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Thread: 2/17 Show Discussion Thread **spoilers**

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    Re: 2/17 Show Discussion Thread **spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by nosilla;3338200;
    ....I'd definitely waterload if it increased my chances.
    Hi - new member here, posting on this thread for the first time. Forgive my ignorance but what is waterloading and why do they do it?


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    addison h.

    Re: 2/17 Show Discussion Thread **spoilers**

    it basically just mean you drink a lot of water right before the weigh in and all that water weighs you down and adds "fake" pounds

    people tend to "waterload" when the have immunity because then whatever weight they lost that week gets hidden for all intensive purposes and will then count towards their weigh in the NEXT week - when they could conceivably be in jeopardy

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