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Thread: 12/16 Biggest Loser Finale Recap: The Battle of Good vs. Evil

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    12/16 Biggest Loser Finale Recap: The Battle of Good vs. Evil

    It's finally here! This evening has been weeks in the making and I couldn't be more excited. (Well, yes, I probably could). After weeks of lbs dropped, tears fallen, and dreams shattered (mostly by Vicky), tonight we will crown a new Biggest Loser. Who will our 3rd finalist be? Who will be our at home winner? Will Vicky get booed on national TV? Let's find out!

    The show begins with a little update on some of the more accomplished contestants from the past 6 seasons. Bernie ran a marathon, old man Jerry biked across the country, Marty and Amy fell in love, Matt and Suzy fell in love, and Dan pursued his music career. Good for them.

    Alison comes out on stage looking very preggers. She tells us she is due in 4 weeks, yet she is still tottering around on super high heels. She still looks beautiful. Bitch. No, just kidding. Haha. Anyway. The finale begins with a short trip down memory lane from the beginning of the season until last week. Wow, they do this every episode. *snooze* We are reminded that Vicky lost 76lbs on campus, Michelle 80, Ed 83, and Heba 84. Okay, this little montage is kind of touching. Ugh, I'm being sucked to the dark side!

    As promised, we will find out right at the beginning of the show if it's Ed in the finals or if it's Heba in the finals. I'm secretly hoping it's Ed, just because that would be pretty funny. Heba comes out first and she looks great...well mostly! Hi. I'm a supportive bra. Have we met? Those things are down around her knees! She does look very beautiful and looks like she is a lot happier. Next up is Ed. He comes out looking awesome! Holy cow! Go Ed! He is thin and trim and just looks great. Alison talks to him a little bit about his plea for America to vote in Heba instead of Ed. He says that she deserves it. The votes are in! Alison reveals that vote was a landslide. 84% of America chose... ED! Heba is visibly disappointed and Ed looks shocked. I'm sure he knew this was coming though. I think I can speak for America when I say America doesn't particularly like Heba.

    Now it's time to bring out all of the other eliminated players who will be going against Heba for the $100,000 at home loser prize. First up is Adam and Stacey. They both look great! Next, LT and Big Tom. They are still big guys, but look like they've lost a lot of weight. Stacey was only on the ranch for 1 week, so everything she's done has been at home. She looks amazing! These 4 are going to weigh in first.

    But first, Bob and Jillian come out on stage. They see some former contestants in the audience and stop for hugs. Now it's time to start the eliminated player weigh-ins.

    Adam: Starting weight 340/Current weight 260 (-80) -23.53%
    Stacey: Starting weight 221/Current weight 156 (-65) -29.41%
    Stacey is in the lead.

    LT: Starting weight 357/Current weight 270 (-87) -24.37%
    Tom: Starting weight 314/Current weight 236 (78) -24.84%
    Stacey is still in the lead.

    Let's bring out two more sets of families. Coleen and Jerry come out and Jerry looks amazing! Coleen looks young, vibrant, and stunning!! Shellay and Amy are next. They both look so happy and gorgeous! Wow! Dr. H informs us that Jerry won back 24 years of life and is off of all of his medications.

    Jerry: Starting weight 380/Current weight 265 (-115) -30.26%
    Coleen: Starting weight 218/Current weight 154 (-64) -29.36%
    Jerry is now in the lead.

    Shellay: Starting weight 216/Current weight 142 (-74) -34.26%
    Amy: Starting weight 239/Current weight 135 (-104) -43.51%
    Amy C. is now in the lead! Wow!!!

    The next batch of eliminated contestants comes out and Phil and Amy are first. Phil looks like a different person and Amy looks stunning in a silky red dress. Phil has shaved his head too. Brady is next and looks good. He is a handsome guy, too bad he's married to a wench. Renee comes out looking fabulous. Oh my, she got her hair cut short! I'm sorry, I'm just very excited. Everyone looks so wonderful!

    Phil: Starting weight 331/Current weight 180 (-151) -45.62%
    Amy: Starting weight 229/Current weight 124 (-105) -45.85%
    Amy takes over the lead. I can't believe how much weight they both lost!

    Brady: Starting weight 341/Current weight 224 (-117) -34.31%
    Amy is still in the lead.

    Renee: Starting weight 267/Current weight 161 (-106) -39.70%
    Amy is still in the lead.

    Heba: Starting weight 294/Current weight 156 (-138) -46.94%
    Heba wins the at home weight loss prize of $100,000!! Congrats, Heba!

    Let's move on to the Final 3 who are still in contention for the grand prize of $250,000. Ed's journey is first, from flab to fab. Ed's favorite restaurant has designated a portion of their menu for Ed to include some of his favorite dishes.

    It's Q and A time for Bob and Jillian. Ali wants to know how people can succeed without being on the show. Bob says to take things one step at a time. Ali asks Jillian if losing weight is mental as well as physical. Jillian thinks people need to deal with their inner demons first before they can transform. That was short and sweet. Moving on.

    After leaving the show, Vicky surprises her son at school. He runs across the room and gives his mom a big hug. She has a large group of people waiting for her outside of the school. They all cheer. Her daughter runs up to her and gives her a big hug. Vicky is a pretty woman, it's such a shame she is so ugly on the inside. Vicky's new routine is to wake up at 4am, workout for an hour, come home and get ready for work, go to work, go to the gym, and come home and go to bed. She openly admits she misses her kids' lives during the week. Hmm. She's a fine parent, isn't she folks? She's home and still doesn't see her kids. She cries around that she works and works and works and still hasn't seen good results. She has only lost 2 pounds in 7 weeks. Karma is a bitch.

    Michelle went home to a large gathering of people, most wearing pink. They all scream and go crazy when Michelle gets out of the limo. I heart Michelle. Michelle's father is confident that she is going to be able to win the title of The Biggest Loser. Michelle thinks it's strange to go to her mother's house to do something other than to drop off her sister. Now they are so close and enjoy each other's company. Michelle goes to Subway and gets her family some healthy sandwiches to eat. I thought we might have made it through the episode without a Subway promo, but nope. Michelle works out 2 hours a day, and sometimes even 4 hours a day. She wants to do whatever it takes to win.

    Ed comes back out on stage to loud cheers. Next is Vicky. She comes out looking pretty good in a very tight blue dress. She can barely walk in that thing and she almost falls. That floor must be slippery because Heba almost fell as well. They look like they are gliding on ice. My goodness. Finally, Michelle comes on stage to the loudest cheers out of anyone. She looks hot. Wow. I think I might have a girl crush on her! Haha. She is wearing a gorgeous form fitting dress and just looks so radiant and happy. Good for her.

    Ali shows us a preview for the new season of The Biggest Loser which starts on January 6. Man. We just got finished with this season! I'm going to get BL Burnout! It appears it's another couples season. The oldest couple ever will be on the show (they are 63), the largest woman ever will be on the show, and the largest contestant (only 19 years old) will be on the show. Bob and Jillian scream and swear. The old guy passes out. Oh boy. Looks like it should be an exciting season! Also for the new season, Biggest Loser is teaming up with Feeding America. For every pound America loses, Feeding America will donate food to needy people.

    FINALLY, it's time to see who is going to be crowned the winner of this season. Michelle gets to pick the weigh-in order and she says Ed, Vicky, and then her. Here we go!

    Ed: Starting weight 335/Current weight 196 (-139) -41.49%
    Vicky: Starting weight 246/Current weight 145 (-101) -41.06%
    Michelle: Starting weight 242/Current weight 132 (-110) -45.45%

    Woo hoo!! This season wasn't a bust after all! Take that Vicky the Vicious and sidekick Heba the Horrible! You know, just looking at all of the numbers, if Heba was in the finals, she would have been the Biggest Loser. I can't help but chuckle at that. Even Phil/Amy had a higher % than Michelle. Oh well, Michelle deserved it!

    Since Vicky always likes to be in first place... Vicky may not have been the weight loss Biggest Loser this season, but she'll always be the personality Biggest Loser in my book. Congrats, honey!

    It's been one heck of a season. Thanks to everyone who has participated in the Biggest Loser forum. Thanks for reading my recaps as well as marybethp's. We appreciate it. I'll see you back here in a few weeks when we start this crazy ride all over again! I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

    Happy Holidays!!
    Wake up and be awesome

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    Re: 12/16 Biggest Loser Finale Recap: The Battle of Good vs. Evil

    Great re-cap! .. And it's only a few weeks .. WOW!
    Wasting away another summer...

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    Re: 12/16 Biggest Loser Finale Recap: The Battle of Good vs. Evil

    Great recap, Ashley!! Thanks.
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    Re: 12/16 Biggest Loser Finale Recap: The Battle of Good vs. Evil

    Great Recap.

    I'm glad both trolls are gone from my TV. Now I can really enjoy the holiday season.
    If I get too cranky, would someone wipe the drool off my chin and send me to the home!

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    Re: 12/16 Biggest Loser Finale Recap: The Battle of Good vs. Evil

    AshleyPSU, you made me spew my drink! To mention: Heba's boobs and lack of a bra (OMG!), Vicki's good parenting and Karma being a bitch. I have enjoyed this season and hope you all have enough of a break to start fresh in 3.short.weeks!

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    Re: 12/16 Biggest Loser Finale Recap: The Battle of Good vs. Evil

    Since Vicky always likes to be in first place... Vicky may not have been the weight loss Biggest Loser this season, but she'll always be the personality Biggest Loser in my book. Congrats, honey!
    Ashley loved your recap. Sure hit the nail on the head about old Vicky.

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    Re: 12/16 Biggest Loser Finale Recap: The Battle of Good vs. Evil

    Loved the recap! Thanks for the part about Phil ,Heba and Amy having higher percentages. I had wondered about it but was too lazy to go back and look! I do have to disagree about Vicky being pretty. I could see that a lot of the women were going to have pretty faces once the weight was off but on Vicky it didn't make a difference AT ALL. She ugly (inside and out) but I was really surprised at how good looking her husband ended up being. Didn't see that coming.

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    Re: 12/16 Biggest Loser Finale Recap: The Battle of Good vs. Evil

    All I can say about Vicky's husband thinking she is so "hot" is...........Love Is Blind..
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