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Thread: 11/3 Biggest Loser Recap: A Monumental Week

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    11/3 Biggest Loser Recap: A Monumental Week

    Hello again competitive weight loss reality TV show fans! Last week, Abby “fell on the sword” for her team and got voted out. I think it was more like “jumped on the sword”, but whatever. I was sad to see her go since she was one of my favorites, but what can I do? I'll just learn to love another and move on. Apparently the contestants are heading to Washington D.C. this week to speak out against obesity. Let's see what kind of drama unfolds in our nation's capital, shall we?

    The show begins with Alison congratulating the contestants for making it to Week 8. She announces they will be spending the week in Washington D.C. Liz and Rudy are excited that they don't need the seat belt extenders on the plane anymore. *Insert JetBlue promo here*

    The contestants fly to D.C. and meet Alison at the Jefferson Memorial. Who else is there to meet them? Bob and Jillian of course! Ali informs everyone that they are going to be heading to the White House and also speaking to members of Congress. We also find out that the teams are gone and now the players are going back to individuals. Yay! They are back in their old colors and they seem happy about it.

    It's Pop Challenge time. Bob and Jillian are going to be giving a free public workout in front of the Washington Monument. The players have 60 minutes to try to get as many people to go to the workout as possible. The player who has the most people exercising will win the Pop Challenge. The winner will receive a huge advantage in this week's challenge. Amanda walks down the street and apparently she's a superstar. A group of girls recognizes her from last year's finale and want pictures with her. What a celeb. Allen targets a group of firemen. Liz comes across Amanda's fan club and they are cheering Amanda's name. Tracey comes across some folks who have another color sticker on. She tells them to take that sticker off and put her color on. She claims she has great people skills. Uh, yeah. That's why you have so many friends on the ranch. Amanda's fan club continues their trek toward the Washington Monument and they run into Daniel. Uh oh. Daniel is an even bigger celeb than Amanda apparently and they all fuss over him. Daniel takes away some Rudy and Amanda groupies and makes them his groupies.

    It's time for the workout and masses of people have shown up. Allen has successfully recruited a bunch of firefighters and there are people wearing various colors of stickers. The winner of the Pop Challenge only won by one person. The winner is...Liz! Allen came in second. Bob and Jillian come out to cheers and screams. They are wearing their Britney Spears style microphones. Bob jumps on the stage and Jillian walks through the crowd yelling at people. Everyone is doing pushups and Bob jumps on a fireman's back. Hmm. For some reason, I think this might be the moment Bob has been fantasizing about for quite some time. Everyone on Liz's team gets a free Subway lunch. Wow. That's exciting.

    Jillian and Bob take the contestants to see some members of Congress and tell their stories. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand from New York and Senator Bob Casey from Pennsylvania (shout out to my home state... woot!) talk with the contestants. Daniel tells his story and pleads for more physical education and health education in schools. Both senators claimed to be moved by the stories and hope to make some changes. Yeah yeah.

    This week's challenge has 4 stages. To win, the players must survive all 4 stages. The last person standing wins immunity. For the first part of the challenge, the players must run a mile just like people in Washington D.C. have to “run” for office. A mile is 2 laps around Constitution Garden Lake. Liz, as winner of the Pop Challenge, is allowed to skip one of the stages. She is allowed to skip any stage except the last one. Only 6 players will advance from the 1st stage. Rebecca finishes first, followed by Daniel, Allen, Amanda, Rudy, and Liz. These players will advance to the 2nd stage.

    For the 2nd stage, each player will have to find 17,954 pennies on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. The lame connection to Washington D.C. is that people have to raise funds and that's what the contestants are now doing. 17,954 is how many pounds have been lost so far in all the seasons of the show. The first 4 players get to advance. Liz uses her skip card, so she automatically advances. Now only 3 people get to move on. Rudy finishes first, followed by Daniel and finally Rebecca.

    For the 3rd stage, the players meet in front of the Capitol building. The key to success in Washington is balance. For this stage, each player will have to stand on a narrow ledge, holding a big Pilates ball above their head. Don't you love these corny associations? The last 2 people standing will advance to the 4th stage. Rudy and Rebecca win this round and will face off in the final round.

    In the final round, Rudy and Rebecca are in front of the White House. There is a stationary step. The first person to take 206 steps will win. 206 stands for the number of contestants that have been on the Biggest Loser so far. Rebecca blows Rudy out of the water and wins the challenge. She will have immunity at this week's weigh-in.

    The contestants head to the White House to meet Sam Kass, the assistant White House chef. Apparently they aren't good enough to meet the top White House chef, eh? They get to tour Michelle Obama's garden where she grows vegetables that are used in the White House. Bob asks what the President's favorite veggie is and the chef says it's broccoli or anything else green. The contestants pick a bunch of things and head into the White House kitchen. They make a big salad and Bob once again comments on how healthy the Obama family eats. We get it. They eat vegetables.

    It's last chance workout time and the contestants are outside working out in Washington. They are running up and down steps and crawling along sidewalks. Jillian is excited because she gets to work with everyone again, not just the Black Team. Bob has some people in the gym grunting and sweating. Bob is worried that the weight loss is going to suck since they are “on vacation”. Bob and Amanda are super happy to be working out together again. Bob says they just “connect”. Remember Bob's obsession with Sione and Filipe? That was a little over the top. I'm surprised he's this close with a female contestant. Did you know that Amanda was voted in by America? I bet you didn't. I don't think she's mentioned it.

    The weigh-in this week is going to be held on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. The lights are bright and there are a lot of bugs flying around in the background. Gross. Anyway, Rebecca has immunity this week so she'll weigh in first. The two people who fall below the yellow line will be up for elimination. The other contestants decide who goes home right there on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Hey did you hear Ali say they are in front of the Lincoln Memorial? She could only say it about 200 more times! Anyway, here we go!

    Rebecca: Previous 223/Current 219 (-4) -1.79%

    Shay: Previous 402/Current 393 (-9) -2.24%

    Tracey: Previous 197/Current 194 (-3) -1.52%

    Daniel: Previous 272/Current 261 (-11) -4.04%

    Allen: Previous 262/Current 253 (-9) -3.44%

    Danny: Previous 345/Current 333 (-12) -3.48%

    Rudy: Previous 341/Current 332 (-9) -2.64%

    Liz: Previous 221/Current 218 (-3) -1.36%

    Amanda: Previous 214/Current 207 (-7) -3.27%

    Tracey and Liz have fallen below the yellow line and are up for elimination. Each woman takes her turn speaking about why she should stay. Liz wants to stay because she is afraid if she goes home she won't be able to lose the weight. She tells everyone it is their decision but she really wants to stay. Tracey begins crying immediately. She says it's been an amazing experience and that she really wants to be there. Daniel asks her if she is still after the prize money or the health. She says she needs to be healthy and that she wants to be there and needs to be there. She pleads with them to keep her there. I would like to see either one of them go home, but I have no idea who is going to get voted off. The votes are in, so let's see who is going home to sob into their pint of Ben and Jerry's.

    Amanda votes for Tracey
    Shay votes for Liz
    Danny votes for Tracey
    Daniel votes for Tracey
    Rebecca votes for Tracey

    With 4 votes, Tracey is eliminated. Tracey hasn't bothered me as much lately, but I'm glad she's gone. She was annoying. Ding dong, the witch is dead!

    A day after leaving the ranch, Tracey takes a ride in a helicopter. She has really come full circle because the last time she was in a helicopter was when she was being transported to the hospital the first day on the show. The helicopter drops her off at a welcome back party where her family and friends are waiting. Tracey has a great looking family.

    When Tracey started the show, she couldn't run a mile and she collapsed in the sand. Now, she's back in California and reruns that mile. Wow!! She looks GREAT! I can't even believe it. Tracey has lost 85lbs and is training to run a marathon in December. Good for her.

    Next week, 2 people are going to be eliminated. The preview makes it kind of seem like it is going to be between Shay and Rebecca. Interesting. I guess we'll just have to wait and see what will happen! See you again next week for another heapin' helpin' of The Biggest Loser!
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    Re: 11/3 Biggest Loser Recap: A Monumental Week

    Great recap! Thank you for the enjoyable read!

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    Re: 11/3 Biggest Loser Recap: A Monumental Week

    hahaha...heaping helping! That is great...and about the only place a "heaping helping" is allowed!

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