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Thread: 11/17 Biggest Loser Recap: From Fat to Fabulous

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    11/17 Biggest Loser Recap: From Fat to Fabulous

    Welcome back Loser fans! As you may or may not have noticed, there was no recap for last week's double elimination episode. Once again, I was off pondering what I had done that day to make myself feel proud. I begged bribed and pleaded tried to kiss major ass for another wonderful FORT writer to cover for me, but they were afraid the show would just be too much excitement for them. Needless to say, I didn't have any takers. I'm back this week just in time for my favorite episode. That's right... IT'S MAKEOVER WEEK!

    Immediately, the contestants meet with Alison who informs them that they are going to be giving a speech in front of an audience full of people. When they are off the show they are going to be public figures, so they might as well practice now. Danny hopes to be inspirational and hopes to change some loves. Alison tells the contestants she has a surprise for them and a limo pulls up. Who could it be? None other than the makeover guru himself, Tim Gunn, and the sassy hairstylist Tabatha Coffey!

    Tim has a boutique set up for everyone in a suite at the Four Seasons Hotel. Tabatha is going to take the contestants to a hair salon in West Hollywood.

    Liz tells Tim Gunn that she wants to tell people that they can lose weight at any age and that they shouldn't let time slip away. Rudy isn't used to fancy clothes, so he is going to need a lot of guidance. Tim tries to get Rebecca to go for an animal print. She starts to cry (I know... shocking) because she is so emotional about shopping now that she's lost some weight.

    At the salon, Tabatha tries to get Rebecca to go short. Rebecca isn't sure because she says she has a “round face” but Tabatha assures her she doesn't anymore and can rock that short hair. Allen wants everyone to know that their goals are achievable. Rudy wants people to realize where and why they became overweight so they can take the steps to stop it. Rudy is worried about being too clean cut. Tabatha doesn't care what he wants, she's cutting his beard and cleaning him up.

    Rebecca walks out from behind a curtain to reveal her makeover to Tim. She has a super cute new haircut with bangs and is wearing a sexy black dress and heels. Uh oh, Tim has a surprise! Rebecca's sister Nikki is in the house! Makeover week is so predictable. Rebecca turns around to see her sister and screams.

    Danny comes out next and I barely recognize him! He is clean cut and his hair is dyed very dark. Almost fake dark. His wife and kids are there to meet him.

    Next up is Allen. He's sporting a suit and looks really great. I've always thought Allen was very handsome, but he really took it up a notch. His wife and daughter are there to surprise him.

    Amanda is next and she's wearing pants and a fancy top. Oh come on, where's the flashy dress? Rebecca wasn't afraid to show off her still stumpy legs and you shouldn't be either! Didn't you know that America voted for you and we want to see a flirty dress!! Her mom surprises her.

    Rudy comes out to see Tim Gunn and he looks so much better. He is clean shaven and well dressed in a nice blazer. He looks 10 years younger. Wow. I give him the most dramatic makeover award. He turns around to find his family waiting for him.

    Liz is last and her hair isn't much different. It is styled a little differently and dyed a bit more blonde. She has on a fun animal print dress. Her family surprises her. Was it just me or did her husband look like Dr. Phil?

    The contestants come out on stage for their big public reveals. Over 300 people are there cheering for each and every contestant as they walk out onto the stage. Allen's speech is first. He talks about his life as a firefighter and how he needed to make a change to save his life. Danny tells his journey and the turning point in his life. His daughter calls herself “Little Danny” and says she can't wait to start her journey. Rudy talks about his older sister's battle with cancer. Amanda gets a little teary eyed as she tells everyone about being overweight her entire life. Rebecca talks about her struggles as always being the chubby friend or chubby sister. Liz gives a speech about taking control of your own life and not blaming other people for your own problems. She says it's important to take time to take care of yourself instead of worrying about other people all the time. They all seem to have done pretty well with their speeches.

    After all the makeovers and fun times are finished, it's back to business as usual. It's already challenge time and the contestants walk up to a canyon to find some sort of cable hanging from one side of the canyon to the other. There are big banners of the “old” looks of each player. For the challenge, each player has to cross the canyon hanging 200 feet in the air. Each player will have a pulley they will use to pull themselves across the canyon, a distance of 700 feet. The first person to cross will win the challenge. The winner of this week's challenge will win a 2 week trip for their family to the brand new Biggest Loser Resort and Fitness Ridge in St. George, Utah. Oh jeez, they have a “resort” now? Next up, Bob and Jillian action figures!

    Liz is screaming right off the bat. She is freaking out that she is going to fall. Rudy gets out to an early lead, followed by Amanda. He keeps going and never looks back. Rudy and Amanda are neck and neck, but Rudy wins the competition. Amanda is 2nd, followed by Rebecca, Allen, Danny, and Liz. Liz had her eyes closed pretty much the whole time. In a symbolic gesture, the players throw a new picture banner over the one hanging of their old bodies.

    Back at the ranch, it's last chance workout time! Jillian and Bob are sure to make things especially gruesome since there has been so much other stuff going on this week and not much time left for working out. Jillian takes Rudy outside to talk about his sister's death when he was younger. Gotta love the weekly counseling sessions with Jillian. Not much else is shown of the last chance workouts before it's time for the weigh-in. Wow, this episode went by pretty quickly!

    The contestants enter the gym for the weigh-in and Rebecca is pretty worried that she won't lose a lot because of Makeover Week. She's probably right. The rules for the weigh-in are the same ol', same ol'. The players are weighing in as individuals. The 2 people with the lowest percentage of weight loss will fall below the yellow line. Here we go!

    Danny: Previous 316/Current 304 (-12) -3.80%

    Rudy: Previous 324/Current 308 (-16) -4.94%
    Rudy has set another record. He has lost more weight in 10 weeks than any other player in Biggest Loser history. He has lost 134lbs in 10 weeks. That's amazing!

    Allen: Previous 243/Current 238 (-5) -2.06%

    Rebecca: Previous 209/Current 206 (-3) -1.44%

    Liz: Previous 206/Current 203 (-3) -1.46%

    Amanda: Previous 202/Current 193 (-9) -4.46%

    Liz and Rebecca have fallen below the yellow line. One of them will be eliminated this week. Hmm... I'm actually not sure who is going to go. They both have a former teammate to vote to keep them.
    Liz tells everyone to vote for who they think will push them the most. Rebecca calls Allen and Rudy off to the side because she says they are the two who are still the most “up in the air” about a decision. Allen tells Liz that she needs to show some fight. If she wants to stay she needs to get some fight in her. Danny tells her to get passionate about staying or she may go home. Rebecca throws Liz under the bus completely. She tells Rudy and Allen that Liz has been below the yellow line 3 times and that Liz has had chances that Rebecca hasn't. She begins to cry and says she doesn't want to be Liz in 25 years. Allen says they are both strong and it is going to be a hard decision. Rebecca begs for the guys to give her a second chance. Danny tells Liz to go find Allen and Rudy and plead her case. She tells them she wants to be there, she needs to be there, and she deserves to be there. Liz takes her turn at throwing Rebecca under the bus saying that Rebecca has a lot of years to get herself on the right track but this is Liz's second chance and she needs it because she is 49 years old. That still blows my mind. I feel like she's at least 60.

    The votes are in. Let's see who is heading home to sulk in a pint of Rocky Road!

    Amanda votes for Liz
    Danny votes for Rebecca
    Rudy votes for Rebecca. She begins to yell and whine and cry.

    With 2 votes, Rebecca is eliminated. (Even if Allen would have voted for Liz, it would have been tied and Rebecca would have gone home due to the lesser percentage of weight loss this week.)

    A day after leaving the ranch, Rebecca returns home to see all of her family. They cry and welcome her with open arms. She cleans out her closet, throwing away all of her fat clothes. When Rebecca started the show, she could barely run a mile. Now, she is running a half marathon... crying of course. Yes, she is running and crying. Rebecca is training hard to be the at-home winner. After the finale, she wants to open up a gym for overweight kids.

    There are only 2 shows left before the finale yay!. Next week, it appears in addition to our normal show, we are going to visit some of the past contestants and see how they are doing on a Wednesday night “Where are they now” special. That will be fun! In the back of my mind, I secretly hope Heba gained a lot of her weight back. Ooops, did I just say that out loud?
    Wake up and be awesome

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    Re: 11/17 Biggest Loser Recap: From Fat to Fabulous

    Wow, this episode went by pretty quickly!
    Maybe because the show was only 90 minutes this week!

    Great recap as usual--we missed you last week!

    And the previews did hint that someone gained it all back, probably not Vicky or Heba though---I think Bob said "he" needs to take responsibility for what happened.... I could have misheard though, because I've seen a male former winner being advertised on talk shows as a regainer.

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    Re: 11/17 Biggest Loser Recap: From Fat to Fabulous

    Wonderful reading!

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