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Thread: 2/10 Biggest Loser Recap: Raising the Bar

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    2/10 Biggest Loser Recap: Raising the Bar

    Welcome back, Loser fans! I don't know about you, but I think I might be over this season already. I don't really have one favorite “shining star” to root for like I had last season with Michelle. I like Tara, but she runs her mouth a little too much for my liking. I think my favorites right now are the Blue Team. I'm glad Joelle is gone, but now I think I might get a little bored with Bob not dropping the F bomb every 10 seconds when he's yelling at her. I guess I'm never happy when it comes to reality TV! I was complaining last season because I couldn't stand the horrible troll women also known as Vicki and Heba, but this season is kind of boring. Just in case you forgot, Mandi has kids. I figured I'd remind you because you will hear her cry about them 20 times this episode you may have forgotten! Let's launch into Loserville!

    As the show begins, Ron and Mike are wondering why they haven't been losing the weight they should be losing. Ron wonders if Mike might actually be over doing it and causing his body to hold onto weight. Mike (yes, he speaks!) is happy he got to stay but sad to see Carla go. Mike hopes to take what he is learning at the ranch and help his overweight 16 year old brother.

    Everyone is hanging around the house and Alison pops in and asks everyone to follow her. They follow her out to the pool where there are different colored blocks. She welcomes them to their very first “Pop Challenge”. What is this, you ask? Well, I'm guessing it's like a pop quiz but in challenge form. Each player has to stand on a block/brick type thing on one foot. The last player standing wins. I'd be out of this challenge in a second because I have horrible balance. The winner of the challenge will win a 24 hour on-campus visit with a loved one. Guess what? Mandi is crying. I guess she's the only one with family members. Urgh.

    The challenge begins and after a whole 12 seconds, Ron is out. Mike is next, followed by Kristin. Tara falls into the pool! Pink team falls back to back, Laura is next, followed by Sione. The last four standing are Blaine, Aubrey, Mandi, and Filipe. Mandi whines to Filipe to let her see her husband. Zip it woman. You are no more entitled than anyone else. Filipe, being the big softie that he is, voluntarily steps off of his block. Mandi then pleads to Blaine and he falls off. Aubrey immediately falls off and lets Mandi win. These people are stupid. Mandi wins. And cries. And cries a little more. She should own stock in the Kleenex Corporation.

    Back at the house, Bob greets his team and says he isn't surprised that the Silver Team went home. He says the Silver Team didn't work. He tells the Brown Team that something has to change, and he's pretty sure that the guys aren't eating enough to fuel their bodies. Mike admits he isn't eating enough calories, and he's ready to change.

    In Jillian's camp, Mandi fills Jillian in on her prize. Jillian isn't exactly thrilled. She tells Mandi that Mandi is the last person she wanted to win. Jillian is afraid Mandi's husband isn't going to be supportive and Mandi is going to feel guilty and homesick.

    Ah, it's Zen Bob week at the ranch! He leads his team in a Yoga workout. For some reason, I think nasty things when Bob says the phrase “downward dog”. *giggle* Helen is rockin' the tree pose and the Blue Team is pretty flexible for a bunch of big guys! In the gym, Jillian warns Laura that she is going to be mean to her. Jillian is frustrated that Laura is all talk and no action. Jillian gives Tara permission to smack Laura in the face if she doesn't jab correctly. Miraculously, her jab improves greatly.

    Bob gathers his team and tells them he is taking them on a little hiking trip to... Subway!! They have to work for their lunches this week. They all file into Subway and all they are allowed to grab are snacks and drinks. Why can't they get subs? They are going to hike to another Subway about 2 miles down the road! Bob sure is an evil one! They arrive at the second Subway, and Bob pimps the Fresh Fit Meals. Screw Jared, hire Bob!

    Later that evening, it's challenge in the dark time. The players walk outside to find some crazy metal contraptions. Each team has a metal bar. Each player must hold their end of the bar above their heads. If the bar gets too low, a light will come on and that team is eliminated. The team that lasts the longest will win immunity at this week's weigh-in. After an hour, everyone is still in the game. Ali informs the teams that they may no longer switch arms and they have to choose one arm and stick with it. The Blue Team lost their focus and they are the first team out. After an hour and 45 minutes, the Brown Team is out. Black goes next. At the 2 hour mark, the teams must keep both hands on the bar. Pink goes out, followed by Yellow. Green and Purple jokingly banter back and forth. At the 4 hour mark, Alison informs us that it's midnight and 38 degrees. Thanks. I feel so much better knowing that. Tara tries to give Laura a little pep talk because she looks like she is ready to drop that bar. Tara asks the Purple team if they want to make a “wager”. She tells Purple if they go below the yellow line, Green won't vote for them. Kristin smells BS, and quickly declines. Laura starts to complain about her arms and... she drops the bar. After 4 hours and 40 minutes, PURPLE WINS! Hooray Purple! They have immunity at this week's weigh-in.

    It's time for crybaby Mandi's hubby to roll into town, and as she walks into her bedroom she finds him chilling on her bed. They share a tearful embrace. I know, you can't believe Mandi is crying can you? He tells her that her face looks different. Suddenly, there's a knock at the door. Who is it? Mandi's children of course! More crying ensues. She then takes her family down into the kitchen area to meet all of the other contestants. Mandi asks her son what he wants for breakfast and he answers “ice cream”. Mandi decides that is not acceptable and cooks up something healthy. She now takes them to the gym to show them what she goes through in a day. She makes her husband and kiddos work out.

    Bob grabs his team and heads to the gym for last chance workouts. He is hoping that the Brown Team isn't below the yellow line this week because if they are, he will feel like he's met the team he can't help. As “Mikey” works out, he begins to cry. What is with the waterworks this season? I guess he's in a lot of pain because he has to pick up the slack for his semi-injured dad. This kid can't stop crying! Jillian begins her teams' workouts at 8am and continues until the wee hours of the night . Aubrey breaks down because she sees her sister with her sister's hubby and kids and now she misses her husband and kids. Mandi goes to Jillian and begs for Jillian to let her see her husband and kids for the last hour they are there. She cries and Jillian is pissed that Mandi isn't going to work out, but Jillian does let her go. Mandi's kids cry (aww, I do feel bad for them) and her husband throws some fake support her way. Cya, Rusty! Will Mandi's distractions show on the scale this week? Let's find out.

    The contestants file into the gym and as usual, they are all very nervous. Ron and Mike really don't want to fall below the line for the third week in a row and Tara is worried that her big numbers might come to a halt this week. Alison reminds them about what's at stake, but we learn that instead of a team being voted off, only one member of a team will be voted off. The one team that falls below the yellow line will have both members up for possible elimination and only one will go home. Like we need to drag this season on any longer! Urgh. Here we go!

    Kristin: Last week 301/This week 303 (+2)
    Cathy: Last week 268/This week 264 (-4)
    Total: (-2)
    This team has immunity (they need it!)

    Helen: Last week 216/This week 211 (-5)
    Shanon: Last week 246/This week 241 (-5)
    Total: (-10) -2.16%

    Laura: Last week 252/This week 249 (-3)
    Tara: Last week 240/This week 229 (-11)
    Total: (-14) -2.85%

    Filipe: Last week 308/This week 298 (-10)
    Sione: Last week 316/This week 305 (-11)
    Total: (-21) -3.37%

    Blaine: Last week 303/This week 299 (-4)
    Dane: Last week 334/This week 329 (-5)
    Total: (-9) -1.41%

    Mandi: Last week 221/This week 215 (-6)
    Aubrey: Last week 224/This week 223 (-1)
    Total: (-7) -1.57%

    Mike: Last week 330/This week 317 (-13)
    Ron: Last week 366/This week 361 (-5)
    Total: (-18) -2.59%

    The Black Team has fallen below the yellow line. One of the Black Team members will be sent home tonight. As Bob says goodbye to his team, he whispers “Dane and nobody else”. Whooooaaaa Bob! He thinks he can tell his team how to vote I guess. I'm sure they will listen to Bob.

    Before eliminations, Blaine begs for everyone to send him home to see his new baby. He wants to be at the ranch but he is confident he can do it at home. Filipe asks for a few minutes to discuss things with everyone. Mandi says this is where the game starts being played. They can think from a gameplay standpoint and send Dane home or they can vote with their hearts and send Blaine home. The whole Damien surprise is brought up again. Helen doesn't like that Mandi acts like she isn't playing the game when Helen knows everyone there is playing the game. Tara and Kristin yell and cry back and forth. Squawk squawk. Tara says it isn't a “game” but Kristin asks why Damien went home and Joelle stayed. Tara doesn't respond. They all sound pretty conflicted. After some more arguing, it's time for the vote!

    Pink votes for Dane
    Brown votes for Blaine
    Green votes for Blaine (Tara rambles about her love for Blaine)
    Blue votes for Blaine
    Purple votes for Blaine

    With 4 votes, Blaine is eliminated. Uh oh. Bobby Boy is going to be one unhappy camper because his team voted the opposite way of what he wanted. After some very emotional goodbyes, Blaine leaves the elimination room.

    After leaving the ranch, Blaine has become more active with his wife and children. His goal is to do an Ironman. He trains everyday. He has lost a total of 86 pounds. He's a pretty good lookin' guy if I do say so myself.

    Next Tuesday, once again the focus is on Mike and Ron. Mike has to lose enough weight for both himself and his father. What else is new? Also, Kristin hopes to rebound from her gain this week. She looks pretty relieved in the preview so my guess is she lost some weight. We don't really get much else. That was a lame preview.

    Anyway, there goes another two hours of my life that I can't get back. Come on back next week if you love the long, drawn out torture as much as I do!
    Wake up and be awesome

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    Re: 2/10 Biggest Loser Recap: Raising the Bar

    AshleyPSU, wonderful recap for a so-so show! I don't know if I ever noticed that Mandi cries! I thought it interesting that she lost 6 and Aubrey only lost one! I also miss the F-bomb-at least it brought some excitement into the show!

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    Re: 2/10 Biggest Loser Recap: Raising the Bar

    Quote Originally Posted by famita;3326793;
    AshleyPSU, wonderful recap for a so-so show! I don't know if I ever noticed that Mandi cries! I thought it interesting that she lost 6 and Aubrey only lost one! I also miss the F-bomb-at least it brought some excitement into the show!
    Please, she loses water weight through her tears every week! And salt!

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