's already a cutie (sans the crazy hair of course). He thinks he has courage and confidence now because he's gotten this far. Jillian tells him to be the person he is on the ranch, not the person he was before.

    Since it's Super Bowl week, this week's challenge will have some kind of stupid football related theme. The contestants are in a field and there are different pieces of colored equipment. Each team has a piece of equipment with blocking pads. Their job is to alternate hitting each one. Stephanie is worried because she's such a girly girl and isn't really into hitting things. The first team to hit their tackling dummy 1,000 times will win the challenge. The winner of today's challenge wins immunity. The team that comes in last will receive a 2lb penalty. Only 1 person from each team will be competing. I'm guessing that's to make things more fair since we have three single teams already. Lance is competing for Red, Sam for Grey, Sherry for Pink, Daris for Orange, Sunshine for Yellow and Andrea for Black. This challenge seems easy in theory but it looks pretty tough. Grey and Red are winning (surprise) but the dark horse Italian Stallion Michael is catching up. It's close between Grey and White, but MICHAEL wins! Woo, go Michael! I think Miggy should get the 2lb disadvantage since she didn't participate. That seems only fair. Unfortunately, Sherry finishes last and gets the 2lb disadvantage for Pink.

    Back at the ranch, Miggy returns. Dr. H thought she was suffering from an appendicitis and she was then operated on. They took out her appendix, a cyst, and a mass. Wow. Talk about body damage from internalizing your feelings. She is only allowed to walk. That doesn't sound good for her.

    At 5:30am, Michael and Miggy are up walking together. She says she promises to do 20 miles. Michael doesn't want her to overdo it because he doesn't want Miggy to go home since he already lost his mom and Migdalia. I didn't realize those two were close. Miggy visits with Dr. H again and tells him she walked 13 miles the day after surgery. He says she has to eat a bit more and she can't do anything with major bending. During the surgery they put salt water inside her which is giving her an additional 8-9lbs. He says they can't immediately suck that out of her and she's going to have to deal with it and do the best she can. She is worried she's going to go home because of the salt water in her system. She doesn't think she can do it at home. She cries and cries. They must have given her a heart transplant while she was in there, too.

    It's time for the Last Chance Workout and Miggy cries as she tells Bob about the week she's had. Bob is worried she doesn't have the will to keep fighting. John is using the treadmill because Bob thinks he's ready to leave the pool. Jillian is screaming and pounding on Sunshine's treadmill. Bob is screaming, Jillian is screaming. There's a lot of yellin' up in there! Jillian catches Ashley slacking off on the treadmill and thinks that Ashley doesn't have any fire, she's just going through the motions. Sherry cries as she watches Jillian yell at Ashley. Ashley says she had to watch her father die in front of her face because he had cancer. Jillian takes Ashley outside for a little psych session. They cry it out and then all is well.

    Jillian asks everyone to jog for 5 minutes. Sunshine is a little apprehensive, but Stephanie cheers her on. Aww, I want them to be friends because I like them both. The girls encourage each other with Stephanie acting like a mini nice version of Jillian. Sunshine hasn't gone to this level at home yet but says it feels good. After the workouts, Bob does some Yoga with everyone. They reflect on themselves. I'm sure they are also reflecting on their smells. They are probably pretty rank after that workout!

    O'Neal and Stephanie talk and he says he's a game player. If he has to crush somebody or roll over somebody to get further, he'll do it. He says they need to be tough and he wants the confetti to fall on them at the end of the season.

    The contestants take the weekly Walk of Shame to the gym for the weigh-in. They are all nervous and scared like they are every week. Ali asks Miggy how she is doing and she says the day after surgery she walked 13 miles, then 18 the next day, and 14 the day after that. She says she will walk from there to Puerto Rico if she has to. Please do...and stay there! I do feel a little bad for Miggy this week since she's been through so much and I'm definitely glad she's okay, but I still wouldn't mind seeing her go. Let's check the results!

    Sunshine: Previous 250/Current 245 (-5)
    O'Neal: Previous 338/Current 333 (-5)
    Total: (-10) -1.70%
    Yellow has immunity

    Michael: Previous 456/Current 443 (-13) -2.85%
    If Michael loses 17lbs next week, he will break the record for fastest 100lb weight loss. He seems like a much happier guy. Michael has immunity.

    Ashley: Previous 326/Current 317 (-9)
    Sherry: Previous 186/Current 180 (-6)
    Total: (-15) with the disadvantage (-13) -2.54%

    Melissa: Previous 203/Current 198 (-5)
    Lance: Previous 318/Current 314 (-4)
    Total: (-9) -1.73%
    Melissa is disappointed in Lance. Of course she is.

    Cheryl: Previous 197/Current 194 (-3)
    Daris: Previous 295/Current 283 (-12)
    Total: (-15) -3.05%

    Stephanie: Previous 230/Current 225 (-5) -2.17%

    Sam: Previous 320/Current 310 (-10)
    Koli: Previous 341/Current 335 (-6)
    Total: (-16) -2.42%
    When this team talks and I close my eyes, I hear Sione and Filipe. They have very similar voices.

    Andrea: Previous 267/Current 262 (-5)
    Darrell: Previous 351/Current 343 (-8)
    Total: (-13) -2.10%

    Miggy: Previous 211/Current 206 (-5) -2.37%
    Wow, good for Miggy after everything she went through this week.

    John: Previous 427/Current 421 (-6) -1.41%
    Wow, you could just feel the hearts break in that gym when that number came up. I feel bad for John. Maybe he wasn't ready to leave the pool yet.

    Since a single person fell below the yellow line, there is no need for deliberation. The other teams offer some well wishes and everyone begins to cry. Sam and Koli call him their brother as they cry. Ugh, this is a tough one.

    When John started on the ranch, he was 484lbs. He is currently 380lbs. He looks good. He shaved his beard! Thank goodness! That thing was nasty. He is starting to participate in Jiu Jitsu. He and his brother James do martial arts together. James says now that John is home, the competition will definitely be fierce between them. By the finale, John hopes to be in the 200s and be working toward his first Jiu Jitsu belt.

    Next week, the contestants get to take a little field trip to the United State Olympic Training Center in Colorado. They will eat, sleep, and train right along with the best athletes in the country. The weigh-in is a bit different. Each person will weigh in as an individual and two people will be eliminated. Of course, there is a teaser that someone gains a pound and their weight goes up to 215lbs. Nobody is currently at 214lbs... so what is that all about? Three weeks ago Melissa was +1 and ended up at 215lbs. Some kind of flashback and foreshadowing at the same time? I guess we'll have to wait and see!
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    Re: 2/2 Biggest Loser Recap: Walking on Sunshine

    Nice recap...thanks!!

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    Re: 2/2 Biggest Loser Recap: Walking on Sunshine

    Great recap!

    What's not to like about Miggy? She's a fierce competitor! I don't think she and Melissa will end up best friends or anything, but she's a nice counterbalance to Melissa. And, nice to see Melissa crying/"coming-to-Bob" moment. Maybe it'll help her loose more weight.

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    Re: 2/2 Biggest Loser Recap: Walking on Sunshine

    Great Recap. My favorite line:

    They must have given her a heart transplant while she was in there, too.
    "Where you are today is where your mind put you. Where you'll be tomorrow is where your mind puts you." Billy Banks

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