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Thread: 12/9 Biggest Loser Recap: Back in Black

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    12/9 Biggest Loser Recap: Back in Black

    As I sit here ready to watch the very last episode of The Biggest Loser before finale night, I can't help but feel way more excited than I should that it's all coming to an end. I've noticed that the majority of this board is on Team Michelle and I'm no different. It's also no secret that I dislike Vicky. Overall, I feel like this season was sort of a dud and I can't wait for it to be over. As if the normal 2 hour episodes weren't filler-filled enough, tonight is sure to be a looooooooooong look at each contestant and their journey through the season. Ready for the abbreviated version? You've found the right writer with the attention span short enough to pull it off!

    You know the drill for the beginning of the episode. We are shown flashbacks of Renee's elimination and Michelle tells us how sad and alone she is. I do feel bad for her. It's like good trying to fight off evil... times 3. Vicky, Heba, and Ed are still “blue strong”. Barf.

    Michelle and Jillian have a heart to heart and Jillian tells her that she isn't alone and she will always have Jillian. *insert Jillian heartfelt pep talk here* I prefer hard ass Jillian rather than softie Jillian. Moving on.

    Bob openly admits that his team is all about the game and he knows they've played it and won, but he wants them to remember Ryan from Season 1. He played the game and won, but today he weighs just as much as he did when he started the show. Ouch, Bob is slamming past contestants. Bob claims that Ryan didn't learn anything because he was so blinded by doing what it took to win. He asks Vicky what she's learned and she says she's perfected the art of reaching through other people's chests and stealing their souls. Okay, I may have made that one up. She “claims” she's learned about proper nutrition and working out. She says she hasn't learned anything about herself. There's a shocker. She says she doesn't know why she overate to begin with so she doesn't know what to fix or work on. Bob is worried she is going to fail because she's too preoccupied with the game. He expresses his concerns that she isn't going to keep her weight off. She gives him a bitchy blank stare.

    In the gym, Jillian pushes Michelle to work the hardest she's ever work since she is the last remaining Black Team member. Heba, Ed, and Vicky remember how out of shape they were when they began and are proud of how far they've come. Bob makes Ed run on the treadmill like a fiend. Later, Jillian takes Michelle into the mountains for a little spiritual journey. Michelle feels strong and thinks she can live everyday for herself. Jillian hugs Michelle and calls her pumpkin. Awww, Jillian always has a special girl crush every season.

    Heba, Vicky, and Ed enter to the kitchen to find Bob who is waiting to show them how he cooks and eats. He makes some fish and vegetables. He asks Vicky if she makes vegetables for her kids and she responds that they eat out a lot. Her kids don't eat lettuce or mashed potatoes. She says she lets her kids eat bacon and onions. Nice. She says she doesn't know how she is going to get her kids to eat vegetables.

    After dinner, Ali calls everyone into the living room where there is a large box with SPECIAL DELIVERY written on it. Everyone has their own theories about what's in the box, but they open it to find their “fat” clothes. Vicky's scrubs are in the box and she puts them on and is swimming in them. They all dress up in their old clothes that are way too big. Heba suggests that they all go burn their clothes because they don't need back-up “fat” clothes anymore. They take the clothes outside, throw them into a fire pit, and light 'em up. They promise each other never to put the weight back on again.

    It's challenge time, and this week we are at a giant racetrack. The players will start off weighing exactly what they did the first day they arrived on campus. Each player will put on 11 different body weights. They will run around the track, stopping at 11 pit stops. Each pit stop corresponds with 1 week on the ranch. At each pit stop, each player will drop the amount of weight they lost for that week. The first person to remove all of their weight and cross the finish line wins. Heba will be carrying 77lbs, Ed will be carrying 80lbs, Vicky will be carrying 70lbs, and Michelle will be carrying 71lbs. The winner gets $10,000 and the Biggest Loser meal plan delivered for their family everyday until the finale. Not too shabby. Ed starts off strong, and of course Vicky just loafs around in the back. She can't cheat or manipulate herself to a win in this one. As the players make their way to each pit stop, they get to shed more and more of their weight. Ed appears to have a sizable lead, followed by Michelle, then Heba, then Vicky. Ali is chirping in the background. I can see what's going on, thanks. Eventually, after shedding 11 weeks of weight, Ed wins. Michelle comes in second. Heba comes in third and Vicky a distant fourth. They all celebrate their last challenge of the season. I'm pretty jazzed too because I'm so over that Alison play-by-play.

    Back at the ranch, the viewing room is all set up so that the contestants can watch a video of themselves from the beginning of their journey until now. *insert 20 minutes of video footage here* Jillian watches with Michelle and bawls like a baby. Bob watches with his team as well. He realizes after watching Vicky's video that she does “get” it and she will be just fine after the show.

    It's time for the LAST last chance workout. The trainers pull out all the stops and totally destroy the contestants. They work until it looks like they are going to pass out. Jillian claims she will do whatever it takes to get Michelle into the finale.

    And finally, the moment we've all been “weigh”ting for... the final weigh-in before the finale! The Final 4 file into the gym and Ali reminds them what is at stake. Here we go!

    Vicky: Starting weight 246/Last week 176/This week 170 (-6) -3.41%
    Heba: Starting weight 294/Last week 217/This week 210 (-7) -3.23%
    Ed: Starting weight 335/Last week 250/This week 252 (+2) +.8%
    Michelle: Starting weight 242/Last week 171/This week 162 (-9) -5.26%

    Woo! Go Michelle!!!!! I think the Blue Team counted her out but she's definitely a force to be reckoned with! The Black Team is back! Bob, and all of America, realize that Ed threw this weigh-in so his wife would be guaranteed a spot in the finals. What an obedient husband to Queen Heba. Sucker. Vicky and Michelle are in the Final 3 for sure, and Ed and Heba fall below the yellow line. Ali then drops the bomb that America will be voting between Heba and Ed for the 3rd and final spot in the Final 3. Ed and Heba both get a chance to plead their case to us.

    Ed sounds like a robot and asks America to please vote for his wife. He doesn't want people to think he's throwing away his chance, but he knows how much his wife wants to win. Heba hopes she has inspired people and is sure she can win and be the next Biggest Loser.

    Bob brings Heba back to the gym to take another trip down memory lane. Man, this episode is a lot of filler. Yes, we know Heba was the biggest woman. Yes, we know everyone has changed and experienced an amazing journey. Heba cries and hugs Bob. Next, Bob brings Ed into the gym for his 50th time remembering what he looked like starting the show. They hug. Michelle and Jillian are next. Vicky and Bob are last.

    Vicky, Heba, Ed, and Michelle sit together and talk and they can't believe it's the last day. They all pack up their things and offer their final thoughts on the whole experience. Heba and Ed are heading back to North Carolina feeling happy and healthy. Michelle feels like she is experiencing life to the fullest now. Vicky can now do physical things with her children like run and play and she is excited to get home to her family.

    The arrival scenes are what you'd expect, complete with hugs and tears and excitement. Vicky goes home to her family, Heba/Ed walk into a huge party, and Michelle also has a large gathering waiting for her.

    Tune in next Tuesday for the live finale of The Biggest Loser!!
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    Re: 12/9 Biggest Loser Recap: Back in Black

    "He asks Vicky what she's learned and she says she's perfected the art of reaching through other people's chests and stealing their souls."

    I just had a 5 minute coughing attack because I was laughing so hard I started choking! LOL!

    "She gives him a bitchy blank stare." - and oh .. she has that one perfected to a "T"

    Blue Teams weight loss for the week ... 11 pounds

    Black Teams weight loss ... 9 pounds

    The look on Blue Teams faces when Michelle singlehandedly beat them all at the final weigh in ... Priceless!!!!
    Wasting away another summer...

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    Re: 12/9 Biggest Loser Recap: Back in Black

    AshleyPSU, first, great recap! You have made it a pleasure to enjoy all the filler in this program! Wouldn't it have been nice to have been able to vote Vicki off?
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    Re: 12/9 Biggest Loser Recap: Back in Black

    Great recap. No matter who wins, Heba and Vicky will always be the biggest losers in my eyes.

    Go Michelle

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