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Thread: 2/24 Discussion Thread ***SPOILERS***

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    Re: 2/24 Discussion Thread ***SPOILERS***

    Bob is a big baby. He coddles his team which is not what they need (they've been coddled in the real world and where has that gotten them?). What were they going to do when they left the ranch? Stalk Bob? Sure, you can get attached to your trainer, but the trainer's job is to teach you how to exercise, eat right, and how to do it on your own. Not be dependent on the trainer forever. Jillian's approach is what is needed for them to survive in the real world without a trainer. Her team is mentally tougher as seen last night with all of Bob's people crying and whining and Jillian's people sucking it up and dealing with it. I also loved how Bob was nice to his original members, but was a jerk to the yellows and black. Every trainer has a different approach to training, and Jillian was spot on about how everyone would benefit by seeing a different style and blending the two to make a routine that works.

    I like Tara, she may have had a fit last week, but who doesn't have a bad week. At least she hasn't been whining all season while the yellow team. Sione had a chance to win the up down challenge, he and Tara were neck to neck with one more to go, and Sione couldn't get up. Tara was mentally tougher, pushed through the pain and won. Jillian's other two teams (yellow and black) finished shortly there after, but it was Bob's people that didn't have the mental toughness to endure and came in last (with the exception of team Blue).

    Did anyone notice that the daughter of the Purple team kept saying "I miss my brothers" but did not mention Helen once? What's happened behind the scenes that we haven't been privy too? Is it the whole sending Shanon home thing?

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    Re: 2/24 Discussion Thread ***SPOILERS***

    awwww ron looked so happy at his son's loss

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