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Thread: 2/3 Biggest Loser Recap: Denial Ain't Just a River in Egypt

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    2/3 Biggest Loser Recap: Denial Ain't Just a River in Egypt

    Last week on The Biggest Loser, the largest contestant in the history of the show was given the boot. I don't know if it was strategy on the part of Bob's team or just the fact that his partner didn't give a hoot about the whole experience. Either way, the Orange Team is gone. The at-home partners are back and I'm anxious to see how they did at home. I'm particularly interested to see how Carla did. She gives Joelle crap all the time so let's see if she puts her hoagie money where her mouth is.

    The show begins with a little recap of who the partners are and why they want to be on the show. Yes, we remember them. We aren't idiots. Right off the bat, Jillian and Bob give their teams little pep talks and then it's time for the at-home contestants to face the scale. Did they lose weight while they were home for 30 days? Let's find out! Before anyone steps on the scale, Alison announces that the winner of this initial weigh-in will win immunity for their team this week. It wasn't blazingly obvious that was coming. I didn't see that one coming!

    Shanon: When left ranch 270/Current weight 255 (-15) -5.56%
    Laura: When left ranch 272/Current weight 265 (-7) -2.57%
    Kathy: When left ranch 282/Current weight 273 (-8) -2.85%
    Aubrey: When left ranch 236/Current weight 234 (-2) -.85%
    Carla: When left ranch 368/Current weight 348 (-20) -5.43%
    Sione: When left ranch 349/Current weight 324 (-25) -7.16%

    Filipe and Sione win immunity for the week.

    In the gym, it's Bob and Jillian's first workout with the at-home contestants since they were sent home. Bob wants to cram a whole month's worth of workouts into this week. Jillian tells Laura she is allowed to throw up, but she isn't allowed to cry. That Laura is a whiner, so I can't imagine she can go a week without crying. Filipe can't believe how tough Sione became while he was at home. Aubrey tells Jillian that she was in the gym at least 4-5 hours per day at home and Jillian is a little skeptical. Aubrey claims it was the food thing that screwed her up. Something screwed her up, she only lost 2 lbs in a month! Back in Bob's camp, Joelle and Carla work out together. Carla is really pushing herself while Joelle sits beside her and talks to her. Joelle drives me nuts.

    Hey look, it's challenge time already. I like these shows that have weigh-ins at the beginning! The contestants walk up to a dam and find Alison waiting there to greet them. Today's challenge focuses on partners. Like it or not, partners are “tied” to each other. Clever, Ali. Each team will be tied to a rope which is wrapped around a pipe. The teams must go over and under the pipes to unwind the rope. Each team has to unwrap enough rope to cross the finish line. The winner will get a choice of either $5,000 or a 2lb advantage at the next weigh-in. Of course, Joelle whispers to Carla that they could each get $2,500. Carla quickly bitch slaps her. Well, not really. But that would be funny, right?

    The challenge begins and many of the teams are already struggling. The Brown Team thinks the challenge is harder than they thought. The Green Team gets all tangled up in the rope. Alison squawks in the background. The teams start to run toward the finish line. Green realizes they don't have enough rope so they have to go back to the pipe. The Yellow Team heads toward the finish line and makes it! Yellow wins the challenge! They don't have to let Alison know which prize they choose until the weigh-in.

    Back at the ranch, Jillian, Blaine, and Dane cash their paychecks for the Cheerios corporation. They are wondering about good nutrition and calorie counting and Jillian just happens to pull some Cheerios out of the cabinet. You can't go wrong with Cheerios!!

    In the gym, I guess it's the last chance workout already. This episode is flying by! Jillian beats up her team, as per usual. Laura tells Jill about her dream life. She wants to love her body more than she loves food. On Bob's side of the gym, everyone notices that Joelle is once again not pulling her weight. She isn't giving her all and she just always seems lazy and distracted. She stands around and watches as the others work out. Carla is rockin' it out to make up for Joelle's lazy ass. Shanon moans and screams and cries. Bob thinks that although she is a crybaby, she is a tough crybaby. Sione jumps on Shanon's back and she carries him across the gym, yelping like a banshee the whole way. Just another day in the life of a Biggest Loser contestant.

    The show is really only halfway over but the contestants file into the gym for the weigh-in. It seems awfully early for the weigh-in. Maybe I'm crazy. Oh well. Aubrey and Mandi decide to take the 2lb advantage instead of the $5,000 cash prize. On with the show...

    Blue Team:
    Filipe: Last week 311/This week 308 (-3)
    Sione: Last week 324/This week 316 (-8)
    Total: (-11) -1.73%
    Blue Team has immunity

    Yellow Team:
    Mandi: Last week 227/This week 221 (-6)
    Aubrey: Last week 234/This week 224 (-10)
    Total: (-16) + 2lb advantage = (-18) -3.90%

    Silver Team:
    Carla: Last week 348/This week 339 (-9)
    Joelle: Last week 278/This week 278 (-0)
    Total: (-9) -1.44%

    Aubrey starts to cry (surprise) and says she is upset because Carla has been working her ass off and Joelle just doesn't care. Joelle acknowledges that Carla did a good job, but Joelle thinks that she herself worked hard. Everyone complains about Joelle and thinks she doesn't take responsibility. Bob reminds them that one person can't make a team. Draaaammmaaa.

    Black Team:
    Dane: Last week 345/This week 334 (-11)
    Blaine: Last week 312/This week 303 (-9)
    Total: (-20) -3.04%

    Green Team:
    Laura: Last week 265/This week 252 (-13)
    Tara: Last week 252/This week 240 (-12)
    Total: (-25) Holy man! -4.84%

    Brown Team:
    Mike: Last week 339/This week 330 (-9)
    Ron: Last week 370/This week 366 (-4)
    Total: (-13) -1.83%

    Pink Team:
    Helen: Last week 225/This week 216 (-9)
    Shanon: Last week 255/This week 246 (-9)
    Total: (-18) -3.75%

    Purple Team:
    Kristin: Last week 312/This week 301 (-11)
    Cathy: Last week 273/This week 268 (-5)
    Total: (-16) -2.74%

    Brown and Silver fall below the yellow line. Well, I think Joelle should go home, but I'm thinking the contestants will probably let Joelle stay and continue to be a lazy ass. Carla doesn't really deserve to go home though. Joelle is still babbling about how she went to new levels of intensity this week. Carla starts screaming at her. Joelle is an idiot. It's like nothing gets through to her. She acts like she busted her butt this week. I do feel bad for Carla. Shanon thinks Joelle acts like she isn't even on the same planet as everyone else. Mike speaks up and says that their team is in it 100% and they are trying their best. Ron says they have to be there and asks everyone not to send them home because 100% of their team wants to be there and Mike needs to be there.

    Well, it's time for the elimination and your guess is probably as good as mine as to who will be going home this week. I guess I can see it both ways. How did everyone vote?

    Pink votes for Silver
    Yellow votes for Silver (Yellow wrote Joelle's name really big and Carla's name really small)
    Blue votes for Silver
    Green votes for Silver (Green wrote “you will be missed” with an arrow to Carla's name)

    The Silver Team of Joelle and Carla has been eliminated. I feel bad for Carla. She really had a crappy partner.

    Since the show, Joelle and Carla hadn't spoken until the Biggest Loser had them meet up a few months later. Carla asks Joelle if she understands why Carla is so upset, but Joelle just rambles on. Carla says they are supposed to be friends and Joelle says they aren't. She gets up and walks out. Very mature. Carla feels cheated because of Joelle's selfishness. Aww I want Carla to come back!!!

    Joelle has lost a total of 57lbs. She hopes to wear a size 10 dress for the finale. Carla has lost 87lbs and hopes to break the record for most weight lost by a female contestant. You go girl!

    Next week, it's the 100th episode of the Biggest Loser. Apparently it's “life and death” for the kid who captured America's hearts. Wait, what? Dan is coming back? Oh, they mean Mike. I'm sorry, but he hasn't captured my heart. I barely know he's on the show except when he falls below the yellow line. Be sure to come back next week to see what drama will unfold next!

    *A special thank you to HurriKaty for the recap title inspiration!*
    Wake up and be awesome

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    Re: 2/3 Biggest Loser Recap: Denial Ain't Just a River in Egypt

    AshleyPSU, great recap! Maybe the producers will do something and bring Carla and Dan back-or give them extra help since they seemed like they really wanted/needed it!

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    Re: 2/3 Biggest Loser Recap: Denial Ain't Just a River in Egypt

    Apparently it's “life and death” for the kid who captured America's hearts. Wait, what? Dan is coming back? Oh, they mean Mike. I'm sorry, but he hasn't captured my heart.

    Seriously, I feel so bad for Carla and Dan becasue they both got stuck with lame duck partners. I really hope they go back to singles on the next show.

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