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Thread: 3/17 Biggest Loser Recap: A Case of the Blues... Again

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    3/17 Biggest Loser Recap: A Case of the Blues... Again

    It's family week on the Biggest Loser and you know what that means! Aubrey gets to go home and see her kids! Nevermind that everyone else on the show has a family they are super excited to see. I'm sure we will get about 5 seconds of everyone else and 20 minutes of Aubrey. Will the Blue Team be able to pull out of their funk and FINALLY not suck win something? I highly doubt it, but hey, St. Patrick's Day is all about luck, right?

    *At the beginning of the show, the Black Team joins the Blue Team in the elimination room. Ali reveals that everybody will be going home for the week. Kristin can't wait to see her husband. Wait. I must have missed that huge detail because I had no idea she was married. I do know that Aubrey has kids. You will be annoyed with me pointing that out by the end of this recap.

    *Tara heads home to a giant reception outside of her house. Her mom is super excited to see how she looks. Aubrey's family meets her in the airport. Her kids surround her (yes, she has them) and her husband kisses her. Laura goes into her house where her family cheers and is amazed at how she looks. Helen's family is waiting for her inside of her house. Her son and husband are amazed. Shanon is there too. She looks good. Sione and Filipe go home to their families for a very emotional reunion. Cathy and Kristin go home to an excited family as well. Kristin's sister looks exactly like her. Wow. Ron and Mike head home to a VERY ecstatic family. Ron's wife is very pretty. Mike's brother Max is a very large boy. He starts to cry when he sees Mike. Let's hope Ron and Mike can teach that boy a thing or two. Well, those homecomings were relatively painless. Boring, but painless.

    *Next up: Marathon Challenge/Cookie Temptation. The contestants each receive a tin with the Biggest Loser logo on it. The tin is filled with giant sugar cookies. Mmmm. I suddenly have a hankering for a giant cookie. Also included with the tin is a DVD. Alison is on the DVD informing the contestants that they are going to run in a half marathon which is equal to 13.1 miles. Now, for the tin. Each player's tin has 13 cookies in it. For every cookie a player chooses to eat, they may add 5 minutes on to a player of their choice's time. The player that has the fastest time wins. The winner of the marathon will receive $10,000. Aubrey's husband really wants Aubrey to win the 10,000. He has shifty eyes. I don't trust him.

    *Aubrey decides to eat some cookies. She needs that $10,000. For her family. Yes, she has one. We also see Helen scarfing down a cookie. They truly are money hungry dedicated to their diets, aren't they folks? Mandi gets to run the marathon with Aubrey. Lucky gal.

    *Apparently it doesn't matter whether or not the contestants run inside or outside, as long as they run the half marathon. There are also random people running with each contestant. *insert inspirational music and fat flashbacks here* Oh yeah, for those of you who care, I changed my opinion on this season's hottie. Mike is now first on my list. I changed my second place vote from Filipe to Sione. I think Sione is going to be hotter of the two cousins. He also seems to be the calmer and less jackassy of the two. Sione is 200 yards away from the finish line and drops to the ground in pain. Hmmm... now that Sione is out, I wonder which blonde powerhouse will win this challenge? This is the most predictable season ever. I'm over it.

    Tara's finish time: 2:24:19
    Sione': 2:25:57
    Helen: 2:49:19
    Aubrey: 2:53:02
    Cathy: 3:15:21
    Mike': 3:19:38
    Laura: 3:24:00
    Filipe: 3:24:05
    Kristin: 3:43:45
    Ron finished 4 miles in 1:52:34 and didn't attempt more. Why did they keep this fool around for another week? I mean I like the guy, but a competitor he is not.

    *Back at Aubrey's house, she prepares to make breakfast for her children. She informs us how hard it is to juggle a family of 5 kids plus her husband plus her workouts. I have no idea how you do it, Aubrey. Maybe you should ask every other working mom in America who does exactly what you do without bitching about it. Laura goes for a run because she hears Jillian's voice in her head telling her to run, run, run! Mike and Ron refrain from pigging out on pizza and cookies while their family wolfs it down in front of them. Helen takes her hubby to the Polish grocery store and tries to make healthy choices. Pierogies and halushki? Sign me up!! She starts to cry in the middle of the store because she is so proud of herself.

    *Aubrey sits down with her obese father (around 500lbs), and tries to get him motivated to lose some weight. She yells at him a bit and tells him he needs to lose 300lbs. He makes a joke and she doesn't laugh. He has a weird stain on his pants. Oye. Can we see what anyone else is up to? Nope, we get to see Aubrey hugging her children goodbye and whining about leaving her family. Next please. After the other contestants give their families some tearful goodbyes, it's time to head back to the ranch.

    *When the contestants get back to the gym, Alison is there waiting to reveal the winner of the marathon. She announces that Tara and Sione blew everyone away in the marathon. Nobody ate a cookie to penalize Sione. Helen ate a cookie for Tara and Tara is obviously pissed. Hmm... I thought Aubrey ate a bunch of cookies. They must not have gone to Tara or there was some tricky editing there. Because of her 5 minute penalty, Tara loses and Sione wins the $10,000. Tara didn't win! Whoa!

    *Last chance workouts are particularly grueling due to the fact that the contestants haven't been on campus all week. Sione and Filipe are still working out with Bob which I think is ridiculous. I don't like my trainer because she's mean, so I'm taking my toys and going... to Bob.

    *It's already time for the weigh-in! How did the teams do at home? Let's see if the Blue Team can actually win something!

    Mike: Last week 278/This week 270 (-8)
    Black Team Total: (-8) -.55%

    Laura: Last week 226/This week 220 (-6)
    Black Team Total: (-14) -.97%

    Tara: Last week 200/This week 198 (-2)
    Black Team Total: (-16) -1.11%
    Jillian thinks Tara is overexercising and not sleeping and her body is fighting back. Tara whines and Jillian reminds Tara that Jillian is the professional.

    Sione: Last week 277/This week 273 (-4)
    Black Team Total: (-20) -1.39%

    Filipe: Last week 274/This week 267 (-7)
    Black Team Total: (-27) -1.87%

    Helen: Last week 189/This week 182 (-7)
    Black Team Total: (-34) -2.35%

    Now on to the Blue Team...

    Aubrey: Last week 200/This week 195 (-5)
    Blue Team Total: (-5) -.48%

    Ron: Last week 337/This week 327 (-10)
    Ron went over the 100lb mark and has lost a total of 103lbs. Okay it probably is good that they kept him around.
    Blue Team Total: (-15) -1.44%

    Kristen: Last week 263/This week 264 (+1)
    Blue Team Total: (-14) -1.34%

    Cathy: Last week 242/This week 241 (-1)
    Blue Team Total: (-15) -1.44%

    Blue loses again. Black reigns supreme. Ron has immunity since he had the highest % of weight loss on the Blue Team.

    *Cathy asks the team to send her home. She doesn't want Aubrey to be sent home because Aubrey still has weight to lose. Aubrey doesn't want Cathy to leave her daughter and sacrifice herself. Cathy wants to sacrifice herself for the good of the team and her daughter. I think I got that all straight! What a noble bunch we have this year with all the “sacrificing” they do. Excuse me while I throw up in my mouth.

    *The votes are in!
    Aubrey votes for Cathy
    Ron votes for Cathy
    Kristen votes for Cathy

    With 3 votes, Cathy is eliminated. I don't think I could vote for my own mother even if she begged me to.

    *Since leaving the ranch, Cathy is now down to 215lbs. She loves spin class and has introduced it to her daughters. Her daughters have lost 15lbs and 48lbs. That's great! Way to go ladies!

    *Next week, Biggest Loser history could be made if either Kristen or Tara gets to the -100lbs mark. They would be the first women on campus to do so. The Green Machine hasn't been doing so hot lately, so I'm going to say... Go Kristen!
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    Re: 3/17 Biggest Loser Recap: A Case of the Blues... Again

    Great recap!

    Quote Originally Posted by AshleyPSU;3387230;
    Mike and Ron refrain from pigging out on pizza and cookies while their family wolfs it down in front of them.
    I wanted to see what Max (Ron's other overweight son) was eating during this segment! Was he inspired seeing his dad and brothers' success and eating healthy....or was he having a "last hurrah" and wolfing down the pizza before deciding to make a change?
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    Re: 3/17 Biggest Loser Recap: A Case of the Blues... Again

    I can't read the recap yet b/c I'm just now watching the rerun on FLN! Here's what I'm thinkin'...

    Max's reaction broke my heart.
    Seeing Tara's mom, I see where T gets her penchant for drama. It's so cool to see everyone in their comfort zones at home. You get to see personalities!
    Love love love Cathy and Kristin.
    During the marathon, the guy jogging behind Filipe looked like the "before" version of Sione.
    That was such a natural convo between Tara and her brother about "extra sugarfree gum". In fact, I was just discussing "low sodium v8 juice with a full serving of fruits and vegetables" w/ my boyfriend. We all talk that way.
    Looks like Kleenex hit paydirt again this week. Boo-hooing-a-plenty!
    Mikey's starting to bring out the cougar in me.
    If Helen had stuffed all the cookies in her piehole and tacked 30 mins on Tara and Sione, she'd be able to buy herself $10000 worth of tequila, jumbo shrimp, and smokes! Denied!
    Jillian has that "smelling a fart" look on her face during the weigh in.
    I wish Ali Sweeney would push that baby out and let us weigh it on the biggest loser scale. Beep-beep-beep-beep-beep-beep-beep-beep-beep-BLINK! Ali, your newborn weighs an incredible 8 POUNDS. What a tub! 2 hours on the elliptical, now.
    What in gaudy busted moonboot hell is Jillian wearing on her feet.
    Uh oh. Kristin looks like she's been crying. Oh fudge. +1? Bob has that "ya'll are f***in' with my cash flow" look on his face.
    Blah! Cathy goes home. I think I'm going to lay here and sob about it for the next 2 hours then eat a "60 calorie Jello sugar free pudding pack"
    Ok, I just read Ashley's recap. Love the interjections of opinion. Lol!! Great recap as always...

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    Re: 3/17 Biggest Loser Recap: A Case of the Blues... Again

    Great recap! Does Aubrey really have children? I didn't realize!

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