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Thread: 10/20 Biggest Loser Recap: Who Says You Can't Go Home?

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    10/20 Biggest Loser Recap: Who Says You Can't Go Home?

    Hello and welcome to another week of Who Will Tracey Backstab Next? The Biggest Loser! Coach Mo was eliminated last week, and I'm hoping his former purple teammate is going to be next out the door. A girl can dream, right? Slap on your non-supportive sports bras and unflattering spandex shorts, folks... it's show time!

    The show begins with the Blue Team returning from the elimination room. The Black Team is shocked to see Tracey walk into the living room. The bitch is back! I know there are a lot of people who do like Tracey, but she really hasn't grown on me yet. I'll take an Abby or Allen over a Tracey anyday. Dina questions whether or not it was Mo's choice to go home. Tracey cries around that she saw the looks on everyone's faces when she walked into the room and she knows the Black Team wanted her to go home.

    Bob and the Blue Team work in the gym, and Tracey is excited that she can finally work out on the treadmill. Bob tells his team that if they can't win a weigh-in, they at least have to win a challenge. Zing.

    In the evening, the contestants head to the beach to find Alison waiting for them. She tells them that things are a bit different this week because they are going to start the week with a challenge. Each team has 4 keys in boxes buried in the sand. Their job is to find all of their keys. They need all 4 to open the 4 locks on their team's box. What's inside the box? We don't get to find out yet! Alison teases that whatever is inside the box will definitely help decide who stays on the ranch and who goes home. Hmm... well obviously they are going home this week, but it looks like only one team gets to go. Tracey and Abby can't participate (shocker!) so Black Team has to choose one other member to sit out. They choose Amanda. Actually Amanda happily volunteers since she isn't a fan of sand. Twenty minutes pass and everyone can see their boxes, they just can't dig the box out of the sand. Danny is first to get his out and he unlocks a lock and runs to help Daniel. Rudy is next, unlocks a lock for Blue Team and runs to help Allen. After about 40 minutes, the Blue Team finds their last key and unlocks the mystery box. What's inside the box? Tickets home. The Blue Team is going home for the week. Wait a second. They don't HAVE to go home? They have a choice. If they don't want to “risk” being away from the gym and trainers all week, they can give their tickets to the Black Team. The Blue Team decides NOT to go home and see their families and give their tickets to the Black Team. The Black Team is going home!

    Everyone heads home for emotional and exciting reunions with family. Daniel's family cries. Abby's family cheers and screams. Dina's husband and son are the only ones waiting for her. She cries and hugs her son. Shay returns to her husband and stepchildren. Why is it that I always seem to forget that Shay has a husband? She has stepchildren? She never ever talks about any of them. Amanda is greeted by a room full of cheering family and friends. Danny's wife and 2 kids practically attack him when he gets in the door. The Black Team tries to make smart and healthy decisions when it comes to grocery shopping, eating out, attending cookouts, and working out.

    Back at the ranch, Bob wants his team to feel like it is their last chance workout. Elsewhere in the country, Abby is having troubles because she still has a stress fracture and can only use the pool and bike. The nearest gym with a pool is 30 minutes from her house. Dina works out while her son sits beside the treadmill and reads a book. Amanda has no clue how to use any machines at the gym. Shay whines and cries that Jillian isn't barking in her ear while she's working out. The next hurdle they face is eating out. All of the contestants (except Danny) go out to eat with family and friends and struggle with making healthy choices. Wait, you mean that giant plate of fettuchini alfredo I order everytime I go to the Olive Garden isn't healthy? Whoops. Danny likes to cook so he grills for his family. After some tearful and emotional goodbyes, the Black Team is ready to head back to the ranch.

    The Blue Team goes to the LA Regional Food Bank to help out with packing some backpacks of food for needy children who get a school lunch during the week but might not have food for the weekend. The contestants felt inspired after seeing the food bank competition last season.

    The Black Team arrives back at the ranch and gushes to the Blue Team about their weeks. Dina tells them it was hard exercising with her son sitting and watching all the time. Everyone heads to the gym for Last Chance Workouts. I didn't think Black Team would get LCW this week, but I guess they do. Oh man, Jillian is going to kill them. Bob oozes arrogance confidence and says it will be sad and pathetic if the Blue Team loses the weigh-in this week. Jillian yells at Daniel for not working as hard as he can. He begins to bawl and say that his mom kept trying to stop him from gaining weight but he thought that she couldn't accept him. She did it out of love but he resented her for it. Jillian plays psychiatrist for a bit while Daniel cries and then they hug it out. *sigh* I can't say it enough... I miss crazy Jillian.

    It's time for the weigh-in. Will the Black Team be able to lose weight after being at home for the week? Let's find out! Blue is going to weigh in first.

    Blue Team

    Allen: Previous 278/Current 270 (-8)
    Blue Team: (-8) .61%

    Rebecca: Previous 237/Current 232 (-5)
    Blue Team: (-13) .98%

    Tracey: Previous 206/Current 202 (-4)
    Blue Team: (-17) 1.29%

    Liz: Previous 232/Current 228 (-4)
    Blue Team: (-21) 1.59%

    Rudy: Previous 369/Current 355 (-14)
    Blue Team: (-35) 2.65%

    Black Team

    Amanda: Previous 224/Current 218 (-6)
    Black Team: (-6) .35%

    Shay: Previous 416/Current 411 (-5)
    Black Team: (-11) .64%

    Abby: Previous 208/Current 204 (-4)
    Black Team: (-15) .87

    Dina: Previous 223/Current 218 (-5)
    Black Team: (-20) 1.16%

    Danny: Previous 372/Current 357 (-15)
    Black Team: (-35) 2.04%

    Daniel: Previous 276/Current 277 (+1)
    Black Team: (-34) 1.98%

    Black Team loses the weigh-in and will have to send someone home. Danny had the highest percentage of weigh loss on the Black Team, so he has immunity.

    The Black Team gathers to decide who they should eliminate. Dina cries that she is so not ready to go home and that she needs another chance. Shay doesn't want to go home, Daniel needs to stay at the ranch to work on his problems, yada yada, etc etc. Dina thinks Daniel should go home because he has already learned a lot and has 2 shots at being on the ranch. I agree. Shay isn't pulling her weight either. The Black Team gets their silver trays ready. Whose dreams of wearing those size 2 jeans are going to be crushed? Let's check the votes!

    Daniel votes for Dina
    Dina votes for Daniel
    Abby votes for Dina
    Danny votes for Daniel
    Amanda votes for Dina
    Shay votes for Dina (duh...didn't see that coming)

    With 4 votes, Dina is eliminated. Hmm, I guess I'm kind of surprised. I wonder if she was eliminated because she didn't have any “allies” on the team? She wasn't the “clear choice” in my opinion. Oh well, I guess my opinion is crap anyway.

    When Dina started the show, she weighed 253lbs. Now she weighs 188lbs. Her son is apparently still standing beside the treadmill and helping mom train. Is that safe? Before, Dina couldn't jump on the little stool. Now, she can. How did I know that would come back again? Dina's son thinks life is more exciting. Dina also got a makoever to go with her new body. She got her hair straightened and her makeup done. She looks great. I'm glad she believes in herself a bit more now. She also completed a half marathon and hopes to complete a full one soon.

    Next week, each member of the Black Team will go head to head with a member of the Blue Team at the weigh-in. *insert intimidating stance and music here* Shay cries, Abby cries, and Amanda cries. Jillian needs to reel these bawl baby women in together and have a group therapy session over a tub of Ben and Jerry's or something. My goodness. Well anyway, come back again next week for all of the tearful excitement!
    Wake up and be awesome

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    Re: 10/20 Biggest Loser Recap: Who Says You Can't Go Home?

    Shay and Amanda are going to cry next week? That seems rather out of character, doesn't it?

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    Re: 10/20 Biggest Loser Recap: Who Says You Can't Go Home?

    Obviously Daniel wasn't waterloading this week....but his body may have. They did mention that a lot of travel (e.g., crosscountry air travel as D. did) can make you retain fluids... So maybe he will have a big loss next week.

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    Re: 10/20 Biggest Loser Recap: Who Says You Can't Go Home?

    Travel definitely makes you retain fluid. A lot of fluid in my experience and it lasts for a good day or two.

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