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Thread: 12/1 Biggest Loser Recap: What's Pink and Brown and Kissing America's Ass?

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    12/1 Biggest Loser Recap: What's Pink and Brown and Kissing America's Ass?

    Welcome back fellow Loser fans! It's time to stop thinking about turkey, pumpkin pie, stuffing, and all of the other yummy foods you ate over the Thanksgiving holiday. It's time to start thinking once again about Tofurky, green beans, and low fat cottage cheese! It's the final episode before the live finale! Wooo hoo!! Can you tell I'm excited? I will say that this season seems to have gone a lot faster than others. The contestants are going to be heading home this week and we will get to find out how they did while off the ranch! Who is going to make it to the live finale? I'm here with the scoop (and you don't have to sit through 2 hours of filler to get it!)

    After a 5 minute montage of each contestant's journey on the ranch (I feel like we are going to see a lot of those tonight), we are back to the contestants sitting at the elimination table after Allen was eliminated last week. Alison informs them that they will be going home for 60 days and will be returning for their final weigh in to see who is going to make it to the finale.

    Here's a rundown of each contestant's return home:


    Danny tells his wife he wants to renew their vows.


    Rudy's wife talks to him about his sister's death and how he needs to keep going with his progress. Rudy's wife is really pretty.


    Liz admits that she has problems in her marriage and that she was bitter and resentful when she left. She claims she is a changed person and she doesn't want to live “just getting' by” everyday. She tells her husband they don't have the adventure and fun they used to and her husband tells her that he wants her to fall in love with him again.


    Amanda wonders when the “honeymoon period” of being home is going to end and when real life is going to begin again.

    All of the contestants receive a package from The Biggest Loser. Inside is a video of Bob and Jillian offering up some words of encouragement. Bob and Jillian also show each contestant a picture of their former self. That's only about the millionth time we've seen the Week 1 pictures. Bob continues his Amanda love with a sweet product placement for chewing gum. He wants her to control her cravings and make it all the way. He tells her that she has “it” and America chose her for a reason. I'm not sure what “it” is, but if he means she is an annoying whiny crybaby, then yep, she has “it”.

    Bob and Jillian call each contestant after they are finished watching their DVDs. What's the big news? You guessed it! Each contestant is going to run a marathon!! Who cares that they don't have proper training? Let's run 26.2 miles!! Before getting off the phone with Amanda, Bob tells her that he loves her. Gag. The sordid love affair continues.

    Curtis Stone arrives at Danny's house because Danny won last week's weigh-in. Curtis is going to cook for Danny's family and show them how to make healthy meals. They make healthy baked potatoes.

    Jillian and Bob plan to surprise the contestants by going to visit each person in their hometown to check in on the progress being made. At least that's why Bob claims he is going to visit Amanda. Me thinks he has been missing a little secret lovin'. Bob and Jillian both seem impressed by what they see. Jillian thinks Liz must be lonely because her husband is only home on the weekends. Still playing psychologist, Jillian asks Danny's wife if she is feeling left out and feeling like Danny doesn't need her. She says she doesn't know but then admits that she needs more validation. Danny's wife looks a bit like Tracey. Rudy tells Bob that his kids are having trouble letting him do things because they are afraid he is going to leave again. After the “counseling” sessions, Bob and Jillian work out with the contestants.

    Amanda wants her family and friends to meet the man she is in love with, so Bob happily obliges. Amanda has a surprise for Bob. The girl who didn't win America's vote on the finale last year pops out, 42lbs lighter! Of course she went to the Biggest Loser Fitness Ridge or whatever the hell it's called. Oh look! A delicious Subway lunch! Cha-Ching.... Bob just earned a few thousand in a few seconds.

    Everyone flies back to Los Angeles for the big culminating moment of the entire season... a marathon! Alison is waiting at the start line to offer her compliments and encouragement. She announces that when each person crosses the finish line, they will receive $10,000 to go to a charity of their choice. Danny and Liz run a majority of the marathon together. Aww. I kind of want them to hook up. As Liz and Danny poke along, Tara from Season 7 flies into the picture. She helps inspire them to begin to run again rather than walk. At Mile 13, Rudy runs into Dina, his old Blue Team partner. She is going to run with him. Who is Amanda's surprise guest? Bob!! No, I'm kidding. It's her best friend Brian. He is going to run with her. As she runs, Amanda begins to cry. Shocking, yes I know. She cries that she is in so much pain and she doesn't know if she can do it. Tara pops into the picture to offer some encouragement to Amanda. When Liz and Danny get to Mile 13, their spouses are waiting for them. Danny has severe hip and knee pain and really doesn't think he is going to be able to finish. At Mile 25, Bob is waiting for Rudy. Rudy is first to finish with a time of 5:12:41. Go Rudy!! Helen (who looks especially ragged) and cutie pie Mikey from last season are waiting at the finish to cheer on the contestants. Amanda finishes next with a time of 5:28:27. At Mile 16, Danny says he has to walk but he thinks he should quit. Liz encourages him and they keep moving. They whisper sweet nothings to each other over the course of the last few miles. Sticking together from beginning to end, Danny and Liz finish the marathon side-by-side, arm-in-arm with a time of 6:55:22.

    It's time for the last weigh-in at the ranch. The contestants file into the gym one last time, eager to see who is going to make it to the finale. The top 2 percentages advance to the finale. The bottom 2 people will be in danger of elimination unless, of course, America chooses to save them. America will get to vote for the 3rd and final person to make it to the finale.

    Liz: Previous 198/Current 182 (-16) -8.08%
    Total weight lost: 85lbs

    Amanda: Previous 186/Current 170 (-16) -8.60%
    Total weight lost: 80lbs

    Danny: Previous 288/Current 229 (-59) -20.49%
    Total weight lost: 201lbs

    Rudy: Previous 296/Current 253 (-43) -14.53%
    Total weight lost: 189lbs

    Danny and Rudy are definitely in the finals. It's going to be Amanda vs. Liz, woman vs. woman, competing for the last spot in the finals. This is sort of ironic. America voted Amanda onto the show, should we vote her off the show now? She does kind of get on my nerves, but so does Liz.

    Both women get the chance to plead their cases to America. Liz knows she has it in her to win the competition. Amanda wants to finish what she has started. Liz is the oldest female to ever make it to the Final 4 and if we vote for her, she'll be the oldest contestant to ever make it into the Final 3. Sheesh, it sounds like she cares more about being put into the record books than having a shot at the money.

    Next week, it's the live season finale! We will find out America's Choice in the first 5 minutes of the show. Will it be Amanda or Liz? Will Bob and Amanda finally admit their undying love for one another? Will there be lots of blinding confetti as soon as the winner is announced? Tune in to find out!
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    Re: 12/1 Biggest Loser Recap: What's Pink and Brown and Kissing America's Ass?

    Perfect recap! Thank you for this season of recaptural bliss!

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