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Thread: 1/12/10 Biggest Loser Recap: Gaining Weight and Seeing Red

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    1/12/10 Biggest Loser Recap: Gaining Weight and Seeing Red

    It's another week of The Biggest Loser (I feel like I've been typing that for about two years straight). Oh wait... I think I have! Last week's premiere was a sad one due to the fact that the twins were split up and 2 teams were “sent home” right off the bat. I already have my favorites and my not-so-favorites. In case you care, the Purple Team and Black Team are my favorites right now and the Red Team is my not-so-favorite. I'm curious how this season is going to shake out. Is it going to be the feel good, warm and fuzzy, puppies and rainbows and kittens, wussy do the right thing season we just finished? Or is it going to be cut throat, game play, the kind of season I love, and full of personal strategy? Who knows. I'm forced to watch either way!

    Last week's eviction still has John down in the dumps. He wants to do this not only for himself, but also for his brother now. Right away, Jillian is kicking ass in the gym. She's screaming at Ashley and commenting that she is going to be the hell out of them this week. Bobby Boy is there too. Both trainers comment about the “Week 2 Curse”. Stephanie doesn't feel like the workouts are getting any easier. She says she still aches from Week 1. Bob focuses on huuuuge Michael. Uh oh, could this be Bob's new man crush? He does like those dark haired boys. Although, one would think he'd go for the Tongans given his previous affection toward Sione and Filipe. Bob tells him he is going to do whatever he can to help Michael, and Michael kisses him. Bob giggles and gets a creepy smile on his face. Yep, Bob is smitten.

    Jillian is worried about John and says he isn't performing how she wants him to. She is going to beat him until his walls come down. She wants to beat him to the point where he can no longer hold in his feelings. *insert Jillian's psych session here*

    Everyone gathers in the living room where Dr. H is waiting. He reports that this season's bunch is the most unhealthy he's ever seen on the show. They have more risk for health problems than any other group. He wants to catch each person before something irreversible happens. Dr. H gives each team an envelope with a message on it. The White Team's envelope says “Watch a normal weight man simulate your weight”. Michael and his mom walk outside to find Bob and Dr. H. Michael has 303 extra pounds of fat, so Bob puts weights on to simulate it. He says he is miserable. Michael feels embarrassed. They hug. Awww. Bob and his new manfriend.

    The Purple Team's message is to watch a special message about how their health is hurting others beside themselves. Dr. H shows them a video from their home. The Red Team has to find out their true cost of being overweight. Lance can no longer be a commercial diver because of his weight, which has affected his family's financial situation negatively. Dr. H opens a truck that contains 3 million dollars. That is the money that will be lost over the course of the Red Teams lives. The Orange Team's message is to watch how your old unhealthy diet affects a healthy person. Jillian is waiting in the kitchen with some covered trays of food. Jillian has to sit and eat a meal similar to that of what the Orange Team would have eaten in a whole day in the past. Jillian looks absolutely appalled as she eats a huge burrito of some sort. She eats nachos and spits them out. She lectures them about checking out supermarkets and farmers' markets rather than doing what is convenient. I guess we don't get to see what happened with the other teams. Okay then.

    It's challenge time, and this time it's a water challenge of some sort. The contestants file out to the pool and Ali informs them of the rules. Each team has a balance beam 3 and ½ inches wide and 40 feet across the pool. Each team needs to take 10 beach balls across their balance beam and get back safely. If someone falls, they need to restart. The winning team gets immunity. The losing team will get a 2lb penalty at the weigh-in this week. Oooo, switchin' it up, NBC! I guess they are giving the teams incentive to actually try to finish once the challenge is won. Patti is scared because she has bad balance due her foot problems caused by Diabetes. Maria hates water and doesn't know how to swim. Melissa falls in the water first, followed by several other people. Orange Team gets a ball across first. Maria has a panic attack the moment she steps out onto the beam. The Black Team is ready to win buuut... Andrea falls into the water. Whoops. Red Team catches up and wins. Immunity fell into the pool along with Andrea. Sorry sister. Red Team wins immunity. Boo. Black comes in 2nd, Orange comes in 3rd. Poor John has to do this challenge on his own. Michael is pretty much doing it on his own also since his mom is freaking out every time she steps onto the beam. She falls off the beam onto the platform and gets a super bloody nose. I mean it's gushing all over the place. Yuck. Her arm and hand are just covered. I think she hurt her arm too. My goodness. She feels like she is going to faint and they take her in the ambulance to the hospital. The White Team can't complete the challenge, so they receive the 2lb disadvantage. Maria has a black eye and a fractured finger. She is still in pain and feels like she's been run over.

    In the gym, Jillian gives Maria a little pep talk and tries to get her to get into the pool. It's pouring outside, and Jillian makes Maria get into the pool and float with her. Jillian is holding onto her and Maria is starting to get nervous. Jillian better be careful, Maria could squash her like a bug. Maria, black eye and all, swims in the pool with a little floaty noodle. Yay Maria! This whole scenario is kind of silly, but I've come to expect it. You watch ridiculous shows, you get ridiculous scenes like this. I'm a glutton for punishment I guess.

    The Black Team meets with Dr. H and he can't wait to show off his fancy new toys. He has some 3D video model of their bodies where the fat is shown in white. Yes, we know they are fat. They know they are fat. Here a fat, there a fat, everywhere a fat fat. Orange Team Cheryl's real age is 51, but her “inner age” is 75. Ashley's (Pink Team) real age is 27 but her inner age is 57. Dr. H also reveals that Ashley is diabetic and she didn't even know. That's kind of sad.

    It's time for the last chance workout, and it's the same old routine. Jillian looks goofy with an NYPD hat and some kind of 80s looking sweatshirt on. She says she'd rather stick needles in her eyes than do a last chance workout on Week 2. I'm sure some of these contestants feel the same way. The Red Team thinks they will take it easy this week since they have immunity. Melissa says she's going to “sandbag” a bit this week because she doesn't have to lose 8lbs, she can only lose 2 or 3 and be good. We have some game players in the house! Bob yells at Ashley again. She kind of reminds me of Miss Piggy. Jillian is on one side of the rope and puts Ashley on the other. Ashley can't even pull Jillian. Jillian weighs as much as Ashley's right thigh. Eventually Ashley does pull Jillian, but she was sitting down while doing it. Ashley thinks everyone sees her as the weak link, but then she spews one of the funniest lines I've heard thus far on the show.

    Ashley: “But I'm going to creep up like a ninja on their asses!”

    The contestants file into the gym for the weekly weigh-in. Everyone is weighing in as a team except for John. If he falls below the yellow line himself, he will automatically be eliminated. Red Team has immunity, so they will go first.

    Red Team:
    Lance: Previous 344/Current 336 (-8)
    Melissa: Previous 214/Current 215 (+1)
    Total: (-7) -1.25%
    Melissa admits to “playing with her weight” a little bit this week. Bob is pissed when people do this when they have immunity. The vein in his head bulges a little bit. I hate when people waterload or whatever they do when they have immunity, but I guess it's all part of the game.

    Gray Team:
    Hey look, they are still on the show! We've barely seen them this episode. They don't even know what the Week 2 curse is because they don't really watch the show.
    Sam: Previous 354/Current 345 (-9)
    Koli: Previous 374/Current 366 (-8)
    Total: (-17) -2.34%

    Pink Team:
    Ashley: Previous 253/Current 345 (-8)
    Sherry: Previous 201/Current 196 (-5)
    Total: (-13) -2.35%

    Green Team:
    Migdalia: Previous 249/Current 245 (-4)
    Miggy: Previous 227/Current 219 (-8)
    Total: (-12) -2.52%

    Purple Team:
    Patti: Previous 220/Current 216 (-4)
    Stephanie: Previous 246/Current 243 (-3)
    Total: (-7) -1.50%

    Orange Team:
    Cheryl: Previous 213/Current 210 (-3)
    Daris: Previous 317/Current 310 (-7)
    Total: (-10) -1.89%

    Brown Team:
    Is it just me or does John look like a lollipop or PEZ dispenser? He huge and marshmallowy on top and then a skinny base on the bottom.
    John: Previous 461/Current 451 (-10) -2.17%

    Black Team:
    Andrea: Previous 284/Current 279 (-5)
    Darrell: Previous 383/Current 373 (-10)
    Total: (-15) -2.25%
    Yay! I heart the Black Team!

    White Team:
    Maria: Previous 268/Current 258 (-10)
    Michael: Previous 492/Current 481 (-11)
    Total: (-21) -2.50%
    What happened to the 2lb disadvantage? Did it just happen to go missing? Wake up, producers!

    The Purple Team falls below the yellow line. Awww, they are one of my favorite teams. Patti asks everyone to vote her off and let her daughter stay. She says she has the support at home and her daughter doesn't. Stephanie asks for everyone to keep her because she can't do it at home.

    I think I know how this is going to go, but let's check the votes anyway!

    Brown votes for Patti
    Pink votes for Patti
    White votes for Patti
    Gray votes for Patti
    Red votes for Patti

    With 5 votes and many kind words, Patti is eliminated. I like Patti. I think she'll do well at home. She says next time we see her, she will be a hot senior citizen. That makes me chuckle.

    When Patti arrived at the ranch, she weighed 243lbs. She now weighs 200lbs. She looks good! Her daughter works out with her everyday at the gym. She takes dance lessons with her husband. She ran a 5k on Thanksgiving morning together with her family. That's sweet. Dr. H visits her and reveals that instead of the 9 medicines she previously was on, she only on 1 now. Her cholesterol is better and she only needs 1 medication now. By the finale, Patti hopes to completely get rid of her diabetes and be on no medication.

    Next week, only one person from each team will represent the team and weigh in. This is the only weight that will count for the team. Oh la la! I like this twist! The preview makes it look like Melissa weighs in for the Red Team and only loses 1 pound. I bet she has immunity again next week and throws the weigh-in because Bob and Jillian are flipping their lids again. I can't wait! I love the vein in Bob's head!
    Wake up and be awesome

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    Re: 1/12/10 Biggest Loser Recap: Gaining Weight and Seeing Red

    You crack me up with your recaps

    This is great!!!

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    Re: 1/12/10 Biggest Loser Recap: Gaining Weight and Seeing Red


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    Re: 1/12/10 Biggest Loser Recap: Gaining Weight and Seeing Red

    It is so nice to see Bob fall in love every season.
    No goat killers on my island.

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    Re: 1/12/10 Biggest Loser Recap: Gaining Weight and Seeing Red

    He likes the dark guys and the blonde girls...

    Great recap as usual. I did a little math though.... Patti's only lost another 16 lbs. since she left the ranch...better speed it up Patti if you want to be hot for the finale! Not that 16 is bad...but, given her departure was filmed months ago....

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