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Thread: 10/6 Biggest Loser Recap: The Crying Game

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    10/6 Biggest Loser Recap: The Crying Game

    As I sit here and wolf down a Dairy Queen Blizzard await this week's episode of The Biggest Loser, I can't help but wonder if this whole season is going to be all warm and fuzzy like it was last week. Is Shay going to slip through the cracks every week just because she needs it more? Will every team throw themselves on the sword for someone fatter more deserving? Will Bob finally pop that ever-throbbing vein in his forehead? Let's find out!

    We begin with flashbacks of last week and Tracey's betrayal of the Orange Team. Daniel thought he was going to be chose to weigh in, but instead Tracey chose Shay. Daniel and Shay meet with Coach Mo and Tracey back at the ranch and want answers. Shay says that Tracey broke their trust but Tracey says she doesn't want to see Orange go anywhere and she means that. Shay goes on a tangent about how she couldn't even trust people close to her so now how is she supposed to trust strangers, etc etc. We know you've had a hard life, Shay. You remind us every second of every episode. Mo says that Orange is asking for favors but Shay says it wasn't a favor. Shay begins to cry and says she wants Purple to be honest, that's all she wants. Tracey doesn't think she did anything wrong.

    In the gym, the contestants fill Bob and Jillian in about last week's elimination. Jillian reminds them that they need to fight to stay in the house no matter who they are up against. Bob reminds them that even though Shay needs to be in the house, everyone needs to be in the house. Bob asks Tracey if she has been cleared to work out yet and she says not yet but hopefully soon. Everyone else begins to lift weights. Daniel is worried that it's Week 4 and last season he went home Week 4. Hmm... there must not be a lot going on this week because it seems to me we never see this much of the gym this early in the episode. Jillian counsels Julio on how to fix his addiction to food and how to make himself happy. Good ol' Dr. Jill.

    Tracey visits with Dr. H and he informs her that her enzyme levels have nearly doubled since last week. He says that these enzymes can damage the kidney and other organs. Because of this, Tracey is “shut down” completely. She isn't allowed to walk or even work out in the pool. Dr. H says he is going to be watching her like a hawk. Tracey is worried that she isn't going to be able to stay this week because she will be just eating and not exercising. Coach Mo meets with Tracey and she tells him the bad news. She says the only activities she is allowed to do are daily household activities like going down the stairs. She hopes that her labs are better in a few days. It looks like Coach Mo is going to have to carry the weight for the team this week. Again.

    The contestants enter the kitchen to find Alison standing there with locks on all of the cabinets. For the next 7 days, the contestants are going to have to order out every single meal. Sweet! This is a good week long challenge and actually is good for their real lives. They have to order out breakfast, lunch, and dinner and learn to look at menus and make healthy food choices. But first, to kick things off, there is going to be a Pop Challenge. Ali is going to offer them 3 choices for dinner and they have to pick which dinner is the healthiest. The team that wins will win a kitchen stocked with healthy foods for an entire year. The teams come in one at a time and have to pick the healthiest chicken dinner.

    Dinner A: ¼ roasted chicken breast (without skin), ½ cup low fat creamed spinach, 2.75oz sweet potatoes, ½ cup nonfat peach frozen yogurt, 2 cups unsweetened iced tea

    Dinner B: ½ rotisserie chicken (with skin), ½ cup creamed spinach, ½ cup vanilla frozen yogurt, ½ cup blueberries, 2 cups green tea

    Dinner C: ¼ barbecue chicken breast (with skin), 1 cup peas and carrots, 1 cup mango slices, 1 cup skim milk

    Players have some time to ask Ali questions before making their guesses. Purple, Blue, Black, and Green go with Dinner C. Orange, Pink, and Brown go with Dinner A. We find out that Dinner A is indeed the healthiest choice. Orange, Pink, and Brown now go to a tie breaker question. They have to guess how many calories are in Dinner A. The closest answer without going over will win the groceries. Brown guesses 547, Pink guesses 385, Orange guesses 475. The correct answer is 445 calories. Pink Team wins! Starting now, the contestants must order out all of their meals. What does Ali have to help them get started? Ding ding ding! A Biggest Loser brand product! They get a copy of The Biggest Loser Simple Swaps book to help them make healthier choices when looking at menus. Phew. What would we do without that?

    The next day, it's time for some food and the contestants are gathered around the table looking at menus. They make a list of what everyone wants and remind each other not to order sugary fruits and put the dressing on the side. These poor restaurants. I can't imagine these special orders for everyone. The food gets to the ranch, and people are pissed. There is cheese on salads that aren't supposed to have cheese, there are fruits in people's orders that aren't supposed to be there, and somebody got bagel chips. Those darn bagel chips!! They are livid and can't understand why their special orders weren't made correctly. Me thinks maybe The Biggest Loser had a little hand in that one. Muwahaha.

    A little later, Bob and Jillian enter the kitchen and see the chains wrapped around the kitchen cabinets. Shay fills them in, and then Bob and Jillian offer to take the contestants to dinner. They put on normal clothes. What? Where are their colors? I'm confused!! Bob and Jillian take everyone to a Mexican restaurant to show them how to make healthy choices. The waiter automatically brings chips and salsa and they turn him away. Mmm. Chips and salsa. Rebecca wants to order a margarita and even though I think she's joking, Jillian lays into her about her reasons for being on the show and what she hopes to get out of it. She says she wants to get healthy and Jillian says that is such a generic answer. Rebecca then counters with the fact that she wants to wear skinny jeans and have a family. Well, at least she's honest about losing weight for vanity reasons. She starts to cry and Jillian says she needs to have concrete goals. Jeez, these people can't have a leisurely dinner, can they? I must say I do like Jillian and Bob working together and trying to pep talk everyone as a team.

    Everyone miserably drinks their water (with lemon!) and attempts to order something healthy. Shay sends her meal back because she says there is too much oil in it. Uh oh. One order of vegetables with the cook's spit, coming right up! Jillian likes Amanda's order, but scolds everyone for not bringing their calorie counters. Jillian and Bob analyze everyone's dinners and seem to give the seal of approval. Ole!

    Next, it's obviously challenge time, as the contestants walk up to a big pool of water with a strange contraption near it. Alison immediately reveals that the winner of the challenge will receive immunity. Each contestant will grab hold of a handlebar on a platform above the pool. The contestants will begin laying down on the platform, and then the platform will keep getting steeper and steeper until it is completely vertical. The person who hangs on the longest will win. Abby and Tracey are not allowed to compete, so their partners are the sole representatives of their teams. Liz is the first to go, followed by her teammate Danny. Brown is out. Amanda falls, followed by Rudy, Rebecca, Dina, Coach Mo, Shay, and Julio. Daniel and Allen are the last two hanging. Daniel's shorts are riding up like crazy. It's making me a bit uncomfortable to look at actually. We might be seeing Little Daniel any second, if you catch my drift. Allen falls. Daniel is the winner! He wins immunity for the Orange Team. It looks like he doesn't have to worry about going home again on Week 4!

    In the gym, the last chance workout is brutal as usual. Like we'd expect anything different. Bob uses the “ordering out” week as motivation. Coach Mo is working extra hard because he is the lone representative for the Purple Team. Meanwhile, Tracey is just hanging out alone in the kitchen. Why is she even still allowed to be there? That doesn't seem fair to me. Mo is doing some sort of arm presses and he isn't able to get up. It looks like his body just quit on him. He says he is done and can't do anymore. Bob thinks Mo is panicking, which is making his injury worse. Bob wants Mo to rest for an hour and then get on the bike and keep going. Bob wants Mo to clear his head and realize he wants to be there. Yay, Mo!! He hobbles back into the gym and gets on the bike. What a guy. Tracey is lucky to have Mo as a partner.

    It's time for the weigh-in and everyone is particularly nervous. Nobody had control of food preparation, so everyone is worried about how they will do on the scale. Dina is afraid she went under her calories because she was afraid to eat the ordered out food. She feels like she didn't have as much energy this week either. This week's weigh-in will work like last week's. The 2 teams with the lowest percentage will fall below the yellow line. One team will go home.

    Daniel: Previous 287/Current 287 (0)
    Shay: Previous 437/Current 432 (-5)
    Total: (-5) -.69%
    Orange has immunity.
    Hmm.. I think Daniel may have done a little something to keep his number low this week so he can pull a big one next week. Tsk tsk. Alison immediately calls him out and tells him that isn't a bad strategy and he claims it isn't strategy. Alison tells him he knows better. Jillian says she hopes it's strategy because otherwise he is stupid and is going to get the crap beat out of him this coming week. Bob says that when someone loses 0 pounds and has immunity, they are playing the game just as much as Tracey is. Amen!

    Allen: Previous 292/Current 285 (-7)
    Abby: Previous 216/Current 213 (-3)
    Total: (-10) -1.97%

    Rudy: Previous 388/Current 377 (-11)
    Dina: Previous 234/Current 229 (-5)
    Total: (-16) -2.57%

    Liz: Previous 243/Current 240 (-3)
    Danny: Previous 390/Current 382 (-8)
    Total: (-11) -1.74%

    Tracey rambles on that she is at peace and she's expecting to gain weight. She has to go home and be a mom and a bitch. Well, I may have added that last part.
    Tracey: Previous 217/Current 213 (-4)
    Coach Mo: Previous 326/Current 318 (-8)
    Total: (-12) -2.21%
    Cue the Shay whine about it being unfair that a healthy team is going home since Purple is safe.

    Julio: Previous 368/Current 364 (-4)
    Total: (-4) -1.09%

    Amanda: Previous 235/Current 230 (-5)
    Rebecca: Previous 248/Current 244 (-4)
    Total: (-9) -1.86%

    The Brown Team and Julio fall below the yellow line.

    Everyone piles into the living room at the ranch to debate who should go home. Liz doesn't want to fight against Julio to stay. Julio says this is a nightmarish situation and he loves Liz and Danny. Julio knows everyone works hard and wants to stay. Liz says she will be heartbroken no matter who goes. Everyone bawls. Of course. The Purple Team is in a bit of a bind. Mo made a deal with Julio that he wouldn't vote him off, and Tracey made a deal with Liz that she wouldn't vote her off. Uh oh. Daniel and Shay are pretty sure that Liz would have no problem voting them off if they were below the yellow line, but they don't want to “play” that way. As we go to commercial, the voice guy reminds us to stick around to see how the eliminated player looks today. Not players, just player. Why don't you just tell us that Julio gets eliminated? Sheesh. Do you have the B Squad working this week or what NBC?

    In the elimination room, the votes haven't even been revealed yet and people are already crying. Get a grip. Everyone is best friends with everyone. We get it.

    Orange votes for Julio
    Blue votes for Liz and Danny
    Green votes for Julio
    Purple votes for Julio

    With 3 votes, Julio is eliminated. He seems to have a good attitude about it. He says he knows it was hard and pretty much a coin flip for some people. He has a lot of people at home who love him and will keep him going.

    When Julio began the show, he weighed 407lbs. He now weighs 299lbs. He used to be scared of the gym, now he is there all the time. He feels better about himself and feels like he is a positive role model for his kids. He is now buying fresh food from farmer's markets since he loves to cook so much. He looks great. He hopes to lose a total of 200lbs by the finale.

    Next week, it appears the teams are broken up and it is now going to be Blue vs. Black. Waaaahhh! Does that mean Bob and Jillian are going to be against each other again? I love them working together! Players are going to spin a wheel and whoever gets the “Golden Ticket” gets to pick the teams. I can already see the crazy in Tracey's eyes. Watch out!
    Wake up and be awesome

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    Re: 10/6 Biggest Loser Recap: The Crying Game

    Great recap Ashley , I don't know how you can sit through Shay's whining for two hours, I have to mute her when she comes on.

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    Re: 10/6 Biggest Loser Recap: The Crying Game

    I can already see the crazy in Tracey's eyes. Watch out!
    I'm already having nightmares about this!

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    Re: 10/6 Biggest Loser Recap: The Crying Game

    Great Re-cap!! Let's all pray Tracey doesn't get that dang Golden Ticket!!

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    Re: 10/6 Biggest Loser Recap: The Crying Game

    Quote Originally Posted by kjfras;3722131;
    Great Re-cap!! Let's all pray Tracey doesn't get that dang Golden Ticket!!
    Well I want her to get it.! I find the other contestants behaviour appalling to be honest

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