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Thread: Blaine & Dane : Cousins

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    Blaine & Dane : Cousins

    Blaine: Cousins Team Jillian's Team Age: 27 Height: 6'8" Hometown: Mesa, AZ Occupation: College Counselor Blaine

    Blaine is a very big guy who not so long ago was thin and healthy. He is a perfect example of a loveable, friendly, loud and happy fat guy. He is a former athlete who always has to win. Blaine has a sense of humor, which, coupled with his demeanor, makes just about everyone he comes in contact with comfortable; he is the life of any party. Blaine has a beautiful family who love and support him. The health problems that Blaine has (diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol) can all be reduced or eliminated by losing weight. He has to do this for not only himself, but also for his wife and three children, as well as for his fourth child who is on the way! Six lives, not just one, will be changed forever.

    Dane: Cousins Team Jillian's Team Age: 27 Height: 6'4" Hometown: Mesa, AZ Occupation: Real Estate Appraiser Dane

    Dane is the classic offensive lineman who played in high school and college, and was told to eat big and be big or get cut from the football team. In recent years it has been quite the opposite; he has been told to diet and lose weight or die a young death. Just five years ago Dane was a lean, mean machine, but since switching to that infamous desk job, he has found himself inching towards an obese 400 pounds.
    Although Dane is 395 pounds, he still plays sports and is more athletic than anyone his size. Dane fears leaving his family at a young age, and because of his size it is possible that could be in the not-too-distant future. He has to do this, and the love of his family along with his competitive spirit will make sure that he is the Biggest Loser.

    Blaine and Dane are very close cousins and friends who love laughing and making fun of each other.
    They enjoy living less than a mile down the street from one other and both have families of five, which gives them a big cheering section. At a combined weight of 755 pounds, they say their bodies are "pure relaxed muscle ready to be whipped into shape." Both Blaine and Dane have health conditions that they can overcome by losing weight and becoming healthy. They both also have smoking-hot wives who need to be humbled by no longer being the better-looking person in the relationship.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    Re: Blaine & Dane : Cousins

    uh oh! Names that rhyme! I will be confused right off the bat!

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    Re: Blaine & Dane : Cousins

    Haha, that was my first thought too!

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