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Thread: 1/26 Biggest Loser Recap: Ding Dong the Witch is Gone

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    1/26 Biggest Loser Recap: Ding Dong the Witch is Gone

    Hello and welcome back to another week of The Biggest Loser! For some reason, I'm actually looking forward to this week's episode. I really want to know what happens with that stinkin' Red Team. Even though I don't really like them, they have me intrigued. Does Melissa really lose as much weight as the preview last week leads us to believe? I doubt it. Nothing is ever as good as the dramatic buildup on this show. Let's see who makes Bob's forehead vein bulge this week!

    The show begins with Michael missing his mom and then we are shown flashbacks of everyone ragging on him for not working hard. He cries around that he thought he would do better than he actually did. Bob comes running in with a tissue to wipe Mike's tears. Okay, that last part didn't happen, but it very easily could.

    Ali informs the contestants that they are going to start the week with a Pop Challenge. For the first time in Pop Challenge history, a team can win immunity. But wait! With great power comes great responsibility! *cue dramatic music here* The winner of the PC will not only win immunity, but also three large envelopes containing things that could change the game. Each team has to run the “presidential mile” to a wall containing 100 key cards. They pick 1 card per team and run it back to the start where there is a machine. They stick the key in and if a green check comes up, they get a point. If a red x comes up, they don't get a point. The first team to get 3 points wins. This doesn't really require much skill, but okay. I guess running like 12 miles or so to start the week isn't bad. After a very close race, the Red Team wins. Excuse me, I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. Melissa is never going to try to lose any weight this season if her weight never counts!

    So the super annoying Red Team wins immunity and those three elusive envelopes. They get to open the envelopes and decide which team will get the “prizes” inside. The first envelope contains a “no access to gym” card, the second a “no elimination vote” card, and the third a “2lb disadvantage card”. They can give all three to one team if they want. That would be really mean. They claim they hate having this responsibility. Shyeah. They give the “no gym access” card to John. They claim it's because he can't really work out on the machines much anyway with his knee and this week he will be strictly working out in the pool. The “no elimination vote” card goes to Michael because they are afraid Michael is going to be voting out of revenge for the things people said to him last week. The “2lb disadvantage” goes to the Green Team. Melissa goes to explain but Miggy cuts them off by just saying “That's fine” and grabbing the card. Miggy is so pleasant, isn't she? She just radiates bitchery warmth and kindness.

    In the gym, Lance tells Jillian and Bob about the Pop Challenge. When he lets the cat out of the bag that Red has immunity, Jillian looks nervous/pissed. He tells the trainers that Green has the 2lb disadvantage and Miggy makes a smart remark and then calls Red out on their decision.

    Bob takes Melissa and Lance outside to “clear the air”. Melissa starts to cry about how Bob has been questioning her integrity and calling her a liar and it has really upset her. Get your boots on folks, because it's getting deep in here! Bob is ready to move on, but he isn't so sure things will go so smoothly with Jillian. Bob takes everyone outside to do lunges and yoga, while Lance stays inside to box with Jillian because he has a bad knee. Lance tells Jillian that he needs to move on and Jillian says she's all for manipulating the game a bit, but tells Lance they shouldn't lie about it. He says that Jillian called his wife a liar on “national freakin' television” and she says that because Melissa was lying. Lance says Melissa isn't going to lie but Jillian can't accept it. Lance says he has no respect for Jillian and that he can't work with her. He walks away.

    Jillian walks up to Bob, laughing like a crazy woman, and informs him that she won't be training the Red Team anymore. Melissa volunteers to box with Jillian, and they get into a discussion about Melissa's “lying” antics. Jillian hates that Melissa is treating her like she's stupid. Melissa swears on God, her children's lives, etc. that she wasn't lying. Jillian can't accept it and Melissa starts crying and getting mad and asks Jillian to fix her. Jillian says she will still work with her but she won't ever believe Melissa wasn't lying.

    In the Red Team room, Melissa asks Lance if the two of them can just leave the past in the past and continue to work with Jillian. He wants to only work with Bob, but says he will do what she wants. So I guess the Red Team is back on the Jillian bandwagon.

    This week's challenge is a crazy looking one. The contestants walk onto a boat dock and see a crazy apparatus with ropes and chains and all kinds of stuff. Each team has a cage that is attached to a rope. Each team has to use the rope to lift themselves 120ft into the air to the top of a crane. The only way to get there is under their own power. The first team to reach the top wins. The team that wins the challenge wins phone calls from home. Apparently the theme this week is “with great power comes great responsibility”, so the challenge winner also will receive phone calls home to give out to 3 other teams.

    The challenge looks pretty tough and a lot of teams are struggling. Midway through the competition, Grey is in the lead followed by... Red. Yep, that damn Red Team. They are like a rash that won't go away. It's neck and neck until the end, but Grey emerges victorious. They give the other 3 phone calls to the Red Team (ick), the Green Team (ick), and the Brown guy John. I agree with John because he's been alone there for awhile and has a baby boy at home. The other two... eww. I'll spare you the details of the calls, but you know they were filled with tears and excitement and all that jazz. I think I may have seen Migdalia cry. She probably just had some dust in her eye, but it might have been an actual human tear. An emotionless robot that cries human tears. Amazing.

    Bob wants to take the contestants to Subway for a delicious, nutritious lunch. He reminds them if they get double meat, they get double protein. After they eat, he says the Last Chance Workout is going to be a surprise. He takes them to a path on a hill and tells them they are going to the top. It's nice they are working outside for a change. Jillian never seems to go on these Subway/exercise excursions. Michael is lagging behind, but still putting forth a good effort. When the players get back down the hill, Jillian is there waiting. Bob tells her to kill them. I think that's an unspoken reality with Jillian all of the time. You don't have to tell her twice. Some contestants get into wheelbarrows while other contestants push them. Daris is trying to push Lance in a wheelbarrow up a hill and the wheelbarrow tips backwards. Koli tries to push Sam up the hill in the wheelbarrow but they keep falling over. Jillian tells them it's nearly impossible, but they try again and succeed. The contestants are passing rocks around and carrying rocks across a field. They do some army crawls, squats, and other outside exercises. I like watching them work outside instead of just being on equipment. That was an entertaining last chance workout.

    At the weigh-in, Alison asks Miggy if she thinks game play was involved when Melissa gave Green the 2lb disadvantage. Miggy thinks there absolutely was and that Melissa has been playing all along. Which team will fall below the yellow line this week? Let's find out!

    Melissa: Previous 214/Current 203 (-11)
    Lance: Previous 324/Current 318 (-6)
    Total: (-17) -3.16%
    Red has immunity.

    Michael: Previous 471/Current 456 (-15) -3.18%

    Andrea: Previous 272/Current 267 (-5)
    Darrell: Previous 361/Current 351 (-10)
    Total: (-15) -2.37%

    Cheryl: Previous 203/Current 197 (-6)
    Daris: Previous 301/Current 295 (-6)
    Total: (-12) -2.38%

    Ashley: Previous 333/Current 226 (-7)
    Sherry: Previous 190/Current 186 (-4)
    Total: (-11) -2.10%

    John: Previous 437/Current 427 (-10) -2.29%

    Sam: Previous 334/Current 320 (-14)
    Koli: Previous 353/Current 341 (-12)
    Total: (-26) -3.78%

    Stephanie: Previous 236/Current 230 (-6) -2.54%

    They walk up to the scale and stand arms crossed with scowls
    Migdalia: Previous 237/Current 233 (-4)
    Miggy: Previous 212/Current 211 (-1)
    Total: (-5) -.67%

    They make some comments toward the Red Team. The Red Team wants to make it known that the 2lbs didn't even matter. The Green Team says it helped but Melissa shakes her head. Migdalia tells her to shut up and the bicker back and forth. Migdalia starts to cry and Miggy tells her to stop. Jillian says that if they are stressed their bodies will retain fluids. I'm not that broken up that one of the stone statues is going to be going home.

    Back in the house, Migdalia says she wants to go home and that's that. She says she has her kids and her husband. She reminds Stephanie that Green voted out Steph's mom when asked. She is very sassy. Migdalia wasn't even nice about it. She is a bitch. Ugh. Good riddance. The Green Team walks out of the living room area and Melissa of course speaks up. She says that Miggy is the one who causes the drama and is negative. Hmm. I'll be glad to see either one go really.

    Did the house vote how Green Team wanted them to? The votes are in..

    Melissa and Green Team exchange words once again. Red votes for Miggy.
    Orange votes for Migdalia
    Pink votes for Migdalia
    Purple votes for Migdalia
    Grey votes for Miggy
    Brown votes for Miggy
    Black votes for Migdalia

    With 4 votes, Migdalia is eliminated. She hugs her mother and leaves. She doesn't acknowledge anyone else. She says she is proud of herself. She says next time we see her she will be 140lbs and a sexy mommy.

    When Migdalia first started the show, she weighed 265lbs. Now, she weighs 219lbs. When she first got home, she gained 10lbs because there were so many things going on. She says things are tough because she doesn't get to talk to her husband a lot and her kids miss him. She says she loves herself again and doesn't hate looking in the mirror. She even smiled a bit. Yes, that was a smile. Do I feel a chill? Because I think hell just froze over. She plans on running a marathon with her husband when he returns from Afghanistan.

    Next week, either the Yellow Team or Blue Team is going to return to the show. Something happens that 911 is called for a contestant. Also, Ali announces at the weigh-in that they won't need a deliberation so people should say what they need to say. Hmm. Does that mean someone partnerless gets eliminated? They like to play tricks with us. I can only hope it's Miggy that gets eliminated. I'm over her and her nastiness. Come on back next week because I'll be back once again with all the latest happenings in Loserville!
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    Re: 1/26 Biggest Loser Recap: Ding Dong the Witch is Gone

    That title should probably have been "one of the witches is gone"...I think I've never been so uncomfortable watching TBL. It reminded me of some of the trashier romance shows. Great recap though.

    I'm really puzzled as to what happened to the Green team.... I happened to watch the shows out of order due to having been away, saw the first episode after this last one, and could not believe the happy smiling Green team, who didn't even try to game the immunity, just tried to lose weight. Even red Melissa wasn't so snarky. I wonder if we didn't see some crucial interaction that changed their mood so dramatically.
    I do understand why Migdalia wanted to go home...would I miss what might be my last days ever with my husband for even the chance to lose weight on TBL? Even with the goal of making sure the kids had at least one living parent? Probably not. Especially since the whole thing was becoming so unpleasant.
    Re Miggy, I think on reason she's so stoic and doesn't want her daughter to let others see her cry is her experience as a policewoman; you don't get to be an award winning policewoman if you burst into tears when things get tough, you have to cover it up. Meanwhile Jillian, and to a lesser extent Bob, don't seem to feel you have found the reason you eat unless you start sobbing it out.
    I really dislike how Melissa just kept beaming at the Green teams as they came down the steps. Very gloating and not the least nice.

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    Re: 1/26 Biggest Loser Recap: Ding Dong the Witch is Gone

    Quote Originally Posted by AshleyPSU;3811839;
    She just radiates bitchery warmth and kindness.
    She sure does.

    The sad thing is the in post vote interview with Migdalia was smiling and actually looked pretty. I think her mom should have gone and she might have opened up more. I know, Pollyanna much?
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    Re: 1/26 Biggest Loser Recap: Ding Dong the Witch is Gone

    I think the title of the recap should read: Ding is gone, is Dong far behind?
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    Re: 1/26 Biggest Loser Recap: Ding Dong the Witch is Gone


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    Re: 1/26 Biggest Loser Recap: Ding Dong the Witch is Gone

    Is BL only one for one hour this week? In TV listings, it shows the first hour as a repeat?

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    Re: 1/26 Biggest Loser Recap: Ding Dong the Witch is Gone

    No, it goes until 11 instead of just until 10, basically it's a solid 3 hours of TBL 2 of which are new.
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