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Thread: 10/13 Biggest Loser Recap: I've Got A Golden Ticket

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    10/13 Biggest Loser Recap: I've Got A Golden Ticket

    Hey Biggest Loser fans! My apologies for the late recap this week. I've once again been away pondering what I've done today to make myself feel proud. Here is the fat free, dressing on the side, portion controlled low down on this week's episode. Bon Apetite!

    The episode begins right away with a big announcement. Instead of teams, we are now going Blue vs. Black. Time for a competition. The winner of the competition will get to pick the teams. Players will have to spin a big wheel of silver platters. Under one platter is the golden ticket to choose teams. One platter has 1,000 dollars under it, but another has a piece of cake containing 1,000 calories. There are other things under other platters. Players can choose whether or not they want to play. Everybody decides to play, except Abby. The person with the highest percentage of weight loss goes first. Rudy spins and gets the piece of cake. Rebecca gets a 200 calorie donut, Allen gets a 100 calorie chocolate cupcake, Danny gets a 780 calorie cupcake, and Tracey gets the Golden Ticket. Go freakin' figure. Unbelievable. I'm still pissed that it's going back to Bob vs. Jillian. I liked them together. Grrr.

    Here are the new teams:

    Bob's Blue Team
    Coach Mo

    Jillian's Black Team

    Tracey kept her Purple Team together and the Orange Team together. She split the rest. Urgh, I know that was a bitch move, but she's definitely playing the game and I can't totally fault her for that.

    Liz threatens to take Tracey out, the new teams workout, and Amanda pukes. During the workouts, Liz is on the treadmill and goes down. Her face is red, but she can open her eyes. This woman is seeing revenge and pushing herself to the limit. She's kind of scaring me. Dina has trouble believing in herself without Rudy there cheering her on. He gives her a pep talk to make her jump on a platform, though she still can't do it.

    Bob takes his team to the grocery store because they are going to shop and make lunch together. *Insert Jenny O promo here*

    For this week's challenge, it is Black Team against Blue Team. Each team will start on the starting line. They will race up a hill, through some mud, across a field, and to the finish line. Each team will have to carry a platform and someone from their team will have to sit on that platform. They can switch platform players throughout the race, as long as someone is on the platform at all times. The prize for this week's winners is videos from home. Rebecca is on the platform for the Blue Team while Dina is on the platform for the Black Team. Amanda loses her shoe in one of the mud pits, so she switches places with Dina. Shay is really struggling for Black and has to stop several times. Blue Team gets to the finish line first and wins the competition. Rebecca forfeits her video so that Dina can have a video. Aww, that was touching. Wait, Dina says she has to motivate herself and she can't accept the video. So much for that. It was a nice gesture anyway. Liz invites Danny to watch her video with her. He acts like he's excited and plops down on the couch with her. SURPRISE!!! Instead of Liz's video, it's Danny's video. He's so touched. Now THAT was awesome. Go Liz.

    It's time for the Last Chance Workout and Jillian takes her team outside to make them work as a team. She wants them to motivate each other. Bob takes his team to 24 Hour Fitness for a group fitness class. Dina keeps trying to jump up on that platform. After the 30 millionth time trying, Dina still can't do it. For some reason, I see her “overcoming” this obstacle sometime soon and then we will be reminded of it for weeks and weeks to come.

    At the weigh-in this week, the team with lowest total percentage of weight loss will fall below the yellow line and have to send someone home. The person with the highest percentage of weight loss on the losing team will have immunity. Let's check the results.

    Blue Team:

    Tracey: Previous 213/Current 206 (-7) -.42%
    Blue Team: (-7) -.42%

    Coach Mo: Previous 318/Current 312 (-6)
    Blue Team: (-13) -.78%

    Allen: Previous 285/Current 278 (-7)
    Blue Team: (-20) -1.19%

    Rudy: Previous 377/Current 369 (-8)
    Blue Team: (-28) -1.67%

    Rebecca: Previous 244/Current 237 (-7)
    Blue Team: (-35) -2.09%

    Liz: Previous 240/Current 232 (-8)
    Blue Team: (-43) -2.56%

    Black Team:

    Abby: Previous 213/Current 208 (-5)
    Black Team: (-5) -.28%

    Dina: Previous 229/Current 223 (-6)
    Black Team: (-11) -.62%

    Amanda: Previous 230/Current 224 (-6)
    Black Team: (-17) -.96%

    Danny: Previous 382/Current 372 (-10)
    Black Team: (-27) -1.52%

    Daniel: Previous 287/Current 276 (-11)
    Black Team: (-38) -2.14%

    Shay: Previous 432/Current 416 (-16)
    Black Team: (-54) -3.05%

    Blue Team loses the weigh-in. Liz has the highest percentage of weight loss so she has immunity. Hmm... I wonder who they are all going to vote out. Blue Team gathers together and Liz and Rebecca are obviously gunning for Tracey. Mo says that he has just been one issue after the other and that if he can't pull the weight, they need to send him home. Hmm... will the Blue Team send Mo home? Could it be that Terrible Tracey lives to see another day? Rudy and Allen think the team would be stronger if Mo was gone and Tracey stayed. This is actually true, but I'm kind of over Tracey.

    The Blue Team heads to the elimination room with their silver platters. Here are the votes:

    Liz votes for Mo
    Rudy votes for Mo
    Tracey votes for Mo
    Rebecca votes for Mo

    Coach Mo is eliminated. It looks like the girls put aside their dislike of Tracey and did what was best for the team as a whole.

    When Coach Mo started the show, he weighed 355lbs. He now weighs 279lbs. He founded an organization named The Village which helps educate children. He now adds in more physical education and health education. He works out with kids and is so excited to be on a better path in his life. He hopes to lose 150lbs by the finale.

    Next week, the contestants head home for a week. Uh oh, it's time for a dose of real life! How will they do on the scale? Tune in next week (or just skip it and read my recap) to find out!
    Wake up and be awesome

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    Re: 10/13 Biggest Loser Recap: I've Got A Golden Ticket

    Great recap-I think letting Tracey stay will be detrimental. If she was gone, it could have just gone back to weight loss rather than game play.

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