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Thread: 2/17 Biggest Loser Recap: A Day At The Beach... In Hell

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    2/17 Biggest Loser Recap: A Day At The Beach... In Hell

    Are you tired of trying to suffer through the longest two hours on television? Would you rather have a root canal than sit through another episode full of Mandi's tears or Laura's whining? I hear you fellow Biggest Loser fans but shhh... I still really love this show! That's why I'm back to take another one for the team. If you have an attention span as short as mine, you've definitely come to the right place for the cold, hard facts. Here we go with a slimmed down recap for your viewing pleasure!

    *Blaine went home last week. Dane has to work out alone. Boo hoo.

    *Ali surprises the contestants with another “pop challenge”. In this challenge, each contestant is competing to win a key to the gym. There are only 2 teams that will win access to the gym for the week. The object is to climb up the mountain, choose a key from amongst 130 other keys, and try to open a lock. This will continue until 2 teams have found the correct keys. During the challenge, Tara pukes a few times. Nothing new. The Pink Team finds the first key to the gym. The Brown Team finds the second key. Those are the only two teams who will be allowed access to the gym this week.

    *Bob's team drops the bomb on him that they kept Dane and sent Blaine home. He stares in disbelief for a little while and then throws a mini bitch fit. Oh get over it Bob. Your team has a heart this year... and apparently some balls to defy you also.

    *Helen and Shanon dragged a table, chairs, and snacks into the gym and made part of the gym into a lounge. They thought it was a lot funnier than I did.

    *Bob's outdoor workouts consist of doing steps on outdoor benches, lifting chairs, and yanking each other around. He pulls out some contraption that wraps around a tree (hey Bob, whatever toys you use in your home are your business) and makes his team use it for lunges and other exercises.

    *Jillian hates the outdoors, so she works out with her team inside the house. She has them spread out in the living room like they are in an aerobics class. They do squats and other random things. She yells at Tara a lot and Tara whines that she's having “an off day”.

    *The contestants discover that the sprinklers are on and decide to run through them and wrestle around in the mud. They roll around and dive and slide though the mud. They are as happy as pigs in... well, mud!

    *This week's challenge is a rowing machine challenge. Behind each rowing machine is a large tower light. The light will stay green if each player is rowing fast enough to keep it lit. The light will turn yellow if the player needs to row faster. If the light turns red, the player is out. This is a team challenge, so if 1 player on a team gets eliminated, both members will be eliminated. The winner of this challenge will win immunity. Tara complains about her loser partner Laura and she isn't sure how Laura will do, yada yada. Mike and Ron are the first players out followed by Yellow. The winner of the challenge and immunity this week is Dane! I kind of forgot he was still on the show.

    *Bob FINALLY has Ron work out in the pool. Why didn't he do this 2 weeks ago? Obviously the guy has a bad knee and the pool is the best option for Ron. The rest of Bob's team goes to the beach for their last chance workouts. He has his team run in the sand and then run around with a huge piece of wood on their backs. They are jumping over barrels and doing all kinds of crazy stuff.

    *In Jillian's camp, her last chance workout consists of more 80's aerobics and a little bit of boxing. Tara whines to Jillian that she is afraid Laura isn't pulling her weight. I kind of hope Laura loses a lot more than Tara, just to shrink Tara's ego just a little bit. I liked her at first but she's kind of too much for me now. Jillian's team heads to the pool to kick and do push-ups. Jillian is flying by the seat of her pants with these outdoor workouts. I love it.

    *Just like last week, one team will fall below the yellow line. One person from that team will go home. Here are the results!

    Dane: Last week 329/This week 325 (-4) -1.22%
    Dane has immunity.

    Kristin: Last week 301/This week 289 (-12) Hmm.. she didn't waterload last week now did she?
    Cathy: Last week 264/This week 263 (-1)
    Total: (-13) -2.30%

    Blue: (Does anyone else have a crush on these guys? Me likey.)
    Filipe: Last week 298/This week 291 (-7)
    Sione: Last week 305/This week 296 (-9)
    Total: (-16) -2.65%

    Laura: Last week 249/This week 241 (-8)
    Tara: Last week 229/This week 222 (-7)
    Total: (-15) -3.14%

    Mandi: Last week 215/This week 210 (-5)
    Aubrey: Last week 223/This week 216 (-7)
    Total: (-12) -2.74%

    Helen: Last week 211/This week 205 (-6)
    Shanon: Last week 241/This week 238 (-3)
    Total: (-9) -1.99%

    Mike: Last week 317/This week 307 (-10)
    Ron: Last week 361/This week 354 (-7)
    Total: (-17) -2.51%

    Pink Team is up for elimination. Helen and Shanon plead for everyone to send Shanon home. Shanon cries. Shanon thinks she is able to do it at home. Shanon cries. Everyone else kind of gets pissed about that for some reason. Shanon once again says she knows she can do it at home and she wants her mom to stay on the ranch to do it. Shanon cries some more. Sione thinks Shanon needs to stay at the house because she has more weight to lose. It sounds to me like Helen is forcing Shanon to go home, but who knows. You'd think a mom would want her kid to stay.

    *The votes are in!

    Green votes for Shanon
    Blue votes for Shanon
    Brown votes for Shanon
    Purple votes for Shanon

    With 4 votes, Shanon is eliminated. Guess what? Yep, she cries.

    *Shanon has lost a total of 85lbs and now weighs 198lbs. She is still sad that she is split from her mom. She cries. Shocking I know. She is training to be part of the roller derby. Her derby name is “Flower Power”. She looks very pretty. I wish her the best of luck.

    Next week, it appears the Biggest Loser is on both Tuesday and Wednesday. Oh boy! Some of the teams will be split up and it all comes down to a flip of the coin. Oooo I see drama ahead!! Tune in next week to see Bob break down. That guy is on a one way flight to Nutsville. Until then, go ahead and eat some ice cream. I won't tell.
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    Re: 2/17 Biggest Loser Recap: A Day At The Beach... In Hell

    AshleyPSU, yet another great recap! (and wasn't it funny that Laura beat Tara by a pound?)

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    Re: 2/17 Biggest Loser Recap: A Day At The Beach... In Hell

    lol love the recap. i didn't dig how helen got her own daughter out but oh well

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