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Thread: 11/24 Show Discussion Thread....Spoilers

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    Re: 11/24 Show Discussion Thread....Spoilers

    Quote Originally Posted by babymay;3757526;
    The problem the show seems to have with the surgery is that it helps oyu lose weight, but it won't get to the cause of the weight gai in the first place. That is why Jillian is always trying to get it out of the contestants. If they don't know why they are heavy, no amount of diets, exercise or surgery will help keep it off.
    There have been comments each season implying that surgery should not be an option, thinking everyone does it for a quick fix. Like the show, for some, surgery is their last and only option (they've tried everything else). For many WLS programs, there are required post-surgery appointments with nutritionists, support groups, etc. to help people remember it is a tool and not the solution.

    I understand the comments about complications and failures (bypass doesn't always work, though there is the quick loss in the first year for those only looking for that result, but it doesn't last).

    My question for the show is why they don't mention other surgical options that do not carry the same risks and complications? Many folks watching may have joint and other problems that limit their ability to exercise, so lap-band could be a good tool for them - but they may never hear about it?

    I still love the show, but the comments this week with Suzy just pushed me to comment...couldn't take it any more. with Ron last year the point was that it didn't work, so you should exercise/diet instead.

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    Re: 11/24 Show Discussion Thread....Spoilers

    I spent the weekend catching up on all of the episodes that I missed, ever since Abby's elimination episode. And let me tell you, it's tough going through 2 hours (actually, it was more like 1.5 hours without the commercials) of every episode. I'm looking forward to next season, since they're slimming down the episodes to 90 minutes.

    Just a few points that I'd like to mention. My apologies if they have been brought up; I'm a little lazy to go through each post ever since Abby's elimination.

    - I'm sick of the word "hero." They're using it as much as they say, "Last Chance Workout!" And let me tell you, that phrase annoys the hell out of me also.

    - They should stop hating the game so much. Fact of the matter is, they're all gameplayers! I think Vicky gave a bad name to the players of this game. But now, they have to stop. The game is there. If it wasn't, they wouldn't have eliminations, they wouldn't have as much of a desire to be the biggest loser(s) of each week, and they wouldn't try to win challenges to gain prizes such as immunity or a 1lb pass. Even Jillian and Bob are gameplayers. Jillian training Shay harder so that she'll have a bigger weight loss? That's essentially playing the game! Y'all know that I love Jillian... I just don't love her this season. Tracey really didn't deserve all the hatred from everyone. At least she let everyone know that she was playing the game, unlike others who tried to deny it (like Daniel, when he gained that pound that one week). The fact of the matter is, this show is game show, not just a weight loss show.

    - I'm evil, but I loved the Week9 episode, when the Oranges were decimated. I didn't like Shay at all. There was one point (I think it was during the circus challenge) where I actually shouted at my screen, saying, "SHUT THE F*** UP, SHAY!" Yes, I actually said that. I will admit though, they kept the show very interesting, because after Week9, it became a bit boring.

    - Rudy. He's very mellow, very laid back. But he knows how to stir the pot, doesn't he? I never would have expected him to be the one to push the others' buttons the most, but he has. I like him, and I wouldn't mind if he won.

    - Amanda can't let go of that fact that she won America's Vote, and it's annoying. She's probably my least favorite of the game. But even though she's annoying, I wouldn't mind if she won either, just to keep the pink streak alive. And it would be funny if America ended up choosing the winner during Season 7's finale. Actually, it would be even funnier if she landed under the yellow line next week, and America didn't vote her through. Oh, I'm cruel.

    - Liz knows how to tell it as it is. She's the B2 Queen, and yet she doesn't like to hold back. I like her for that. She cracks me up. There was that one time when I lost it completely--it was during the mountain challenge where they had to go from one side to the other. She was so scared, but I couldn't help but laugh from her reactions. I wouldn't mind if she won either.

    - The only one left is Danny. For some reason, I don't really like him. I think it's because I was annoyed by him earlier from the season, and I haven't let go of that opinion yet. Or maybe it's because I like Liz and Rudy better, and Amanda's pink. If he wins, I wouldn't be angry, but I would just be a little disappointed.
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    Re: 11/24 Show Discussion Thread....Spoilers

    That article was quite interesting---especially the factlet that half of them stay close to their final weight (I guess close means within 20 or 30 lbs., but given where they started, that's reasonable). I'd like to see that data!

    Re the shirts at weigh in...they've pretty much always put on shirts halfway through. The sagging skin is rubbing in the down side of immense weight loss...and you know that unless you are young (and maybe not even then) it will take surgery to remove it...which they aren't allowed to have. You have to think there is a lot of Spanx under the finale clothes to keep it in place...and be sure to check out the underarm wobble that most will have.

    One thing I think is interesting is that on the women after a could of weeks you can kind of see the "core body" emerging down the middle. with flab hanging off the sides. Then gradually the flab disappears. That's not so obvious with the men... or maybe I'm just distracted by the "moobs"--great term!

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