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Thread: Season 9 Victoria and Cherita - Mother & Daughter

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    Season 9 Victoria and Cherita - Mother & Daughter

    Vicky has struggled with her weight since she was a very young girl. Although she grew up in a home where she and her younger brother were encouraged to dream big, work hard and never quit, she has not been able to conquer obesity. Being beautiful on the inside is not enough for Vicky. She wants to wow the world with her beauty, brains and brawn, and she knows that begins with her commitment to being healthy and fit.

    Cherita: Fifty and fabulous! That's how Cherita feels on the inside, but at 277 pounds, Cherita feels trapped inside her large body. She's been waiting for years to come out of her shell, but has put herself aside to concentrate on husband, children, home and career. She gained weight over the years because she was so busy taking care of everyone else. She wants to lose the weight so that she can spend the next 50 years fulfilling all the passions she has set aside in the first half of her life. Cherita has overcome cancer and now at age 50, she wants to prove that women at any age can lose weight.

    The Team: Cherita and Vicky are fierce competitors with hearts of gold. They come from a very close and loving family, but also a family with a history of diabetes, heart disease, obesity, stroke and cancer. Vicky and Cherita are committed to changing the legacy of their family from one of premature deaths and disease to one of health, vitality and long life.
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    Re: Season 9 Victoria and Cherita - Mother & Daughter

    I like them. I don't think they will make it far.

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