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Thread: 4/14 Biggest Loser Recap: Bravo! It's Makeover Week!

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    4/14 Biggest Loser Recap: Bravo! It's Makeover Week!

    Welcome to another week of the show that just won't end! It's my favorite point in the season. No, no, the show isn't over. I guess I should rephrase. It's my SECOND favorite point in the season! That's right folks, it's makeover week!! Grab the latest issue of Cosmopolitan and your favorite pair of Jimmy Choos and let's get fierce!

    The show begins with Filipe feeling bluer than his shirt. I guess Sione left a letter for Filipe. Filipe reads it, and it actually is pretty nice. I forgot Sione wasn't as big of an ass as Filipe. Kristin sits with Filipe to remember their Tongan beefcake of days gone by. Filipe and Kristin say it's Bob's turn to win this year. Jillian hasn't lost a player in 7 weeks and it's going to be a tough battle.

    It looks like the games are beginning right away this week, as the players walk to the rim of a canyon to find Alison waiting for them. Their challenge is to walk across the canyon using only 2 cables. One they will walk on, the other they will use in their hands to guide them. The canyon is 700ft across and the cable is going to be roughly 110ft (or a 10 story building) above the bottom of the canyon. The winner of the challenge will receive a $25,000 kitchen makeover complete with a restocked refrigerator courtesy of Jenny-O turkey. Not a bad deal. Plummeting to an untimely death in a canyon vs. a decked out kitchen complete with some sweet lunch meat? I'm going with the lunch meat!

    The contestants are blubbering like babies before they even start. Ron goes about 3 feet and then stops because he doesn't want to injure his knee any more than it already is. Tara falls first and can't lift herself back up far enough to get her feet back on her cable. Uh oh, could the Green Machine actually be in danger of losing a challenge? Not likely. Despite falling off of her cable for awhile, Tara gets back on and blows everyone away. Again. Yep, she beat them all. Again. *yawn* All of the other contestants (minus Ron) finish the challenge. This is Tara's 10th victory in a challenge.

    What's that Alison? Tara isn't the only one getting a kitchen makeover this week? She finally drops the bomb! It's makeover week! Everyone is excited! Yipee! Filipe can't wait to get a haircut. America can't wait for you to get a haircut either, buddy.

    Makeover day arrives and the contestants walk into Macy's to find the one and only... Tim Gunn from Project Runway!! Tara and Kristin are super excited. Mike and Ron stand there like, “Who the hell is this guy?” Tim tells the contestants that they are going to be dressing for a Hollywood movie premiere! Ooohh! That's exciting stuff. Did I mention that I heart makeover week? Tim helps everyone shop for their new bodies. Some laugh, some cry, etc. Not only does Tim Gunn bring a breath of fresh air to this stale show, he also comes bearing gifts! Each person will receive a $1,000 Macy's gift card.

    Now it's off to the salon! Who will be our special guest hair stylist? TABATHA COFFEY! I looooooove Tabatha! Loves her!! Keep the Bravo stars coming, NBC! *giggle*

    The makeovers are complete and now it's time to see the stunning results. The contestants have no idea that they aren't really going to a movie premiere. Boooo, bad NBC. They are actually attending their own “premiere”. The “premiere” of a new and improved person. Okay, I suppose that's acceptable in a lame motivational speaker kind of way.

    Helen's husband is anxiously awaiting her arrival. She steps out of the limo in a hot pair of pumps and looks absolutely beautiful in a purple dress and sexy blonde hair. I love her dress!! Go Helen!!

    Tara's up next. Her mom is waiting for her. Tara does look very pretty in an emerald green dress and curly blonde hair. Okay, I will agree that Tara is a pretty girl, but really... is she model material? The jury's still out.

    It's Filipe's turn and yes folks, he did get his hair cut. He has on a very cheesy purple looking suit jacket and jeans. His hair does look nice, but I must say I preferred it longer. He finds his wife at the bottom of the stairs. A happy reunion ensues.

    Next out: Kristin. I always forget Kristin is married. Her hubby anxiously awaits her arrival. She has on a cute but conservative black shirtdress thing. More importantly, NO MORE SKUNK HAIR!! Her hair is all one shade of dark! Finally! Thanks Tabatha!

    Laura is the next reveal and oh my goodness, she looks amazing. Her hair is a reddish brown color and I absolutely love it. I think it looks amazing on her. She is wearing a sexy red dress and feeling super confident. She definitely gets my stamp of approval. Hands down she is my favorite makeover so far. Love, love, love the hair.

    Ron and Mike are next. Ron's wife/Mike's mom and Ron's son/Mike's brother wait to greet Ron and Mike. I can't wait to see Mikey. He's such a cutie patootie. Ron is out first and.... ahhhh!!! His facial hair is gone! Holy clean-shaven, Batman! He looks 10 years younger. Wow. I can't believe it. His hair is short and he has a nice suit on. Mikey enters the screen *giggle* wearing a plain looking suit with some light blue sweater action going on underneath. He looks so absolutely adorable. He probably couldn't be more adorable even if he had cotton candy, rainbows, and puppies shooing out of his ass. Mike's brother breaks down and feels like he doesn't fit into the family anymore because he's so big. Awww. Give that kid a hug. They encourage Max and tell him they will help him in any way they can. Mike takes Max aside and gives him a little pep talk. Max wants to be seen as normal and wants to be like Mike.

    Okay, after all of the reveals my favorite was..... Laura. Hands down.

    The Losers get to walk the red carpet with different magazines interviewing them as they pose and smile and laugh. They settle into an LA Theater. Wait, so maybe they actually do get to watch a movie premiere? Nah, it's just a “movie” about everyone's journey from the start of the season until the point they are at now. *insert recap footage/touching montage here*

    After all the fun and family stuff, it's back to the usual routine at the ranch. That's right, it's last chance workout time! Bob's Terrible Trio (Kristen, Ron, Filipe) need to work extra hard to impress their master and avoid that yellow line. I wonder why they didn't show Bob's reaction to Sione's departure? It must have been too emotionally taxing to show to the public. *evil giggle*

    In Jillian's camp, injuries plague one of her warriors. Laura has apparently been bothered by a sore hip, so Jillian sent her to see the doctor. She has the beginnings of a hip fracture. Uh oh. After some medical mumbo jumbo, we find out Laura can't do any high impact running or other exercises for 3 months. That's the longest time anyone has been “out of commission” on the show. That doesn't sound good.

    Jillian's last chance workout contains the usual screaming, moaning, and grunting. And that's just from Jillian's mouth! Tara reflects on how important this last chance workout is for her and invites Jillian to bring it on.

    The contestants file into the gym for yet another weigh-in. Ali informs the seven remaining contestants that they have lost a total of 765lbs. That's unbelievable! At this weigh-in, Mike has the chance to break the record for most weight lost on campus. Season 5's Roger lost a total of 144lbs in 15 weeks. Mike is 5lbs away from the record. Here we go!

    Mike: Last week 248/This week 243 (-5) -2.02%
    Yay! Mikey has broken Roger's weight loss record!!!

    Ron: Last week 308/This week 302 (-6) -1.95%

    Tara: Last week 186/This week 182 (-4) -2.15%

    Filipe: Last week 252/This week 247 (-5) -1.98%

    Helen: Last week 169/This week 162 (-7) -4.14%

    Kristin: Last week 245/This week 243 (-2) -.82%

    Laura: Last week 205/This week 208 (+3) Ouch.
    Sione and Mike had to carry Laura up to the scale because of her fractured hip. Poor gal. It's not her fault she gained the weight. She has a fractured hip!! Did I mention I love her hair?!

    Kristin and Laura are below the yellow line. Jillian gives Laura a heartfelt departure speech as if her butt was already out the door. I can't imagine anyone will keep her because she can't exercise or she could do some real hardcore damage to her hip. But hey, what do I know? Don't answer that!

    Laura and Kristin both bawl and plead their cases. Laura tells them that if they keep her another week, she is going to do what she can to lose weight. She is aware she has a major injury and if she doesn't take care of it she could be facing major surgery. She wants everyone to vote as if she weren't injured. Kristin knows that people are thinking of the huge gameplay advantage of keeping Laura. Everyone knows that Laura will struggle and won't be a huge threat. Kristin is asking everyone to step up, not be afraid, and keep her in the house. She says she isn't at the ranch to fit into a bikini or to fit into cute clothes for the clubs. She is there because she needs to get healthy for herself and to be able to start a family.

    Ron, who always has something to say, reminds everyone that Laura can barely get around. She could barely make her own breakfast. Tara drops an f bomb and asks what Laura is supposed to do. Tara says Laura has more support at the ranch than she does at home. Ron continues to argue that Laura needs to go home and get properly taken care of and go to rehab.

    Hmm... so will the players vote with their hearts or with their heads? My bet is that this bunch of softies will go with their hearts and vote out Laura, but you never know with these crazies.

    Laura votes for Kristin
    Ron votes for Laura
    Mike votes for Laura
    Helen votes for Kristin
    Filipe votes for Laura

    With 3 votes, Laura is eliminated. The Biggest Loser is going to provide doctors to help with Laura's recovery. Alison says Laura needs time to rest and take care of her sports injury. Aww man. I was actually really starting to like Laura. I thought she was the dark horse in this whole competition until this little fracture issue came up.

    Laura meets with the BL doctors a little while after leaving the ranch and finds out that her fracture is healing and things are heading in the right direction. Laura goes to physical therapy and hopes to be up and running in the next few months. Even with the injury, Laura has been able to maintain her weight loss. Since arriving at the ranch, Laura has lost a total of 77lbs. Despite her injury, she still wants to lose 100lbs by the finale night.

    Next week, Mike confronts Ron about Ron's unhealthy lifestyle while Mike and Max were growing up. Looks exciting. Not. At least we get to see more of Mikey Cutie Pie. *swoon*

    Until next week....
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    Re: 4/14 Biggest Loser Recap: Bravo! It's Makeover Week!

    AshleyPSU, yet another great recap! (do you have a thing for Mikey?)

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