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Thread: 1/20 Biggest Loser Recap: Silver Belles

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    1/20 Biggest Loser Recap: Silver Belles

    Welcome back to another week of The Biggest Loser. After the sad, sad departure of old man Jerry last week and the crazy, crazy antics of Bob... I just can't wait to see what happens next! I bet Jillian's head is going to spin completely around or something! Based on last week's previews, something is going to happen between Joelle and Carla. I can't imagine Carla going off on Joelle. Carla is such a loud and insane calm and sweet woman. Well enough of my filler because we get enough of that garbage on the show!

    After some flashbacks of Jerry's elimination last week, we learn that Jerry asked for everyone to vote him off. Daniel is thankful for being able to stay and change his life. The contestants all rip on Joelle. I guess they agree that she's a whiney piney wah wah poopy pants.

    Let's check in with the at home partners, shall we? They all love food, they all want food, they all miss food. While David is once again shoving his face with food and Sione is eating pizza, it seems like everyone else is attempting to make healthy food selections. I'm going to be pissed if Daniel works hard to bring David back and David has actually GAINED weight. See, that's why these people needed to stay on the ranch the entire time instead of go home. Don't get me started. Anywho...

    It's already time for a temptation and the contestants walk into a room full of delicious sweets and other calorie laden foods. There are donuts, peanut butter cups, cupcakes, pizza, chicken nuggets, tacos, and other foods. Each food has a sign next to it with its calorie content listed. Each person will be left alone in the room for five minutes. They can decide whether or not they want to eat any of the food. Their partners have already done this exact same thing at home, but the players on the ranch have no idea if their partners ate anything or not. The team that eats the highest number of calories will win the prize of having their trainer train them at home. Joelle is super excited that she may get to go home for a few days. I'm sure she's not too thrilled that Bob will be tagging along too though.

    We see bits and pieces of each person's time in the room, and they all ponder whether or not to give in and eat just a little something. Mandi wants to see her sons, so she eats a slice of pizza and cries. I don't know about you, but I smile when I wolf down pizza! Joelle happily fills up her plate. She places pizza, a donut, and other goodies on it appears she is going to chow down. Blaine thinks it might be a good idea to eat a few slices of pizza. The temptation is over and we get to find out not only what our on the ranch players ate, but also what their at home partners ate as well.

    Mandi ate 1 slice of pizza worth 380 calories.
    Aubrey ate nothing.

    Filipe ate nothing.
    Sione ate 2 slices of pizza and a taco worth 960 calories.

    Kristin ate nothing.
    Kathy ate nothing.

    Damien ate nothing.
    Nicole ate nothing.

    Helen ate nothing.
    Shanon ate nothing.

    Tara ate nothing.
    Laura ate nothing.

    Ron ate nothing.
    Mike ate nothing.

    Blaine ate nothing.
    Dane ate nothing.

    Joelle ate nothing. (Wow, that's shocking. Her plate was loaded!!)
    Carla ate 3 slices of pizza, 5 chicken nuggets, 1 taco, and 2 cupcakes. Oh my goodness!! Those foods contained a whopping 2,710 calories. Yikes. Nobody is very happy that Joelle is acting so excited in front of Mandi who really wanted to see her kids. Everyone kind of sticks up for Mandi and rolls their eyes at Joelle. Anyway, the winner is Joelle. Joelle and her buddy Bob will be traveling to Detroit for a few days to train with Carla.

    In the gym, Bob's team is working out and filling Bob in on what happened with the temptation. *insert scenes from last week's flip out here* Bob knows he has to tell Carla that Joelle is doing a crappy job. He is probably as giddy with excitement as I am for a Carla bitch fest. Bob and Joelle head to Detroit. Bob tells Carla that Joelle has been finishing at the bottom the past 2 weeks. Wait, what's that Carla? You need ideas for a mid afternoon or a late night snack? Isn't it great that you have that Yoplait yogurt in your fridge?! I'm over this blatent product placement.

    Back at the ranch, Jillian's team is working out and Mandi gets a little white in the face and starts to cry. She says she feels a little weird and she feels like she is going to pass out. Jillian begins her counseling session out on the gym stoop. When did Jillian become such a softie? I wish she'd do less “emotional therapy” and a little more “ass kicking”. I miss that side of Jillian. Instead of comforting people who cry, I want her to MAKE people cry.

    In Detroit, Bob takes Joelle and Carla to the gym. They are running on the treadmills, lifting weights, and doing some aerobic type stuff. Carla is pretty pissed that she is pulling her weight at home but Joelle doesn't seem to be doing a good job at the ranch. Tempers flare. Shouting ensues. Wow, where's the mute button? Carla is all up in Joelle's face screaming and pointing while Bob just hangs back and watches. He is probably loving it. I am a little bit. They scream a little more and Bob gets a little bored. He starts yelling at them to get over it and move on. I concur. Over dinner, Carla AGAIN reminds Joelle to get her head in the game. Joelle grumpily picks at her lettuce. Carla says she should have been the one to stay rather than Joelle. She begins to cry and wishes she was the one on the ranch because she needs it and wants it so bad. Joelle doesn't really say a whole lot. That pesky Joelle!

    The contestants head to the doctor's office for their Week 3 checkups. Blaine finds out that instead of the 8 medications he was on when he began the show, he doesn't need any anymore! He doesn't need cholesterol or diabetes medicine anymore. Way to go, Blaine! When Ron came to the ranch, he was taking 10 pills a day plus insulin, and now he's down to 1 pill plus a fraction of the insulin. It's only Week 3. That's amazing.

    It's challenge time and this week it's one of my old favorites! The contestants will be competing in the jumping competition. They have to jump over the beam as it swings around in a circle like a ferris wheel. The last person standing wins and receives immunity at this week's weigh-in. Joelle breaks her beam on the very first jump. Way to go, honey. The 400lb boy can jump high enough not to break his beam, but Joelle can't. She is absolutely ridiculous. Ron, Daniel, and Helen are out soon after. Damien is out next, followed by Filipe and Mandi. Mandi cries. Suck it up, Mandi. The beam gets faster and Dane is out. The only two competitors left are Kristin and Tara. The ladies reach 1,000 jumps and 2 hours and 15 minutes. Wow! After 2 hours and 19 minutes, Kristin breaks her bar. Tara wins immunity... again! Oh look, Tara barfed. Thanks for that coverage, NBC. We also find out that she kept water in her mouth during the competition by throwing up in her mouth and swallowing it. Yum. Who wants some Yoplait?

    At the ranch, Ron is making shakes when Bob returns. Bob is happy to be back and whip his team into shape with a grueling last chance workout. He needs to fit a week's worth of workout into 1 day. That sounds fun... not. Everyone is biking and working out, except, you guessed it: Joelle. She keeps telling herself there are no excuses, yet she really doesn't pedal much. On Jillian's side of the gym, Blaine is convinced that Jillian enjoys seeing him in pain. He drags her around the gym and out the door. She goes flying down the steps. They share a laugh. Bob works out with Mike and then... wait, what? Mike had a little private interview there! Mike has a voice! I don't think I've heard him talk yet this season. He cries a little bit and Bob thinks his mission is accomplished. Ah, last chance workouts are great, aren't they folks?

    This episode seems to have flown by because it's already time for the weigh-in. Let's see who gets the axe from Ali this week!

    Green: Tara- Last week 272/This week 264 (-8)

    Pink: Helen- Last week 237/This week 231 (-6) -2.53%

    Yellow: Mandi- Last week 245/This week 237 (-8) -3.27%
    (Hey guess what? She's a mom. Oh yeah, and in case you didn't know... she's a mom.)

    Silver: Joelle- Last week 294/This week 288 (-6) -2.04%

    Blue: Filipe- Last week 338/This week 324 (-14) -4.14%

    Brown: Mike- Last week 359/This week 348 (-11)
    Ron- Last week 386/This week 377 (-9)
    Combined: (-20) -2.68%

    Black: Dane- Last week 378/This week 360 (-18)
    Blaine- Last week 335/This week 323 (-12)
    Combined: (-30) -4.21%

    Red: Damien- Last week 355/This week 351 (-4) -1.13%

    Orange: Dan- Last week 421/This week 406 (-15) -3.56%

    Purple: Kristin- Last week 331/This week 324 (-7) -2.11%

    Damien and Joelle have fallen below the yellow line this week. Hmm... I bet that's a tough decision. By “tough decision” I really mean “don't let the door hit you on the way out, Joelle!”.

    After the weigh-in, Joelle and Damien join everyone in the kitchen. Joelle hesitates when asked if she wants to be there. They leave the room and let everyone else discuss. Jillian's team and Bob's team both discuss that they think they should keep Damien and vote out Joelle. This is too comfortable and I'm almost afraid it's going to be a shocker and Damien is going to go home.

    The votes are in!

    Blue votes for Joelle
    Brown votes for Joelle
    Purple votes for Joelle
    Pink votes for Joelle
    Black votes for Damien (whaaaaaaaaaaaat?)
    Green votes for Damien
    Mandi votes for Damien (Actually, her card said Damein)
    Dan votes for Damien

    Damien and Joelle tied. Since Damien had the lowest % of weight loss, he will be going home.

    Wait. What the hell just happened? Are you kidding me? Jillian's team sucks. Joelle does not want to be there and doesn't do a damn thing. I'm still in shock. Lame. Lame lame lame!!!!

    Since leaving the ranch, Damien and Nicole have been working hard to lose weight. Damien is excited for his super sexy wedding. They had their engagement photos taken and are looking forward to the wedding. Nicole has lost 76lbs total and wants to wear a size 8 wedding dress. Damien has lost 74lbs and hopes to lose 126 more before the finale.

    Next week, partners return from home! Mike and Dan are both the youngest people on the ranch and both have a ton of weight to lose. It appears that everyone will be faced with the impossible decision next week. Oh no! I don't like the sounds of that. Will Mike and Dan both fall below the yellow line? I have no clue. I do know that I'm still pissed about the Joelle thing. Ugh.
    Wake up and be awesome

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    Re: 1/20 Biggest Loser Recap: Silver Belles

    AshleyPSU, great recap! Although it was game play (it appears), I hated that she was able to remain. Maybe she's overwhelmed about the amount of weight she needs to lose. I took it as a foregone conclusion that Mike & Dan were going head-to-head in going home. I hope not.

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