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Thread: 11/24 Biggest Loser Recap: Amanda and Bob Sitting In A Tree

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    11/24 Biggest Loser Recap: Amanda and Bob Sitting In A Tree

    As I sit here ready to write my recap, I am thinking about all the things that I'm thankful for on this Thanksgiving Eve. I'm thankful for all the wonderful loved ones I have in my life. I'm thankful that I'm healthy and happy. I'm thankful that I have a roof over my head and food to eat. But most of all, I'm thankful that there are only 2 more episodes of the Biggest Loser left before the finale!! Yay!! You didn't think I was going all sappy on you, did you?

    As the show begins, Amanda is already whining about losing her only friend in the house. She then realizes she is there for herself and not for others. She thinks it would be so cool to make it to the finale since America voted her on the show and she would be showing us she did it. Yes we know, we voted you in. Maybe you could tell us another 100 times.

    Bob and Jillian meet the contestants at the pool, and Bob isn't surprised that Rebecca got sent home. Rudy says that he voted for Rebecca to go home because she played both sides. Jillian waves the BS flag and says that they voted her off because she was the #1 threat in the house and they need to be honest about it.

    It's the last week at the ranch, so Bob and Jillian want the contestants to make sure they take what they learned on campus and are able to transfer it to off campus life. *Insert montage of what the contestants could do when they first arrived compared to what they can do now.* They really have come a long way.

    In the kitchen, Ali appears and gives her little spiel about how the contestants are going to be getting ready to go home and how they must be prepared, etc. They need balance in all aspects of their lives. Here to help them is the one and only Suze Orman, financial guru. She advises Allen to call his life insurance company and tell them he lost weight so that his premium will be lowered. She advises Rudy to check his credit score regularly. Suze wants Liz to have a new life motto. I guess Danny and Amanda are chopped liver because we don't see Suze give them advice.

    Ali and Suze appear in the gym, and guess what? It's pop challenge time! The contestants will answer questions while walking on a treadmill. They aren't competing against each other though. Every time a player gets a correct answer, $1,000 will be deposited into a “save yourself” account at TD Ameritrade. For every question missed, the treadmill will get one level faster and one level higher.

    Question 1: How much less do obese employees make in one year?
    A. $700 B. $7,000 C. $17,000
    Correct answer: B
    Everyone got it correct.

    Question 2: How much can a family save in a year swapping one meal out for one at home every day?
    A. $876 B. $8,760 C. $18,760
    Correct answer: B
    Everyone got it except for Amanda.

    Question 3: How much do Americans spend on gastric bypass surgery every year?
    A. $44 million B. $440 million C. $4.4 billion
    Correct answer: C
    Allen is the only one to get it correct.

    Question 4: How much do Americans spend on obesity-related health issues every year?
    A. $147 million B. $1.47 billion C. $147 billion
    Correct answer: C
    Everyone got it correct.

    Question 5: How much will you save over 40 years by going from obese to your ideal weight?
    A. $10,000 B. $100,000 C. $1 million
    Correct answer: C
    Everyone but Allen got it correct.

    Bob gathers everyone in the gym and asks them if they are going to be able to seriously make it at home. They all say they are going to and that they have the tools they need, but Bob isn't sure they are going to put their words into action. Amanda cries (surprise!) and says she is the happiest she's ever been and she will never go back to the way she was. She asks Bob if she can talk to him outside. She drags him behind a tree and has her way with him. Okay, I'm kidding. But really, who knows with those two. They have some sort of sordid love affair going on. Bob says he tried to keep things professional with her but he couldn't. She wrote him a note to express her gratitude. Barf. Come on, just make out and get it over with! He says he found a hero in her. Wow, get out your boots folks because it's getting deep in here!

    The challenge this week appears to have a football theme. The fact that they are dressed in jerseys and standing on a football field kind of gave that one away. The numbers on their jerseys are the amount of weight they have lost so far. Rudy=134, Danny=126, Amanda=57, Allen=87, Liz=64. Clever. Each player is going to be harnessed to a barrel that contains 10 footballs. Each football weighs the same as an amount lost each week. Out on the football field, there are stands labeled with week numbers. The first person to match the correct amount of weight lost with the correct week, make it to the other end of the field and knock over a picture of their former self will win the competition. Each time they run, they will be lifting the barrel of weight into the air. The winner of the challenge wins a vacation package to the 2010 NFL Pro Bowl. Wait! There is a special guest waiting to root on the players. Running out in his Steelers jersey (HERE WE GO STEELERS!!!) is 11 time Pro Bowl appearing, Super Bowl champion Rod Woodson!!! Rod is going to add a little something special into the mix for the winner. Not only will the winner of the challenge get Pro Bowl tickets, the winner will also receive $5,000 of athletic equipment to be donated to a school of their choice. That's pretty sweet. Allen wins the challenge, followed by Rudy, Amanda, Liz, and Danny.

    Outside by the pool, Danny reveals the song he wrote during the second week on the ranch. He plays his guitar and sings. I'm a sucker for a guy with a guitar. He sounds pretty good. Everyone reminisces about their days on the ranch. Again. Blah, blah, blah.

    It's time for the last chance workout, and everyone is working extra hard to have a shot of making it into the Final 4. Danny thinks that Rudy is his biggest competition and if they both make it into the Final 4, they are the 2 to watch. Liz runs faster than she ever has before on the treadmill.

    As the contestants walk into the gym for the weigh-in that determines who makes the Final 4, they all seem a little bit nervous. The winner of the weigh-in wins Chef Curtis Stone coming into their home showing them how to cook healthy meals for their families. Let's see whose hopes of making the Final 4 may be dashed tonight!

    Liz: Previous 203/Current 198 (-5) -2.46%

    Rudy: Previous 308/Current 296 (-12) -3.90%

    Allen: Previous 238/Current 230 (-8) -3.36%

    Danny: Previous 304/Current 288 (-16) -5.26%
    Danny has set a new record. He has lost in the double digits 7 weeks in a row.

    Amanda: Previous 193/Current 186 (-7) -3.63%

    Allen and Liz have fallen below the yellow line. Amanda is the swing vote since Danny will vote to eliminate Allen and Rudy will vote to eliminate Liz. Danny has won the weigh-in and will win the visit from Curtis Stone.

    Liz and Allen both plead their cases. Allen says he wants to be there and wants to finish strong. Liz says that she needs to make the Final 4 to give herself that extra push to lose the rest of her weight. Amanda says she doesn't know yet what she's going to do. Allen pulls Amanda aside and tells her to think about game play and who she can realistically win against. He also reminds her that Liz voted for her a few weeks ago.

    The votes are in! Let's see who is going home.

    Danny votes for Allen
    Rudy votes for Liz
    Amanda votes for Allen

    With 2 votes, Allen is eliminated. Awwww. I really liked Allen. He carried himself so well. Bummer.

    Allen returns home for an emotional reunion with family and friends. His wife appears to be wearing sweatpants. Come on now. If you know you are going to be on national TV, don't you think you'd at least bust out a nice pair of jeans? Allen and his daughter both flex for the camera. Wow, that girl has a set of guns on her. He yells to his fellow figherfighters that they will have to give him a new nickname.

    Currently, Allen weighs 220lbs. He looks fabulous. His wife feels that they are reconnecting. He donated the $5,000 he won during the football challenge to his daughter's school for new sports equipment. He also shows them some basic workout moves. His daughter is so stinkin' cute. I heart Allen. Allen has inspired 275 people at his gym to start their own Biggest Loser competition. In 6 weeks, they've lost a total of 2,368lbs. At the end of the show, there is a mascot (The Indianapolis Colts mascot I believe) holding a sign that says “Next Season: Biggest Loser Mascot Edition?” That's pretty funny.

    Next week, America's vote will determine who makes it to the live finale. I'm sure Amanda will have something to say about the "irony" of that. I can barely contain my excitement.
    Wake up and be awesome

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    Re: 11/24 Biggest Loser Recap: Amanda and Bob Sitting In A Tree

    I heart your recap! Thank you!!!

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    Re: 11/24 Biggest Loser Recap: Amanda and Bob Sitting In A Tree

    I loved the mascot shaking its tummy with the TBL sign---soooo reminiscent of the tummies of the TBL humans at the start of the season!

    Thanks for the great recap.... and really, Bob and Amanda... I just do not see why he is so fixated on her...she hasn't been that interesting at all to me.

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