It's finally the episode we've all been waiting for. We've been faithful Biggest Loser watchers, sitting through an hour and a half of filler only to see 30 minutes of real content week in and week out. We've seen hours of workouts, endless amounts of tears, and one of the nicest batch of contestants I can remember for quite some time. I must say I have really enjoyed this season. Maybe it was because last season was so horrible. Who knows. I'm excited to see how everybody looks and to see how much weight they've lost. Okay, I'm done rambling... on with my very last Biggest Loser recap of 2009!

The show begins with Ali, in a very tight red dress, welcoming everyone to the live finale. Guess what? It's time for yet another montage of the season! My goodness. How many times do we have to see their “journeys”? We watched the season, stop punishing us! After the montage, a wall is lifted and out comes the oh so famous Biggest Loser scale.

Amanda and Liz are brought on stage to see which of them is going to make the Final 3. Amanda looks pretty good, but she still has thick legs. I know I'm probably being picky, but her legs do look very trunk-like. Her face looks a lot thinner and her dress and hair are beautiful. Liz comes out wearing a conservative top and a knee length skirt. She looks pretty good, but I'm not super impressed. The player moving on to face Danny and Rudy in the finals is... Amanda? Really? Hmm... I got the impression that more people were fans of Liz, but oh well. I betcha Bobby boy had a hand in that.

It's time for the 13 at-home contestants to make their appearances and weigh-in. I'll list them with my opinions after each name. Enjoy.

Antoine– Looks really good! He's a real cutie. He looks like he lost a lot of weight.
Starting weight 367/Current weight 215 (-152) -41.42%

Alexandra- Okay, but her dress is definitely not flattering at all. She kind of looks like Jordin Sparks from afar.
Starting weight 309/Current weight 218 (-91) -29.45%

Sean- Not that spectacular of a transformation in my opinion, but he still has that adorable baby face!
Starting weight 444/Current weight 289 (-155) -34.91%

Julio- I forgot who he was and it looks like a dead animal died on his face. Muscular arms and looks pretty good.
Starting weight 407/Current weight 227 (-180) -44.23%

Julio is in the lead for the at-home prize.

Sean's wife had a baby a month ago and they named her Jillian. How cute. Alexandra and Antoine talk about how they couldn't have done it without each other and how they leaned on each other the whole way.

Before anyone else is introduced, Bob and Jillian come out on stage. Jillian has on some killer boots and is actually wearing makeup. Bob thinks Shay spoke to America.

The next group of at-home contestants is introduced:

Coach Mo- He looks really good and a lot younger!
Starting weight 355/Current weight 263 (-92) -25.92%

Dina- Dina looks pretty good but her outfit is horrendous.
Starting weight 253/Current weight 174 (-79) -31.23%

Abby- WOOOOOW!! She doesn't even look like the same person from afar. She looks absolutely amazing. Holy man.
Starting weight 247/Current weight 147 (-100) -40.49%

Tracey- Another stunning transformation. She looks like a completely different woman and is half the size she used to be. Wow, I can't believe it. Her dress is a purple silk dress. The 80s prom queen called, she wants her dress back. Tracey looks a lot older and looks like she has wrinkles now. I'm not a fan of her transformation. I think she looked prettier with more weight on her bones. Now she looks stacked like a man.
Starting weight 250/Current weight 132 (-118) -47.20%

Tracey is now in the lead.

The final round of players are ready for their big reveals.

Shay- Shay looks really good for how big she originally was. I can tell she's happy. Dr. H informs her she has gained 13 full years of life.
Starting weight 476/Current weight 304 (-172) -36.13%

Daniel- He looks amazing. He has definitely lost a lot of weight. Good for him. Dr. H informs him that he has gained 23 years of life statistically.
Starting weight 312/Current weight 201 (-111) -35.58%

Rebecca- Ummm. Hmm. Rebecca has a really, really short dress on and she also has really, really short blonde hair. Yikes, that dress is horrible and so is that hair. You can tell she's lost a decent amount of weight and she's rockin' some super muscular arms.
Starting weight 279/Current weight 140 (-139) -49.82%

Rebecca is now in the lead.

Allen- Yay Allen! He was one of my favorites. He looks trim and very handsome.
Starting weight 325/Current weight 209 (-116) -35.69%

Liz- Starting weight 267/Current weight 176 (-91) -34.09%

Rebecca wins the $100,000 at-home prize!!

Wait... there is more! Alison has a surprise for Shay. Subway wants to invite Shay back to Season 9's finale. For every pound that Shay loses, Subway is going to give her $1,000. She will write her own check in May 2010 at the Season 9 finale. Subway is also going to give her all the subs she wants. Watch out Jared... here comes Shay!

Now that we have all of the eliminated contestants out of the way, let's focus on those Final 3! *insert video montage here*

After a commercial break, we are back to find Antoine standing on stage with a box in his head. Alison announces that it is a night full of surprises. Alexandra walks over to him and he gets down on one knee and proposes to her. They both cry and she happily accepts. Awwww. They kiss for an awkwardly long time. How cute.

There's also a little announcement about the pound for pound challenge. Since Biggest Loser started the mission a year ago, over 3.5 million pounds have been pledged. Bob helped with the “Wake Up to Hunger” program sponsored by General Mills.

Erin from last year's finale announces that she has lost 70lbs. Wonderful... moving on.

Okay, back to the Final 3. Amanda is already on stage because we know what she looks like from the beginning of the show. Rudy is next to come out. He looks really good and really happy. Danny is the last one out and he looks absolutely amazing! He looks like a completely different man. He has definitely lost a lot of weight and his face really even looks different. Wow. He says he doesn't even get recognized in his town because he looks so different.

Before the final weigh-in, we are treated to a sneak peek of next season. It appears that at the beginning of the season, each contestant has to weigh-in in front of all of their friends and family. It's another Biggest Loser Couples season! It premieres on January 5th. Jeez, they don't even give us a full month off.

Now it's FINALLY, yes finally for real, time for the weigh-in. Danny decides the order. Here we go!!

Starting weight 250/Current weight 163 (-87) -34.80%

Starting weight 442/Current weight 208 (-234) -52.94%
Umm... wow. That's awesome.

Starting weight 430/Current weight 191 (-239) -55.58%

Danny wins!! Wow, these numbers blow me away. Congratulations to everyone this season.

Well, as if you aren't sick enough of me already, it looks like I'll be seeing you again shortly. As in less than a month. Until then, have a Happy Holiday season everyone!