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Thread: 10/27 Biggest Loser Recap: Wearing Black and Feeling Blue

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    10/27 Biggest Loser Recap: Wearing Black and Feeling Blue

    Welcome back, Biggest Loser fans! It's another week on the ranch and that means another week of endless tears, gruesome workouts, and Ziploc promos. Yipee. Last week, Dina was eliminated and Terrible Tracey lived to see another day. Which team is going to lose another member this week? Let's find out!

    Amanda says they all had to vote for Dina because she, Daniel, Abby, and Shay are all tight. So really it had nothing to do with numbers for the team, it was just who wasn't in the “in crowd”. Liz is super pissed that Black Team is acting like it was a hard decision for them because she knows it wasn't. She hopes Danny gets immunity again if Black falls below the line so that the cool kid group on the Black Team will have to vote out one of their own.

    It's Week 7, which marks the halfway point on the ranch. If Rudy loses 13lbs this week, he will set a record for losing 100lbs in the quickest amount of time. Ali tells the contestants that this week, they will be going head-to-head with someone from the opposite team. Whichever person loses the higher percentage of weight loss will earn a point for their team. The losing team will have to send someone home. Who gets to choose the head-to-head matchups? Tracey! No, I'm just kidding. Although it probably will be her. The team that wins the pop challenge gets to pick the matchups. For the pop challenge, players have to touch a hanging disc, duck under a bar to the other side, and touch another disc. Each time a player touches a disc, the team gets a point. The first team to 500 wins. Only one player at a time may go and players can switch at any time. The catch? Each player is only allowed one turn. The Black Team is in the lead originally, but Allen really rocks it and puts the Blue Team into the lead. When the total is 400, Black and Blue are really close. It comes down to Daniel against Rebecca for those last 100 points. And the winner is... Blue Team! The Blue Team will get to pick the matchups for the weigh-in this week.

    In cheesy, overly dramatic fashion, the contestants meet in a boxing ring. One by one, the Blue Team members announce who they will be facing this week. Here are the matchups:

    Blue Team vs. Black Team

    Rebecca vs. Amanda
    Tracey vs. Abby
    Allen vs. Danny
    Rudy vs. Shay
    Liz vs. Daniel

    The teams are anxious to hit the gym, but Bob has other plans. He takes his team to the pool for their first aquatic beatdown. Jillian has her team in the gym to ready them for their faceoffs. Jillian is perched on the treadmills where Danny and Amanda are running. Amanda is crying and whining that she can't breathe and Jillian asks her why she is so attached to being a failure. Amanda starts to cry about being used to being the fat girl, etc etc. Okay come on now. We are in Week 7. Shouldn't she be over the Fat Girl Syndrome by now? She says she can't exercise with cameras on her and Jillian yelling at her. Jillian tells her she is the strongest person on the team and Amanda cries around some more. She gets off the treadmill and yells at Jillian while Jillian yells back. Amanda sits down and... you guessed it. Cries. Amanda is crying about cameras in her face all the time and the pressure is too much and she can't do it with cameras, blah blah. Hmm... didn't we vote you on there sweetie? I'm sure there are millions of others out there who would love to have the cameras in their faces all the time.

    After the gym sobfest, Amanda and everyone else heads to the baseball field to find Alison decked out in her baseball gear. The contestants are in their baseball uniforms. Yikes, baseball pants are not your friend folks. There are tons of baseballs scattered all around the field. There are very large photographs of the contestants from when they first started the show outlining the field. Ali announces that there is a special guest who is going to explain the rules of the challenge. I hope it's A-Rod *swoon* Nope, it's Derek Jeter. Okay, he'll do. *drool* What a ripoff! He isn't even at the field. He is on the big screen blabbing on about how he loves 24 Hour Fitness gyms. He wishes the contestants luck in reaching their goals. He tells Daniel that he is glad Daniel got a second chance and that people are counting on him. Derek tells the Black Team they need to step it up and win a challenge. Here is how the challenge will work. On the field there are 2,535 balls. One for every hit Derek Jeter has accumulated in his first 13 season in the majors. Players will run out and grab as many balls as they can. They will throw the balls at someone's picture or “the target” in this case. Once someone's picture has been hit by 316 balls, they are out of the challenge. 316 is a strange number. Hmm... what could it mean? Ah yes, another chance for Derek Jeter to gloat about himself. That's his career batting average. What is the prize for the winners this week? The team that wins will have Curtis Stone personally cook them lunch. Whoopty doo. Oh yeah, they also win a 2lb advantage at the weigh-in. Okay, that's worth playing for. I know I mentioned this before, but WOW... those baseball pants are horribly unflattering. Sheesh.

    Since Abby can't play due to medical reasons, the Blue Team chooses to have Tracey sit out. The Black Team is ganging up on Allen first, and then they are going to move to Rebecca. The Blue Team wants to take Amanda out first. Allen goes out first, followed by Amanda, Rebecca, Daniel, Rudy, and Liz. Shay and Daniel are the last 2 left standing. Even though the Blue Team was trash talking most of the time, the Black Team prevails and finally wins their first challenge. The 2lb advantage can be used as 2lbs in one weigh-in or 1lb in two weigh-ins this week.

    Back at the ranch, Curtis Stone shows the Black Team how to make a healthy lunch with help from the grill. They make Mediterranean turkey burgers. Instead of buns, they use portabello mushrooms. Clever.

    The Black Team is back at it in the gym and this time Jillian focuses on Abby. Jillian asks Abby what her purpose is and she says that it is being present in her own life again. She wants to live again after her loss. She begins to cry. I'm not annoyed with Abby's crying because that woman has been through so much and is so strong. I truly admire her. She retells the story of her husband and children dying in the tragic car crash. I can't even imagine.

    After Amanda fills her water bottle with fresh, delicious Brita water, she wants to have a talk with Jillian. Amanda apologizes to Jillian for walking out on her but Jillian tells Amanda she walked out on herself. She cries again about being used to being the fat girl and how she is afraid to fail and how she feels Jillian has high expectations for her. Blah blah.

    It's the Last Chance Faceoff Workout, and Bob keeps reminding the Blue Team who they are going up against and how they need to work their hardest. Allen is jumping on a very high stool, but Bob brings him one that's even higher. Oh no, not the ridiuclous stool junk again. I thought we were over that when Dina left. Allen at first thinks he can't do it, but then he can. In Jillian's camp, Danny is working in overdrive in order to beat Allen. In another bout of cheesey over-dramatic poses, Amanda and Rebecca are facing each other riding stationary bikes with stern looks on their faces. Oh please.

    Jillian asks Shay what happens to the kid of a heroin addict. Shay says she used food instead of heroin. Shay says she figured out how not to die when her mother was doing and dealing drugs in front of her. She says she figured out how not to die when her mother had men in a hotel room while Shay was in the closet. Jillian takes Shay aside to lift a bar Jillian is sitting on. Shay can't lift the bar and she also says that she couldn't make her mother love her. *insert more tears here* What in the world is with Jillian and all this ridiculousness? Jillian is more of a therapist this season than anything. It's kind of annoying. She tells Shay that she was a child and that it isn't her fault her mother was the way she was. Hmm.. I wasn't aware Jillian had a degree in Psychology.

    It's time for the “main event”. This theme is lame. Let's just call it a weigh-in and be done with it. The contestants will weigh in against their faceoff partner. The person with the highest percentage of weight loss will win a point for their team. The Black Team won a 2lb advantage in the challenge and has decided to give the 2lb advantage to Amanda. On a side note, does anyone else think Ali's dress is absolutely hideous? I digress. On with the weigh-in!

    Amanda (Black): Previous 218/Current 214 (-4)
    With the 2lb advantage: (-6) 2.75%
    Rebecca (Blue): Previous 232/Current 223 (-9) 3.88%

    Blue: 1 point
    Black: 0 points

    Abby (Black): Previous 204/Current 201 (-3) 1.47%
    Tracey (Blue): Previous 202/Current 197 (-5) 2.48%

    Blue: 2 points
    Black: 0 points

    Danny (Black): Previous 357/Current 345 (-12) 3.36%
    Allen (Blue): Previous 270/Current 262 (-8) 2.96%

    Blue: 2 points
    Black: 1 point

    Daniel (Black): Previous 277/Current 272 (-5) 1.81%
    Liz runs her mouth that Daniel didn't lose the big amount he thought he was going to lose. She has been pretty cocky lately.
    Liz (Blue): Previous 228/Current 221 (-7) 3.07%

    Blue: 3 points
    Black: 1 point

    Blue Team wins the weigh-in. Black Team must eliminate another person. Just for good measure, let's see how Rudy and Shay did!

    Shay (Black): Previous 411/Current 402 (-9)

    If Rudy loses 13 lbs, he will have beat Dane's record of losing 100lbs in 8 weeks by 1 week. What does Dane have to say about this? Let's find out! Dane comes walking in to the weigh-in dressed in black from head to toe. He tells them that he and 12 other former BL contestants are going to be doing a triathlon in the morning.
    Rudy (Blue): Previous 355/Current 341 (-14)
    Rudy beats the record! Yay! Go Rudy! He has lost 101lbs in 7 weeks.

    Danny has immunity again for the Black Team. Liz is ecstatic that the Black Team is going to have to send home one of the “in crowd” and that her precious Danny is safe again. She says there will be some real tears in the elimination room. Gag. She's a nasty granny.

    Immediately, Abby appears to be “falling on the sword”. She tells Daniel that something is wrong because his weight loss hasn't been great and he needs to stay to figure it out. She says that Amanda is on the cusp of a breakthrough and that Shay has just gotten started. Shay tells Abby she needs to focus on herself. Abby says she hasn't gotten fat by putting other people first. She says she is there because she needs to learn to open up again and kickstart her life. They all cry. Shocker. She says that she is soaring and she can fly home. What is it about people this season? Fight to stay! Well, it looks like Abby is probably going home. What a shame. I like her. Danny hopes Abby gets to stay. He says Daniel has been there for 2 seasons and it's his time to go home. Let's see whose names are under those silver platters!

    Abby votes for Amanda
    Shay votes for Abby
    Amanda votes for Abby
    Danny votes for Daniel
    Daniel votes for Abby

    I could barely understand what everyone was saying because they were crying and blubbering so much. But with 3 votes, Abby has been eliminated. She gives another speech about how she is living her dreams and she's becoming the things she wants to be. This is pretty sad. Good luck, Abby. You were one of my favorites.

    Abby arrives home to a giant party. Everyone tells her she looks beautiful. She is excited because she feels like she is getting her life back. When Abby arrived at the ranch, she weighed 247lbs and felt broken. Now, she speaks to groups about second chances and living life to the fullest. She has lost 80lbs and hopes to travel around the country inspiring students and teachers.

    Next week, the contestants head to Washington D.C. They cook in the White House and weigh in on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Will Tracey finally be eliminated? At this point, I don't really care. I hope Liz goes.
    Wake up and be awesome

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    Re: 10/27 Biggest Loser Recap: Wearing Black and Feeling Blue

    Great recap! I, too, hope Liz or Tracey goes home. They're too scary for me!

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