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Thread: 4/28 Biggest Loser Recap: The Biggest Snoozer

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    4/28 Biggest Loser Recap: The Biggest Snoozer

    Welcome back to another week of the Biggest Loser! According to last week's previews, this week is the contestants' last week on the ranch. I can't stop smiling. Such a shame. Okay, come on. I can't be the only person who is ready for this season to end. Let's just hand the money to Tara and be done with it. I'm sure this week is going to be one big warm and fuzzy trip down memory lane. Alright, let's just get on with the goods!

    Ron and Mike immediately begin to celebrate and gloat that Kristin is gone. Ron tells Mike he's already in the finale. *gag* I love Mikey, but he's starting to act a bit like his dad. He says that his dad is playing chess while everyone else is playing checkers. Yes, Brown Team. You are masterful, blah blah. Filipe heads to the gym alone because he knows he is alone in the game. He thinks everyone in the house is gunning for him, so he needs to work extra hard.

    Bob finds Ron and Filipe and asks Ron what the heck went down at the elimination. Bob has an inkling that Ron had a hand in everything that happened. Gee, where would he get that suspicion from? Ron denies having anything to do with it *cough*liar*cough*. Ron lies and says he didn't put the idea in Mike's head. Bob's BS meter starts to flash because he realizes Ron is the Don and what he says, goes. Bob is disappointed that Kristin went home.

    The contestants head to the gym to find Alison standing next to a large TV. Oh boy!! It's our first trip down memory lane this evening. We get to look back at how unskilled these people looked when they first began working out. Pardon me while I zone out for 5 minutes. After the little video montage, Ali drops the bomb that this is everyone's last week on campus. They all look sad and shocked. I feel the same way. Not. Everyone begins to work out and reflect on how far they've come. I know, I know. You've gone from flab to fab. Remind me again.

    Helen and Tara sit with each other and.... you've got it... reflect. Tara bought a little black dress when she was in London with the hopes that someday she would be small enough to wear it on New Year's Eve. Guess what? Ta da! She fits into it now! It's Helen's turn now. She jumps out with some sexy size 8 jeans and a little jacket. They decide to go show off for everyone in their goal outfits. Mike decides to go see if he fits into his goal jacket. He comes out sporting a black leather jacket and size 36 jeans. He went from a size 5x shirt to a large. Well that was fun. *yawn*

    The contestants return to Dr. H for a final meeting. He tells them they've done a great job, changed a lot, etc. Helen is up first. He shows her a before and after closeup picture of her stomach. Nice. When she started, her biological age was 60. Now, her biological age is 50. Tara gets a closeup picture of her stomach “before”, stretch marks and all. She then gets to see her “after” picture. Filipe's waist went from 58 inches to 43 inches. Mikey's belly region is 54% smaller than it used to be. Ron can now fit into an MRI machine. I suppose that's an accomplishment? The fat that was surrounding his heart is nearly gone too.

    After leaving the doctor, the contestants head to a large sand/rock quarry for what appears to be this week's challenge. It is also the last challenge the contestants will face while on the ranch. *insert another flashback here* Since the first week's challenge had the players climbing over large mounds of sand, this one will too. Except this time, they will have to climb over 16 mounds. One for each week they've been on the ranch. The catch? Each contestant will be dragging the amount of weight they've lost throughout their time on the show. At the top of each mountain, they will be allowed to get rid of the amount of weight they lost during that particular week. How much weight will each person be carrying?
    Helen = 96lbs
    Tara = 117lbs
    Filipe = 120lbs
    Ron = 132lbs
    Mike = 153lbs

    The winner of today's challenge will win $10,000. I bet you can't guess what they can trade that money in for? Hello Captain Obvious! You can trade the $10,000 in for a 1lb advantage at this week's weigh-in. The person who comes in 2nd will get whichever prize the winner doesn't take. That's not too shabby.

    Tara starts out very slow. She can barely get over the first hill. I'm not worried. I'm sure she is going to make some astonishing comeback and win the whole thing. Filipe and Mike are off to a strong start. Filipe starts slowing down, and guess who passes him? That's right, the Green Machine herself. Mike is still hanging on to the lead, but Tara is gaining ground. Tara overtakes Mikey for the lead. Shocking, isn't it folks? Tara is our challenge winner. Mikey comes in second. He's excited because he also gets a prize. Second place is the first loser. Yeah. Filipe is third and Helen fourth. Everyone is finished with all 16 weeks, but Ron is still on Week 6. Wow. Come on, Ron. Mikey walks back to help his dad. Filipe then joins them. They finish together. How touching.

    For last chance workouts, Jillian announces she is taking her team to 24 hour fitness. But the players are going to have the last laughs. It's “Train the Trainer” day!! The teams get to scream and yell at the trainers. Tara is screaming at Jillian while Jillian is running on the treadmill. Filipe and Ron watch Bob run and squat. They aren't particularly tough. They are pretty much laughing the whole time. Bob is covered in sweat and keeps telling Ron and Filipe to shut up. He says they wiped the floor with him. Suck it up Bobby Boy, you do it every week! I guess it's kind of amusing in a twisted sort of way to see Bob and Jillian on the other end of things. I'm sure there will be payback for the contestants' last chance workouts.

    The last last chance workouts are pretty much make or break for all of the contestants. They need to work their butts off to make the finals. Every week when I think the workouts can't get anymore grueling, they usually do. I can't even imagine working out like they do. Sheesh. Tara is doing push-ups with Jillian sitting completely on her back. Ron's knee is sore, but he's working out his upper body. Yikes. I think I'm feeling pain just watching this.

    It's time for the weigh-in, and the players reflect *yes, again* as they walk into the gym for their final time facing the scale on the ranch. Alison reminds them that they are the Final 5 of a starting group of 22. When the Final 5 started, they weighed a combined total of 1,733lbs. They have lost a combined total of over 600lbs. They each speak a bit about how their lives have changed and how, win or lose, they are all still “winners”. Tara decides to take the 1lb advantage. Mike gets $10,000. Is Tara scared a bit? Hmm... let's see who our Final 4 will be!

    Ron: Last week 298/This week 289 (-9) -3.02%
    Ron has lost a total of 141lbs

    Filipe: Last week 244/This week 234 (-10) -4.10%
    Filipe has lost a total of 130lbs

    Helen: Last week 161/This week 154 (-7) -4.35%
    Helen has lost a total of 103lbs

    Mike: Last week 235/This week 224 (-11) -4.68%
    Mike has lost a total of 164lbs

    Tara: Last week 177/This week 169 (-8) (-9 with advantage) -5.08%
    Tara has lost a total 125lbs

    Ron and Filipe fall below the yellow line. Filipe is convinced that he is going home. Send home Ron!! Bob says his tearful goodbyes to his team, as does Jillian.

    Back at the ranch, the groveling begins. Ron wants to make it to the Final 4 with his son. He tells Helen and Tara that they know he isn't a threat and they can easily beat him. Talk about throwing Filipe under the bus. Filipe tells them he feels like he can continue and he doesn't want to stop. He tells them that in order for them to be the best, they have to beat the best. He doesn't want them to take the easy way out. Hmm. Apparently Filipe missed last week's elimination when the bigger threat was taken out. He doesn't have a prayer. He cries a little bit and begs for them to give him the opportunity to keep fighting. The guys leave Tara and Helen alone to talk. Helen realizes they've both voted for her. She has no loyalties toward either. The girls realize that their votes will decide the Final 4. Helen wants to sit and relish in her power and squish it in her mouth. Did I hear that right? Yeah, I think I did. Filipe seems to realize the girls are going to vote off the bigger threat (ie him) and he keeps complaining about it. It's a game, Filipe. Oh well. I can't say I wouldn't vote him off.

    Let's check the votes:

    Mike votes for Filipe
    Helen votes for Filipe
    We don't need to see Tara's vote because with 2 votes, Filipe is eliminated.

    Filipe cries and gives a little pep talk to nobody in particular. Maybe us, but I am not really paying attention.

    Ali reminds the Final 4 that it was their final week on the ranch, but the competition isn't over yet. WHAAAAAT?! Please, no more!! There will be 1 more weigh-in before the finale. Everyone is going home for 30 days, and then they will be back to face the scale 1 more time. Oy. This season will never end!!

    A day after leaving the ranch, Filipe arrives home to a very excited crew of family and friends. Sione is there and he looks good too. Sione is impressed with how far Filipe has come in the 3 weeks since they've been apart.

    Since leaving the ranch, Filipe has lost 13lbs. He struggled to manage his family and workouts. His dad had a stroke. That event refocused him and he began an exercise class every week at his house. He wants to educate his people and show them how to live healthier lives. Filipe's father is now attending Filipe's exercise classes and is working toward a full recovery.

    Next week, the contestants go home. Then, there is one more weigh-in. America's vote will decide who makes it to the live finale in 2 weeks. Please tell me the season is over for real after that? Please?
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    Re: 4/28 Biggest Loser Recap: The Biggest Snoozer

    Thanks for the recap.

    While I don't mind the going home and then weight in I wish the show was done with the vote in. What will be really really painful is another 2 hour episode and a 3 hour finale. Let this season be over, please.
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    Re: 4/28 Biggest Loser Recap: The Biggest Snoozer

    What got me was when they were having the party at Felipe's .. and they kept showing everyone piling too much food on their plates .. and Sione and Felipe had mostly salad .. and then some other stuff... (whether they did that because the cameras were there .. I don't know .. because that chicken looked mighty tasty!)
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    Re: 4/28 Biggest Loser Recap: The Biggest Snoozer

    And you caught the camera catching Felipe making the little girl (his daughter?) peel the skin off the chicken?
    I agree, I'm sure all Felipe's relatives watched the show, and Sione, his cousin, has been home for 3 weeks, but he (and the show) obviously hasn't made a dent in the extended family eating habits. Up hill work for the guys to convince Samoans to lay off the calories, and regularly exercise, especially if a large build isn't considered that unattractive. And I have to say, the video from the audition videos, where the guys were doing the Samoan dance? They didn't look nearly as unattractive as Ron and Mike would have.

    I did a little math on Tara's 8 lb. loss--her percent would have been between Mike and Helen without the extra lb.

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    Re: 4/28 Biggest Loser Recap: The Biggest Snoozer

    Great recap yet again!! You got the angst and humor and stupidity (they should have voted Ron off!!)

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