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Thread: 12/1 Discussion thread..."spoilers"

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    Re: 12/1 Discussion thread..."spoilers"

    Quote Originally Posted by mandmmom2;3760906;
    I agree Jexter. I think bringing the spouses to campus for a week or two will show them what they go through. It may help them understand more. Of course those with little ones will have to find sitters so that may not be an option but something to ponder on for the show. I would think that some of the couples would need therapy after the spouse returns home form being gone so long. The spouse left at home will probably have some resentment towards the one that went to the ranch....for many reasons....then you have to one on the ranch coming home and having to make some tough decisions not to mention changed physically and emotionally. Just a lot to think about and deal with.
    Something should be done to help with the spouses, for sure. However, sometimes things are beyond their help.

    Liz apparently had marital problems before she left. Lots of women live (quite happily) with husbands who travel a lot, and lots of people choose to live in the country. If she's not happy with those things, that has nothing to do with her weight loss or the BL - it's a pre-existing problem that she and her hubby need to deal with.

    Danny, OTOH, has a big problem. I felt sorry for his wife. She's overweight too, and here she's been at home caring for their two children while he's bettering himself. Not only that, but now that he's home, she's expected to be very accommodating to make sure he gets his workouts in. When both spouses are overweight, especially if there are young children, I'm not sure if the BL is really such a great thing. Danny is dealing with his new weight and trying to maintain his new eating and exercise habits. His wife is dealing with the fear that Danny might think he can do better than her now that he's lost so much weight. At the same time, she's trying to support him, but she has gotten no support or help at all, and her life hasn't changed. I think I'd be a total b*tch in her situation, tbh. Isn't there a way that they could have helped them both? Then they'd be on the same page, and more capable of helping and supporting each other once TBL is all over.

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    Re: 12/1 Discussion thread..."spoilers"

    Quote Originally Posted by sjjmom;3761737;
    Isn't there a way that they could have helped them both? Then they'd be on the same page, and more capable of helping and supporting each other once TBL is all over.
    and, welcome to biggest loser season 9 - couples!

    perhaps this very idea is what led them to start with some of the couples seasons.

    however, while i can see your point, i think if it's a change you really WANT to make, then you begin the change while your spouse is away. the biggest loser isn't a huge secret - eat healthier and exercise. there are changes that a spouse can make at home that, while they certainly won't have the drastic changes achieved on the ranch, certainly will yield some weight loss in the time the partner is gone. if danny and his wife could afford for him to be gone for so long, they could afford a piece or two of home gym equipment. while she might not turn into a five star chef overnight, she could certainly make small changes to the family diet like substituting french fries with a green vegetable, replacing potato chips with fruit, etc. she didn't HAVE to stay the same weight while he was gone.

    i remember a past contestant (i am nearly certain it was pete) whose wife lost 40 pounds while he was on the ranch. if the spouse wants to change, i believe they can

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    Re: 12/1 Discussion thread..."spoilers"

    Tara Costa’s Biggest Loser Blog: Marathon Time! - PEOPLE TV Watch

    The Biggest Loser

    Tara Costa’s Biggest Loser Blog: Marathon Time!
    December 2, 2009
    On last night’s episode of The Biggest Loser, Amanda, Liz, Danny and Rudy all went home for 60 days. That is amazing! They had an entire two months before returning to the Ranch for the final weigh-in and almost another two months until the live season finale Dec. 8 (8 p.m. EST) on NBC.

    The time that they were given at home is precious in making their change last. And while at home until the finale, they have weekly calls with other BL contestants, medical staff and nutritionist to help them stay on track. For 12 weeks these four people have been consumed by cameras then all the sudden, the cameras are gone and it’s just you. By having so much time at home, it can allow for new patterns to form and establish working exercise plans. Next week when they all head to L.A., no matter who wins the title — they will all be set for success in the battle against the pounds!

    It was visible in the struggles that everyone was facing at home — Rudy was only getting four hours of sleep, working 12 hours a day and could not stand the fact that he would have to leave his little girl to workout. Danny was having difficulty with his wife. He is trying his best to be focused at the task at hand and include his family. It takes time to learn how to balance everything. Every contestant has something to overcome. It is how you push through that adversity that will make you stronger for those around you. To me this is the Biggest Loser “rite of passage.”

    Of course, BL wants to makes the contestants feel empowered. They do this by throwing in challenges such as the marathon! I was so happy to be invited to help this season’s contestants get through this experience. For me, I learned that I had a passion for running and that I enjoyed sharing my passion with others. (I didn’t know what to expect when I arrived late the night before, but I learned very quickly that you should not run in a cotton shirt!) That day, I ran a total of 22 miles. I hung out with Liz and Danny for a while, and I must say Liz is a force to be reckoned with. She is so powerful now and I believe nothing will stop her from living the life she wants to live.

    I was also with Rudy for a while and it was good to talk with him about all the struggles he faced at home. It helped me realize that you can defeat the odds — if you stay the course. Overall, most of my time running was spent with Amanda. At times during the marathon, I was asked to drop off so the crew could get shots of Amanda alone. I knew at certain points that she was struggling and I promised to stay with her regardless. I was more proud of her crossing the finish line than I was of myself crossing the finish for the first time. It feels good to help those overcome their fears. I know these four contestants will go on to help the next season’s finalists.

    Now for the hard part … I know Amanda and Liz are below the line. It is a tough choice and I do not want to influence people’s opinion. So, do what you think is best. Also, remember you are not only voting someone into the finals; you are also putting someone into the $100,000 at-home prize.

    I hope you all enjoyed my blog thus far! I have tried to answer your questions to the best of my ability, offer more insights into what really happens on The Biggest Loser and what the contestants are going through. Please continue to follow me on my Web site, Twitter and Facebook for updates on what I am currently doing! –Tara Costa
    I thought that it was interesting that the producers made it look as if Amanda America's Choice was shown running alone during the marathon while in reality she was running with Tara.
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