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Thread: 3/31 Biggest Loser Recap: The Green Machine is Green With Envy

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    3/31 Biggest Loser Recap: The Green Machine is Green With Envy

    Welcome back, Loser fans! Now that the show is back to its regularly scheduled time slot this week, I'm sure everybody ended up watching Idol instead of this bunch of whiny babies. For those of you who missed the show, you've come to the right place! I sit through this lame and predictable snoozer of a season so that you don't have to! We know from the previews that somebody is going to come back. Who will it be? My money is on Dane or Blaine, but who knows. If I was a betting woman, I'd also bet Tara will win something tonight. On with the show!

    The show begins with Filipe whining that his alliance with Mike and Ron is done. They were thinking of voting Filipe off and Cult of Bob followers alliance mates shouldn't do that. It looks like Filipe and Sione are sticking with Kristen and kicking Ron and Mike to the curb. Hoes before bros!

    The contestants head to the gym to find Season 5 winner Ali Vincent waiting for them. She has some exciting news. The usual host, Alison Sweeney, had a baby girl named Megan right after the previous evening's elimination. Awww, congrats!

    Ali v2.0 then drops the bomb that a previously eliminated contestant will be returning to the show! The only eligible contestants are the ones who didn't make it back to the ranch after the first month's crazy twist. Those contestants are Nicole, Estella, and Dave. The contestant who has lost the most weight will get to come back and will also receive immunity during their first week back. Nicole and Estella look great. Dave looks like he did when he started the show.

    Estella: Previous 242/Current 197 (-45) -18.60%
    David: Previous 393/Current 347 (-46) -11.70%
    Nicole: Previous 269/Current 182 (-87) -32.34%

    Nicole will be coming back to the ranch! She has the 2nd highest percentage of weight loss out of everybody. Guess who is ahead of her? The robot Tara, the Green Machine. Tara wonders if Nicole even needs to be on the show since she lost so much weight at home.

    Nicole gets up early on her first day back to go for a jog. She runs into Tara while she is jogging. Tara blabbers on and on about the game and gameplay, etc etc. Nicole just smiles politely and goes about her workout.

    Bob's team is hanging out in the kitchen when Bob walks in. He gives his bromance Filipe a hug since he's back home safe. They tell Bob they have a surprise for him. Nicole comes strutting around the corner and Bobby Boy's tongue falls to the floor.

    Tara meets with Jillian to express her obsession concerns about Nicole's return. Tara thinks Nicole is another Tara, but Jillian just thinks Tara is manic. Tara, Tara, Tara. It's kind of fun to see Tara squirm now that she has some competition. Tara admits to Jillian that she has been defensive but she wants to start to focus on herself so she can be successful at home. She never wants to go back to the way she was. Would it be accurate to say that if Bob and Filipe have a little bromance going that Tara and Jillian have a little homance going?

    Bob pulls Kristen and Sione aside to discuss the drama amongst the Bob-zombies. Kristen knows that Ron is in the house for Mike, but they don't know where his head is at otherwise. Bob tells Kristen to look out for herself because there is no “Black” and “Blue” anymore, just individuals. *yawn*

    In the gym, everyone is going about their merry ways while Ron is out for a little walk. As he's walking, he breaks out in a cold sweat and starts to get chest pains. He goes to see the medic on the ranch and the medic sends him to the hospital. The doctor at the hospital determines that Ron didn't have a heart attack, but he somehow lost blood which caused him some dizziness. They aren't sure where the bleeding is inside Ron's body, so they do some tests. They find out that Ron had several ulcers caused by his previous gastric bypass surgery, but it isn't anything serious and he should be okay to return to the ranch.

    It's challenge time and the contestants head to the pool where there are a bunch of crazy rope like apparatuses stretched across the water. Who is our guest host this evening? It's none other than Michelle Aguilar, winner of Season 6! Yay! I heart Michelle!! For the challenge, each contestant will be standing on a platform held by 40 ropes over the pool. They will keep one hand on a suspended rope. One by one, the ropes holding the platform in place will be released, making it harder for the contestants to keep their balance. The last person standing, wins. The winner receives a 1 lb advantage at the next weigh-in. Mike is the first to fall, and Filipe is the second. Laura, Tara, Helen, Nicole, and finally Kristen fall. Sione is the last man standing and wins the 1 lb advantage.

    Bob takes his crew off campus for their last chance workouts. They head to Muscle Beach. Oooo, I hope we see Ahhnold! Back in the gym, Jillian and Mikey wrestle. Nicole becomes emotional because she is so glad to be back. Nothing really new or exciting with these workouts.

    Ron returns to the ranch and Mike is definitely happy to see him. Ron is worried about the scale this week because he was pumped full of water in the hospital. He is pretty sure he will be below the yellow line this week. Mikey warns Ron the Don not to fall on the sword for anyone. Ron says only for his son.

    Apparently it's time for the weigh-in already (this episode flew by!) and the contestants file into the gym to find Ali, the original, waiting to greet them. Wow, she's back on the show so soon after having her baby? That's $$$$ dedication! Who will fall below the yellow line? Let's find out!

    Nicole: Last week 182/This week 187 (+5) +2.75%
    Holy cow! Can someone say “water loading because I have immunity”? I'm so tired of that garbage. Wait, apparently because Nicole GAINED weight, she loses her immunity? Did I miss something? Other people have gained weight while having immunity and not lost it. Color me confused.

    Kristen: Last week 255/This week 251 (-4) -1.57%

    Laura: Last week 213/This week 214 (+1) +.47%

    Tara: Last week 195/This week 189 (-6) -3.08%
    Tara is the second woman in BL history to break the 100lb weight loss mark. You hear that Tara? The SECOND, not the FIRST.

    Helen: Last week 177/This week 171 (-6) -3.39%

    Sione: Last week 266/This week 260 (-6) -2.63%
    His percentage includes his 1lb advantage.

    Filipe: Last week 263/This week 259 (-4) -1.52%

    Mike: Last week 264/This week 253 (-11) -4.17%
    Go Mikey! *little girl giggle*

    Ron: Last week 317/This week 320 (+3) +.95%
    I almost, ALMOST, feel bad for Ron this week. It wasn't really his fault that he gained.

    Nicole and Ron fall below the yellow line and are up for elimination.

    Nicole wants the chance to stay and compete. She says she is trying to be strong and not break down, but she wants everyone to consider the things they said to her individually when she came back into the house. Ron the Don asks everyone to save him. He says his fate is in their hands. Mike pipes up and reminds everyone that his dad still needs to be in the house because he's still 320lbs and has a bad knee. Mike doesn't think it's right to penalize Ron because he was in the hospital. I guess I can agree with that. Ron doesn't bother me as much as he bothers other people. I wonder if Sione and Filipe will turn on their former alliance mate? The votes are in...

    Mike votes for Nicole
    Filipe votes for Ron
    Ron shakes his head in disbelief and goes on a Ron the Don rant. Mikey and Ron say that Filipe lied. Apparently Filipe told Ron he'd be fine, but he never said he wouldn't vote for him. Technicalities.
    Laura votes for Nicole
    Sione votes for Ron
    Tara votes for Nicole
    There's a shocker. Jealous much?
    Helen votes for Ron
    Kristen holds the tie breaking vote.
    Kristen votes for Nicole

    With 4 votes, Nicole has been eliminated just as quickly as she came. It was nice seeing you again for a week though Nicole! Nicole returns home to Damien and she now realizes just how much weight she lost while at home. She is proud of herself. Nicole currently weighs 164lbs. She returned to the bridal boutique where she picked out her original wedding gown. It was a size 24. She is now picking out a new wedding gown in a size 12. Awww. Nicole has such a fun outlook on life. I like her. Since starting the Biggest Loser, Nicole has lost a total of 105lbs. She hopes to be in a size 8 gown for her wedding.

    Next week, the contestants apparently go crazy and throw a bunch of platters and food in the gym. Um, NBC is getting REALLY stingy because the preview was like 7 seconds long. I kid you not. Okay then, nothing to see here! Join me again next week for another episode sure to be chock full of fun! Wake me up when it's over!

    *My apologies for the late recap this week. I was off figuring out what I've done today to make me feel proud.
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    Re: 3/31 Biggest Loser Recap: The Green Machine is Green With Envy

    Darn it, I knew there was something I was supposed to do today! Guess I'll have to figure out something to be proud of tomorrow. Seriously, great recap, AshleyPSU - thanks for taking the time!

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    Re: 3/31 Biggest Loser Recap: The Green Machine is Green With Envy

    AshleyPSU, you know you did great recap-that should make you feel real proud!!

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